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Palomino Creek 5.
« on: February 06, 2014, 04:21:00 PM »
*Keith Sanford walks outside the house as he places a red sign into the grass stating "For Rent", which points toward the house*

*If you pass by you would see the sign and the house from outside, which is looking like that*

*If you take a look around, you would see the beautiful view which the house offers you (don't mind me at the second picture, it would be taken with a camera, but as it was my last camera film, it bugged and took a picture of me aswell, so you would see the trees, the sea and the pier on it)*

*After you notice all of that, and if you are interested you may call Keith Sanford as it would be stated also on the sign as Contacts and the number would be written there, which is: 11864 (You can directly /h rentroom at the doorway, since I am might not be online on Keith at that time)*

*As you Keith and he would introduce you inside, you would be able to visit the house and see the interior from inside, the view from inside*