Author Topic: *You listen to the latest Conspiracy 86.66 broadcast...* (And possibly the last)  (Read 1652 times)

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[22:32:09] ADVERTISEMENT: Radio:"Time to toss pointless theories and act like they're the truth,...
[22:32:09] ... The Conspirator is next on Conspiracy 86.66!

[22:37:06] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: *The advert finishes as silence comes along in the normal broadcast*

[22:38:01] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: *An american voice, like those propogandic narrators, is heard as a MIDI intro plays*

[22:38:27] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Ah welcome back, welcome back seekers! Welcome once again, to The Consirpator

[22:38:46] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: With your host, yours truly.

[22:39:17] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Here we discuss current events, such as politics, disasters, or rather the disaster of...

[22:39:17] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: ... politics

[22:39:52] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: This is the show where we discuss what the government doesn't want to, Conspiracy 86.66!

[22:39:55] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Now!

[22:40:20] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Red County is known for it's accidents, with possibly a higher accident rate than Los Santos.

[22:40:37] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: And considering how bloody small we are that's a pretty big achievement!

[22:41:13] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: However, I've been seeing from my personal flying saucer that the accidents are caused by the lack of road safety

[22:41:23] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Basically, everybody drives like shit.

[22:41:26] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: But why?

[22:42:04] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: With the influx of mexican immigrants one can assume that the drivers are obtaining their licenses from criminals who pose as

[22:42:25] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: driving instructors or form fake licensing agensies and pass on a fake driver's license.

[22:42:55] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Now this would be fine and dandy if the police weren't bribed by the GOVERNMENT to not be tracked down and arrested!

[22:43:44] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Yes folks, you're hearing it loud and clear. The Government wants more and more accidents so that people get scared and pay for medical insurances.

[22:45:07] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Why? How the fuck should I know, I tell you the truth not explain it.

[22:45:38] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: On other news, a secret gang called the Slimers have formed in the very sewers of Palomino Creek.

[22:47:52] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Reports say that they glow green at night and often stay in the sewers.

[22:48:01] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Other reports say that they really fucking stink.

[22:48:46] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: This group "Slimers" in the sewers are probably a government operation let loose and have hidden from society by taking shelter in the sewers.

[22:49:06] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Conspiracy? I think not.

[22:49:48] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: It's as true as mid-day, for I killed one with my own bare hands. Protected myself in them sewers. They bleed green, I got rid of the body though.

[22:50:01] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: So don't bother looking for it.

[22:50:36] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: On other news, the amount of estrogen in the water has been CONFIRMED

[22:50:39] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: by me

[22:50:53] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: And is proven to propogate homosexuality in men.

[22:51:18] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: And let's not forget that estrogen is also found in plastic nowadays. Just mere contact is turning you more and more feminine

[22:51:39] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Soon one day all men who aren't aware will genetically lose their dicks and females will rule the world, it'l become the other side of chaos!

[22:52:01] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Drink from glass bottles, people, don't let those femminist jews take you down!

[22:53:01] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Stick to your masculinity, don't turn soft on me! Don't turn soft on AMERICA!

[22:53:28] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Well I'm not even fucking american but patriotism is usually the fastest way to make most of you actually listen to me.

[22:53:45] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Now, here I'll be taking calls on the number, uh...

[22:53:50] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: 10402

[22:54:01] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Just message that and I'll tell you if you're on the air

[22:54:07] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: By saying your number

[22:54:37] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Until a call turns up I'll continue on some other topics that need to be talked about.

[22:55:20] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: The Emergency Services, are they starting to take the slack, or is their staff really in the lack?

[22:55:55] > * Male_1802_4246 's Cell Phone begins to ring.

[22:56:13] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Hold on, I have a caller. 764, you're on the air.

[22:56:22] Male_2924_1710 says [Radio]: Greetings.

[22:56:34] Male_2924_1710 says [Radio]: Do you know who we are?

[22:56:46] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Aliens, perhaps?

[22:56:51] Male_2924_1710 says [Radio]: Very close.

[22:56:57] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Nah, aliens are too stupid to tap into any form of line.

[22:57:04] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Does it really matter who you are?

[22:57:24] Male_2924_1710 says [Radio]: Correct, we are the FBI, we have traced your signals and any telecommunications you have used for the past five hours.

[22:57:37] Male_2924_1710 says [Radio]: You are under arrest on pending conspiracy against the government.

[22:57:41] Male_2924_1710 says [Radio]: Expect us soon.

[22:57:48] > * Male_1802_4246 inserts the key into the ignition of the Vehicle.

[22:57:51] > * Male_1802_4246 starts the engine of the Vehicle successfully.

[22:58:05] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Looks like the shows cutting off short, people!

[22:58:51] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: See? Freedom of speech exists no more, for the FBI has come to control everyone

[22:59:32] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: Stand up, fight for your rights!

[23:00:31] Male_1802_4246 says [Radio]: This has been the Conspirator, and the FBI wants to kill YOU!

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