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Magick and Violence
« on: June 10, 2018, 09:35:32 PM »
In this guide, I will be talking to you about the pages in the book 413 and 445. Now, what does it mean Magick and Violence? Well to put it simply a mage can use her arts to enhance her combat abilities or make the combat move enhance her magick. So Iron, is this an instrument? Glad you asked. This is not an instrument from what I see, so yes, you don’t need to apply for this.

What does it mean to use Violence as an enhancement to our arts?
To put it simply, the system goes as such, if you are going to punch someone and use a magical ability this system is for you. First, you declare as you would, what you will be doing (both the combat maneuver and the magick casting). After that you will roll for both the magick (Arete roll) and the combat maneuver (Attribute + Ability), this does include shooting a gun as well as kicking people.

But wait two rolls?! Do I have to split my dice?!
Well, it depends on what you are doing. Do you need to do something special in order to cast the magickal ability? If you do then yes, you split your dice, otherwise, you continue.
“If the player wants to use both the attack and the magick in the same
turn – say, an Infernalist who wants to open a gate at the moment of
sacrifice – then she needs to either divide up her dice pool between
them (as detailed under Multiple Actions in Chapter Eight, p.
388), or else use Time 3 to get extra actions within the same turn.”

Ok so, let’s talk fast casting? Do we still use it now?
This rule does not apply to mages who use the martial arts practice
(including Do) or employ weapons as an instrument of focus.

If you are doing something creative, nothing like you have ever employed before, then you need to fast cast. As fast casting says, you are thinking FAST and employing it in the battlefield. If I usually throw people with gravity and this time I intend to do something else, like use matter and forces to make the ground sink as I toss them towards it, then yes you get that good old +1.

Well what are the charts then? How do I do this?
Spoiler for Hidden:

Ok, that is nice, but what if I have the Martial Arts practice? What does it mean?
Well hey, you should have understood this by now but you are in luck! You are the special snowflake of the mages here, fighting with any brawl and martial moves as a focus, meaning you are doing your magick on the go. For you, this is a second nature. You can also get that good old additional -3 difficulty modifier if you use the Enhance Magick by Violence system.

So what does this practice give me? You are using an instrument when you are fighting, automatically. Isn't that enough?

So how do I use this in game?
If you want to Enhance Magick by Violence you need to declare it first, then the move is split into 2 parts, 1 turn for the attack, and the successes there are removed for your difficulty modifier (You get  successes, and want -2 on your arete roll, so essentially you got 1 in that attack), then you go to your next turn, roll your arete at the proper difficulty (with the new modifiers).

If you want to Enhance your Violence with Magick you will first use your arete roll, and dpeneding on that you proceed to your attack, and again you must declare this.

References: Mage The Asenction 20th Addition - Pages 413-418, 445.
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Re: Magick and Violence
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Good guide, excellent work.

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Re: Magick and Violence
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Re: Magick and Violence
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Re: Magick and Violence
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Re: Magick and Violence
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Quote from: Rudy

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Re: Magick and Violence
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Re: Magick and Violence
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We needed this.

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Re: Magick and Violence
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Just great dude
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Re: Magick and Violence
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