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Werewolf Application

General knowledge:

1. What does the term werewolf mean?

A werewolf, or rather a Garou as they often refer to themselves, is a creature that's caught between many worlds, such as the world of humans and the world of wolves, civilization and nature, material and spirit. Most people assume werewolves are as they're portrayed in the movies, that once a werewolf bites you, you would turn into a mindless beasts that is vulnerable to silver, a crazed person that shifts to a half-man half-wolf form when the moon is full and go on a killing spree that you regret the next day when you find yourself naked in a forest, surrounded by the corpses of your victims, however, that is not the case with the Garou. Being a werewolf is something you're born with, it is not a curse passed on by biting others, in fact, it is not a curse at all, unlike in most novels, shows and movies, most Garou consider their state a blessing more than a curse. Garou are indeed vulnerable to silver and can lose control and succumb to frenzy, which might result in unfortunate events, and the moon phase does determine the difficulty of it happening, however unlike standard werewolf lore, they do not go crazy soon as the moonlight falls on them.

2. What is a werewolf's way of seeing the world? Why do you believe that that is their vision of the world?

All Garous and other changing breeds believe in the Triat, that is the Wyld, the Weaver and the Wyrm, and that originally they were all in balance and were created to induce balance to the world. The first one, the Wyld being the force of creation, the Weaver being the force of definition and form, and the Wyrm, the force of balance and entropy. That was until the Weaver caputred the Wyrm in it's webs, and led to its succumbing to madness.

Generalizing the way werewolves see the world is quite difficult, as each tribe has got a different view and way of seeing the world, however, most Garou are aligned with the Wyld, except a few, such as the Black Spiral Dancers. Inclining a general view of the world that almost every Garou is convinced with and can agree upon, almost every Garou believes in the apocalypse and it's defined by the world ending, and most Garou believe that it is unavoidable or rather inevitable. The Garou's perspective on the apocalypse is that one of the three factions, the Wyld, the Weaver and the Wyrm, will win the apocalypse, to most Garou tribes, the only option that is acceptable to them, is that if the Wyld won the apocalypse, however they all know it's impossible, considering the Wyld's weakness in the end times. My tribe however, the Black Spiral Dancers, unlike most Garou tribes, is aligned to the Wyrm.

3. From where do you believe a werewolf's power comes? How can a werewolf learn a gift?
A werewolf's power comes from two sides, material side, that is its rage accompanied with their comrades in battle. Like actual wolves, werewolves or rather garou often roam in packs and their strength lies in their numbers and the unique pack tactics each werewolf have. The anger or rather rage inside each werewolf pushes them through battles and gives them the ability to shapeshift and is also main cause of frenzy, which are two types of frenzy;

Berserk frenzy which is when the Garou is overwhelmed with anger and rage, that he becomes a fierce killing machine, striking anything in his way, which is usually the cause of his frenzy however it is not limited to only that, the Garou frenzying could end up attacking his own pack mates.
Fox frenzy, being becoming overwhelmed with fear, thus trying to escape, destroying anything and everything that gets in the way of your way as you're desperately trying to escape. The Garou does not necessarily attack anyone in this type of frenzy, and if he does, it's only because it, he or she got in the Garou's way.

Then there's the spiritual side, which grants them gifts to aid them furthering their agendas, the gift often reflect the facet represented by the spirit that granted it. For example, if you come in contact with a spirit associated with learning, it might teach the Garou a gift to read any languages, however if it was war, it could teach the Garou a gift that would make him be able to strike harder in battle. Learning gifts from spirits is done instantaneously and to do so, a werewolf travels to the spirit realm, otherwise known as Umbra and seeks a spirit that is willing to teach him said gifts, often for something in return. Unlike learning gifts from Garous which can take several weeks, even months, and is fraught with danger when the Garou taught tries and practices the gift he learned and often a garou is asked for a favor by said teacher in exchange for him teaching said garou the gift he seeks to learn.
4. What does the term auspice refer to? How does an Auspice influence a werewolf? What auspice have you chosen for your character and why? How does it influentiates your character?

The term auspice refers to the phase of the moon the Garou was born under, it defines the Garou's starting rage, which gifts the Garou will be able to learn and the role he partakes in the Garou society. Each auspice have got a role amongst his or her sept.

There are five auspices;

Fierce warriors born under a full moon, they reflect the purpose of why werewolves were created in the first place, to be the living weapon of Gaia, they begin with the most rage, granted by Luna to protect Gaia. They act as soliders among their sept, and in most cases they are the first to act in battle. They ascend in rank quicker than other Garous as glory, the most important renown for Ahrouns to obtain is obtained more quickly than other.

The moon dancers, born under the gibbous moon, they are singers of the souls of the Garou and are also lore carriers and traditions keepers as they are expected to carry the lore of the tribe all the way back to the beginning. Besides acting as traditionalists, historians and prophets of the Garou society, they also act as a source of inspiration to others in times of need. They possess the second highest starting rage level, the first being ahroun. The most important renown to obtain for this auspice is glory and wisdom.

They are born under the half moon, and are the most balanced of all auspices when it comes to rage. Their role in the Garou society is to act as counselor and to uphold the laws of the litany to his pack. They are expected to meditate, counsel and maintain balance within the conflicting elements of the Garou society. The most important renown to obtain for this auspice is honor.

Born under the crescent moon, they are the mystics of the Garou and are closer to any other auspice to the umbra, they possess the second lowest starting rage, the lowest being the ragabash and as spirits avoid contact with beings of higher rage, that's where the theurge's role comes in play, they act as conduits for the spirits and explorers of the umbra. The most important renown for them to obtain is wisdom, with honor as secondary focus.

Born under the new moon, are the ragabash, they are tricksters. They possess the lowest starting rage and are considered fools by most of their peers. They play the role of the contrary, as they question the traditions, in attempt to find the wisest path. Their possession of the lowest rage, makes them calm and collective, compared to other Garous. They are often scouts or assasssins, as the invisible moon is often associated with secrecy and stealth. Their role is to provide contrasting view and help their fellow Garou to find their quarry. Unlike other auspices, they aren't associated with a specific form of renown and may rise in rank by a combination of the three types, however, they require more renown overall to rise in rank.

Nastia's auspice is ahroun, which I was fond of ever since I picked up on werewolf roleplay, also considering her lifestyle, story and the environment she resided in before her first change environment I thought it would be most fit for her to be ahroun, being fueled with nothing by rage. Not to mention ofcourse, because we lack werewolves roleplay on the server, this auspice would give me the chance to create roleplay not only with other werewolves, but with other races aswell, considering she is a Black Spiral Dancer.

5. What does the term breed refer to? What difference is there between the breeds and how are each of them seen in the garou world?

Breed is the term used by werewolves to describe the shape or rather form said werewolf was born in, it depends on various factors, which I will explain in depth when discussing each breed. Assuming if a garou and a human mate, they produce what's known as homid, a human, that might or might have a first change and be a Garou. If two garous mate, which is a serious offense as it contradicts the litany "Garou Shall Not Mate with Garou", they produce a Metis, a baby born and stuck in his warform or crinos as garou refer to it until his first change. Then there's lupus, that occurs when a garou mate with a wolf, it is considered a rare breed, the offspring is a wolf that is stuck in his lupus or rather wolf form until his first change.

To further explain what breeds are, I must go in depth for each breed;


They are garous that are born and raised as humans, which also happens to be their natural form.  Homids do not make their first change until they hit puberty or thereafter. Many of homid garous often have dreams of dealing with wolves and the wilderness and many thrive in the human world but hesitate when dealing with nature. Those who do the latter, often have a hard time coming to acceptance with their gift and realization that they are no mere humans and they belong with others of their species rather than trying to assimilate into the human world.


Metis is the offspring of two garous mating, which is a violation and breaking of the litany whether it was for love or lust is irrelevant. They are born in their crinos form, otherwise known as warform and it's their natural form. Some would consider this a blessing, except they are always deformed and sterile. They are stuck in crinos form until their first change, and thus must be kept away from the eyes of humans to avoid breaking the litany, it's one of the reasons they're locked away for the duration of their childhood and not even allowed outside. In some septs however, metis garou are a bit luckier, as they're bound not to be the only metis in the sept and thus having a few to interact with rather than spending their entire childhood locked away and alone.


They are garou that was born and raised as a wolf, and lupus being their natural form, they are stuck as a wolf until their first change. They are the most closer of all breeds to Gaia and the wilderness hence why they hold a grudge against all humans and their tampering with the wilderness and thus start with the highest gnosis rating, they also have heightened senses, specially, sight and smell.

6. Explain the first and second War of Rage, what happened in it, who fell victim to whom.

Not even the moon dancers, known lore keepers of all the tribes have consensus on the precise order of the events of the war of rage, some say it ended before the Impergium ceased, while others say after. Regardless, the war of rage was an attempt of the Garou to prove assert their authority and superiority over all the other changing breeds, otherwise known as feras, having established themselves and their concept of order throughout the world, the Garou believed that Gaia's other children should treat them as superior. The other changing breeds, needless to say, balked at this foolish assumption made by the Garou and hence ignited a spark and commenced a war, which the feras suffered great loss to, some changing breeds even went extinct, while others were driven to hiding. Each changing breed, perceive the war differently and tells their own version of the tale, however, in most cases, the werewolves are portrayed as the villains, which is only natural. In conclusion however, even though the war of rage was won by the Garou, it was the undoing of them, as during the time they were busy slaughtering their own kind, the wyrm has spread and has grown more powerful than ever, and it is why the world is in the state it is in today. The results of the war, is today, we only know of a few breeds that existed before the war and even less about the ones that survived it. Only a few know if any of those feras from before still exist and what their place was in Gaia's plan. Those that did survive however, it comes no surprise to the werewolves that as a rule they despise them, and avoid contact with most Garou, whether or not the relationship can be healed is an unanswered question, as the end of time approaches and the Garou need any help they can get.

Character development:

Name: Nastia_Boback
Age: 19
Breed: Metis
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Black Spiral Dancer
Rank:  Cliath
Beginning Breed Gift: Create Element
Beginning Auspice Gift: Spur Claws
Beginning Tribe Gift: Resist Pain

What's your character's tribe? How was growing up among their culture? How did it shape your character's personality?

Nastia's tribe is Black Spiral Dancers, servants of the wyrm, they are perceived as the villains of the story by most garous, having succumbed to the wyrm a long time ago and being devoted to serve it, considered traitors to their mother, Gaia, in fact, making it their only mission to do so, aiding the wyrm to further hurt Gaia. There's two sides to every story however, and in Nastia's position, she was fed what some would call lies but in her case, it is nothing but the truth she needed to hear. Nastia, being a metis, was raised among the black spiral dancers, but never was allowed outside until her first change, it was hard to comprehend all what was happening at first, why is she being held and locked away from everyone else. She grew up and came to an understanding after the tribe has implanted their ideals and thoughts into her brain and happily spun tales of camaraderie, pleasure and total acceptance of her and explained why she isn't allowed outside, she believed all that was told to her and did not question it, and thought of her fellow Wyrm servants as her family and further understood her role and purpose, to serve the Wyrm. Nastia's character developed mostly for the worst, after her first change and rite of passage, she inherited the trait commonly shared among the dancers, which is madness. Having been fed their thoughts for the entire timespan she resided with them, she is now fond of their ideals and has decided that she would make it her mission to serve the wyrm, and swore to slaughter any of those who gets in her way, be it garou or be it other supernaturals or even humans. Most garou who succumb to the wyrm and serve it, are often perceived as the bad guys, traitors to their kind and Gaia. However, one thing is certain, the wyrm is stronger than ever in these times, and being a black spiral dancer, being a servant of the wyrm, means you're on the winning team.

Character Story:(Min. 300 words; Max. 3000 words)
The Beginning

26 August, 1980

It was a cold night, the drips of water can be heard on the underground sewer's pipes of Los Angelos, the stink of the chemical wastes and other god knows what's in where the group resided was unbearable. It was that night, I was born, by what most of their kind considers a crime wasn't really that big of a deal down there, in their what they call a pit. The mating of two werewolves took place, and the offspring no other than me, Boback, Nastia. I looked different than most of my peers, at first it was unnerving but I got used to it, I was what they call a Metis and I was born into what they told me was a crinos form, and that soon I would be able to turn into a human, like them, and that until I do, I was to remain here in the pit, with an assigned caretaker. It didn't make sense to me back then. The only thing that kept me from going insane was my caretaker, Kanos, he was also a garou, I occupied myself for that period of time by playing with him and whatnot.

The First Change

12 September, 1987

Time passed on, then it finally happened, I heard that for most, such experience is traumatizing, undergoing the first change. However in my case, it was as if I was finally free. It took me a few months to adjust to this new life, wearing clothes, sitting on chairs, all that was new to me. A year passed by, and I was taught alot in that time span and was told about my role, being an ahroun and the role of my tribe, serving the wyrm, and the tenets of the dark litany that we as a tribe must adhere to. I was fed these thoughts on a daily basis, it was only natural for me to be fully convinced. Not to mention, being an ahroun, I spent months partaking in combat training, building my body to withstand damage dealt to it, both with other pack-mates and alone.

The Rite of Passage:

18 May, 1994

It was no surprise having grown up, I was supposed to undergo the rite of passage and become a full-fledged Black Spiral Dancer, having already known most of their ways, unlike their homid cubs, being raised around them, being trained daily regarding combat and tutored about the history of our tribe and the roles of both myself and my hive. I felt prepared, as the theurge begun the ceremony by tracing out a design that was a great representative of the labyrinth on the floor of the pit's central chamber, which took roughly ten minutes, opening the gate to Malfeas, then the galliard started chanting my lineage loudly in front of the entire Hive as they watched me advance. I was helped by the theurge to dance sideways, as I entered a trancelike state, then it happened, I was struck by horrific visions, all through the labyrinth then I felt as if I was going through what they call the circles, the first one, it was a manifestation of the taint, the wyrm within me, darkness initiated the experience, filling by visions that offer up dismal truths contained within the my own soul, it was a tough task, but I managed to overcome the limitations of my mind, resulting in acceptance of the evil within me. I broke free of the trancelike state, only to speak gibberish before snapping back to reality, knowing my identity was just reshaped, I was now a fully fledged black spiral dancer, and I was ready to serve the wyrm in all its forms. Years passed by as I lived only for that purpose, slaying those who would not heed and join us, doing my best to serve the power of corruption, until one day, I received a call from a distant friend who resided in the same pit as I. He notified me of various abnormal activities that are happening in a small town known as Red County, I was intrigued and thus I packed up and took the next bus to Red County, seeking to unravel a new chapter.

Out of character:

1.Are you allowed to roleplay tame wolves in this server? Why do you think it is prohibited? No you're not allowed to roleplay a tame wolf, as one should always roleplay realistically, knowing no werewolf, not even a Black Spiral Dancer would allow himself to become a pet or tamed. There are exceptions however I believe, for example, a Black Spiral Dancer may come in contact and offer his services to a vampire, all to further their agenda and to serve the wyrm. However, if he or she feels used or taken advantage of he or she would leave the vampire and never come in contact with again. As for other garous, they're to roleplay accordingly as warriors of Gaia, and not pet wolves.

2.Are you allowed to shapeshift in public places? Why is it dangerous to shapeshift in public areas? What OOC punishments could you suffer? You're allowed to, but everything has it's consequences. Shapeshifting in public not only will bring you the attention of usurpers and your enemies, but it will also bring you the wrath of your fellow Garou as you would have broken the tenent of the litany "The veil shall not be lifted" and you would have endangered their exposure. The ooc punishment you get upon such act, I presume is force CK(account/race revoked) as not even a fierce warrior such as a Garou would stand a chance against a hunter, knowing they know their weakness and they probably outnumber him or her, and ofcourse needless to say, they got all the time to plan assassinating him.

3.What could happen if you ventured into the town while in your wolf form? Why isn't it a good decision? If you were to go as a werewolf in town, why would you do it? Even though it isn't going to raise any red flags nor break the litany if you venture in town in your lupus form, most people tend to run away when they see a wolf however, and that could attract the local department's attention, which may result in a slippery slope, knowing they may shoot the wolf down, and in return cause him or her to frenzy and thus exposing their race. As for other forms, I would never shift and roam in town, unless I absolutely must, for example, a life or death situation in which a vampire for example attacks me, I would also turn into my warform to trigger delirium, in case any human bystanders were there. I'm aware that even though, the human standing might be strong willed that he wouldn't forget, however, as I said, I wouldn't do so anyways, unless I absolutely must.

4.Give an example of a good reason to shapeshift in a (more or less) public place or venture into town while in your wolf form. Like I mentioned in the previous question, the only reason I'd shapeshift in public is that if my life was depending on it. If I was being attacked by other garous or if another race, I would shift to my crinos to trigger delirium in case human bystanders were there, which isn't a reliable method really, since some strong-willed humans are not affected by it. That is the only reason I would shift in public.

5.While in your wolf form, do you have to roleplay fear of weaponry? Justify your answer. Yes, in all your form you should roleplay fear of weaponry, as even though you think you're stronger and that weapons can't hurt you, they can. In a skilled marksman's hands, a weapon can actually be deadly, not to mention if that person knows about you being a werewolf, it's probably loaded with silver bullets which are deadly to garou. You should always roleplay fear of weaponry.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? Almost a year now.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters.
Touka_Akiyama - Vampire - 10th Brujah
Jason_Brookside - Vampire - 9th Gangrel(Past)
Alexander_Solokov - Vampire - 8th Gangrel

3.Do you understand that you can be CK'd or race-changed at any time if you fail to follow the race rules/roleplay your race properly? Yes

4Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
Spoiler for Hidden:

Spoiler for Hidden:

Spoiler for Hidden:
no admin record.

5.If there is anything you would improve/change regarding the werewolf race, what would it be? None.
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Re: Nastia_Boback | Cliath | Black Spiral Dancers
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Revise the third question in General Knowledge, make sure you have mentioned and detailed all sources of power Garou have. Provide more detail on how werewolves learn a Gift and what they must do in order to be blessed with such, it's not as simple.

The story mentions your character was born in 1986, they're 13 years old if that's the case.

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Revise the third question in General Knowledge, make sure you have mentioned and detailed all sources of power Garou have. Provide more detail on how werewolves learn a Gift and what they must do in order to be blessed with such, it's not as simple.

The story mentions your character was born in 1986, they're 13 years old if that's the case.

Added some more details and fixed the dates, I was tired when I wrote the application so there was bound to be mistakes. Thank you for pointing it out for me.

I assume all is good now?

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The question is still partly incomplete, but acceptable.