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Count Drago
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Racial Information

Concept: Connoisseur.

Nature: Traditionalist.
The orthodox ways satisfy the Traditionalist, who prefers to accomplish her goals with time-tested methods. Why vary your course when what has worked in the past is good enough? The Traditionalist finds the status quo acceptable, even preferable, to a change that might yield unpredictable results. Conservatives, judges, and authority figures are all examples of Traditionalist Archetypes. Traditionalist Kindred unsurprisingly look to the Traditions as a behavior model, though a few Anarchs and elders may espouse a “traditionalism” that predates both Camarilla and Sabbat.

Demeanor: Director.
To the Director, nothing is worse than chaos and disorder. The Director seeks to be in charge, adopting a “my way or the highway” attitude on matters of decision-making. The Director is more concerned with bringing order out of strife, however, and need not be truly “in control” of a group to guide it. Coaches, teachers, and many political figures exemplify the Director Archetype. Kindred Directors may be simple advocates of established codes, or they may prove instrumental in tearing down corrupt existing orders to make way for new leaders or factional movements.

Gender: Male
Born: 944 AD.
Embraced: 978 AD.
Clan: Nosferatu.
Generation: 7th.
Sire: Mogal.

Allegiance: None.
Occupation: Collector.

Character Story

944-974 - Rome Empire
Cyprian was born in Ancient Rome to a poor family that lived in the streets of the city. He had four brothers and two sisters. Each day they went out on the streets to try and steal food and money from the market so they could feed themselves and their elders as much as possible. The city economy was terrible and people died daily from starvation which was the most common problem at the time because of the Emperor. He was the eldest brother and was tasked with collecting what his brothers and sisters have gathered, so at the evening they could all sit down and eat together and share the spoils equally. When Cyprian reached the age of 23 one of his brothers was killed by the hands of a butcher due to the fact that he had tried to steal meat from him and failed to do so. Such a thing made Cyprian extremely mad so he took a knife that he was keeping incase he'd have to defend himself at some point and he went to the butchers pretending he is going to buy meat from him but when the butcher turned around Cyprian stabbed him in the neck once and ran away without looking back at what he has done to the man, feeling good about the deed itself after it was performed. A few years passed and his parents died as they were too old and weak to support themselves, he decided to take his siblings and leave the city to try and find a better place for them to live in but the journey was long and he was not ready for it and since they already left the city there was no place to get food from. He decided to make his siblings eat grass and other disgusting stuff so they would survive the long journey but as they kept going each week another brother died and after a few months Cyprian was forced to bury his last sibling before he continued to the nearest village on foot. Deep inside he already knew that they probably wouldn't have made it as they weren't ready to take care of themselves. And he was right. Cyprian finally reached a village and found an abandoned building to stay in, the building was located a few miles outside the village which was perfect for him, he went out in night to steal food from houses and since he was alone his supplies didn't run out as fast as they would anymore.

A year passed and Cyprian was living good, during this time he gathered all sorts of furniture, horses and a lot of corn seeds to grow plants around the house, so he decided to stay at the house and try to grow his own fields of corn with the seeds he gathered. The village was pretty big and Cyprian was only stealing from small houses so he won't piss off important people that will go after him. One night Cyprian went out to do what he does best and try to steal more supplies, he decided to go to a house at the Northern side of the village, he broke inside and noticed that there was nothing inside the house but old furnace that was full of dust. He noticed a wooden door at the corner of the room that had no dust on it so he walked up to it and opened it, he went down the stairs and noticed a basement full of furnaces, a big cage and tools. Cyprian decided to take the tools so he could use them to make his corn fields and get the ground ready for planting so he took the tools and left. The next day at the afternoon time he went to the field and started to work on it to plant the seeds and start the process, he worked all day long until he felt the fields were done. He finished and went inside the house as the sun went down and decided to rest that night.

974-978 - Noricum
"Thief.....!!" was heard coming from the outside, someone was shouting outside loudly but no one was living in the area and only Cyprian heard it, so he went outside to check who it is. He saw no one outside but he did notice that the tools that he stole were gone, he turned back and walked into the house and saw a guy sitting on his chair but he couldn't see his face or body as it was covered with a huge black Robe. Cyprian asked the man to identify himself and to explain how he had gotten got in but the man only replied, saying "Thief". The man stood up and revealed his appearance to Cyprian, the man looked like an alien or a very deformed figure which made Cyprian shake to his bones as he has never seen such a thing before. He turned around and started to sprint away into the fields thinking he got away from the stranger but as he was running he felt him grabbing his arm and a weird feeling in his neck, he dropped down onto the ground, falling unconscious. When Cyprian woke up he was in the big cage that he saw when he broke into the basement. He saw another man inside the cage with him and immediately charged him and and drank him dry from his blood without even thinking about the entire situation. The stranger was sitting in the corner of the room, laughing at Cyprian as he didn't realize what has happened to him, "You stole from me, but fortunately for you, your skills are required and therefore you will receive both a punishment and a blessing" said the man to Cyprian. He looked at his hands and saw they are deformed and different, he touched his face and felt that it had become different as well, his hair is gone... He looked to the left anxiously and saw his reflection and was shocked to see that he looks deformed as the stranger is, the stranger started to explain to Cyprian what he is and what he has done to him and why. The strange man that looked like an alien finally introduced himself. His name was Mogal and the basement that Cyprian has broken into was Mogal's haven. Mogal was an independent Nosferatu elder, who decided to stay in the village to feed from the locals and remain undetected by other major groups of vampires. Cyprian was completely broken by the way he looked but as the weeks passed by, Mogal showed him what he is capable of doing, Cyprian was able to remain hidden from others and to make himself look like other people which was not half bad and he started to like it. Cyprian never had friends and his social skills were already damaged, after his siblings died he didn't have anyone to talk to and he was alone. Mogal told Cyprian that he plans to embrace others and build a pack that will control the village at the night time. Mogal had arrived to the village one year before Cyprian did and didn't execute his plans until Cyprian broke into his place.

978-988 - Noricum of the Dead
"Knowledge and Death are what I seek mastery in," said Mogal. Ten years had passed and they finally made their pack together, Cyprian was in charge on the younger ones while Mogal only dealt with the important things, Mogal finally showed his childe what he has been practicing all this time. "Necromancy?" asked Cyprian curiously. Mogal goal was to practice with the powers of the death and has been stealing the knowledge from a Cappadocian that was living a few miles from the village. Mogal told Cyprian that he is gonna have to learn along with him in case something were happen to him as such knowledge is pure and could be used for many things, which made Cyprian finally understand what he has to do, what he was created to do and that above all he has to make his own goals. To be his own man and the creator of his own fate. Cyprian began reading the books that Mogal had in his possesion, the first books explained about the history of the powers they are practicing and how it is being used to connect to the death, they practiced together on the basic rituals and spells that allowed them to speak and see ghosts who were lurking everywhere, after a few months they moved to more advanced rituals and spells that showed them how to control the bodies of the dead and make them do as they wish, Mogal has placed two dead bodies inside his library to guard the place incase a stranger will enter. the two kept practicing together while their pack were taking care for the supplies and the problems that were coming from the village.

988-1022 - Noricum to Dalmatia
A few years had passed and one night a group of vampires breached into the village and started to attack the locals, the young packmates went out and watched what was happening and went back to report about it. Mogal didn't look surprised at all and ordered everyone to get what they can and to leave the village. Cyprian and Mogal left the village along with a few more younger vampires and never looked back, abandoning it forever. "It's time," said Mogal. He told Cyprian that he will see him again but they must go on their own ways for the time being. Cyprian has left the lands of Rome and decided to search for a quiet place to settle in and build his own haven. He has decided to travel until he ends up reaching a location that will be good for him. A location that would fit him and suit his needs. A place where he can truly weave his own fate. He finally reached a small village that was very close to the ocean, he found a place outside the town inside a big cave where he placed his belongings and went out to the village to hunt for a mortal, he felt someone following him and turned around only to find out that one of his close packmates have tracked him and followed his path, Norak wasn't Cyprian childe but still was close him while they were together in Noricum, They have gone out to hunt together and got back to the cave to rest during the day. The next night Cyprian started to practice with the advanced books that Mogal left him, he practiced each night before they went out to hunt and Norak had no interest in those powers. Cyprian decided to rest for the next 500 years so all of the mortals and Cappadocians who are looking for him will either vanish or believe him to be dead so he stashed the books inside his coffin and told Norak that if he will survive or his childe's will survive in the next 500 years they must wake him up from the torpor, Norak agreed and helped Cyprian rest.

1022-1XXX - Dalmatia Desert?
Blood started to pour into Cyprian's mouth slowly, the blood was fresh and warm, more started to pour as the neonate open the neck wound more and more, "Awake Cyprian" said the neonate Nosferatu, Cyprian started to wake up slowly and eventually bit the man  in the open neck wound only to dry him out. "It has been a journey to remember" said Cyprian, he looked at the extremely deformed Nosferatu that woke him up and asked him where is Norak but the neonate explained to him that Norak was his sire and has tasked him to find the grave and wake him up before he died by the hands of the sabbat. "What year is it?" asked Cyprian and the neonate replied "1755", Cyprian was surprised but was also happy to finally continue his studies with the books he was given by Mogal, time passed and he missed a lot, but the only thing he was worried about is Mogal as he told him that they will see each other again, he decided to stay in the same village that he went into torpor in and to remain hidden as always and to make his own pack and follow Mogal actions, Cyprian started to embrace local criminals that he thought will be useful for his plans he made them go out at night and train on their disciplines so they will become better, each of them had a task to do each night besides training and it's to bring an item that will be useful to Cyprian like a book, weapon or even samples of mortals for his rituals. One night when he was watching the packmates training he heard a voice behind him saying "Thief..!" which made him smile immediately as he knew Mogal has arrived, Mogal has been in torpor as well for a long time and managed to track Cyprian and his pack after a few years of searching, they sat down and spoke about what has happened to them and what plans they should be making for the future.

1755-1920 - Bone County to Red County
They have been together for a long time, keeping their existence a secret and their appearance a rumor to everyone it was time to leave the empty desert and move to the green lands across the river where the population has been increased. Mogal and Cyprian left the pack and placed the oldest of the packmates to be in charge, they moved to a town in Red county where they could practice more on the power of the death.

Character Background

Red County Society

Kine Society

Cainite Society

Shifters of the Lands

Celestials Beings

Unknown Creatures:




The Path of the Bones
Nickname: Gravediggers.
Bearing: Silence.
The Gravediggers, accustomed as they are to long hours of quiet study and contemplation of the grave, radiate the stillness of death. The bearing modifier applies to rolls involving Stealth and attempts to go unnoticed.

Basic Beliefs
Current Practices
Elder members of Clan Giovanni follow this Path, as do those with a sincere interest in improving their necromantic knowledge for a purpose other than temporal power. Giovanni who uphold the Path of the Bones rarely deal with mortals, as their grim inquisitiveness often proves fatal for mortals with whom they come in contact.
Description of Followers
Vampires on this Path are genuinely curious, wishing to learn exactly what purpose individuals serve. Thanatology is more a science than a philosophy to Kindred on the Path of the Bones. This Path is quite introspective, and greedy Giovanni rarely follow it, preferring the more materially comfortable outlook of Humanity. Gravediggers support the Giovanni family primarily through the knowledge they bring it, rather than through advancing the political aims of the Clan.

The Ethics of the Path
• Study death in all its permutations.
• Determine when death occurs; define it.
• Search for a purpose for death and the life that prefaces it.
• Quantify the differences of death by various causes.
• Achieve a comfort with death and unlife — distinguish between damnation and salvation.
• Hasten death’s arrival, should it seem to be unnaturally delayed.

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Very spicy indeed, but don't be lazy, put more work into it dud.
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"In psytrance we trust."

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this is pretty cool gl!

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Noice. Smort.
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I dig it

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Nice, good luck.

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noice gl
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nice nice

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"The Moon-Beasts, the ones-who-change, they are the Oldest of all, before my Father they roamed the lands.
Tarry not in the path of them. Avoid them, they are set upon us like wolves in the sheepfold. For we are of one kind, and they another. Beware their sacred ground, walk softly through their wilderness. Do not cross into the their woods, it's filled with spirits and they will seek to kill you. Avoid them for the most part, temporary victory is not worth your unlife."