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"Put her to sleep."
"Yes, ma'am."
Footsteps are heard pacing away from the laboratory, doors shutting behind the woman leaving. Shortly after, a metal tray is knocked over and drops to the floor, followed by a screaming man, struggling to speak through his choking breath.
"Gh-..gah, HELP! Some-..body HELP-. ME!"
Blood gushes out his throat as a blade slashes through skin and muscle, a thud filling the now-silent room as the body drops. Dashing footsteps stop once the door opens, the person before it managing to speak only one sentence.
"What the hell is with all this screamin-.."
The laboratory is left covered in blood, the door open, showing malfunction, a single silhouette is seen pacing down the corridor. Minutes after, sirens blare as all screens display a warning message:


Setting their helmets over their heads, strapping them up, the men reach for their firearms and load each, awaiting orders.
"You're to find and capture her, conserving every part of her. Lethally engaging subject X97 is out of the question unless you're ordered to do so. She was last seen leaving the building two days ago, I've sent you the footage. The tracking device's last signal was picked up leaving Bone County, would be wise to start your search there."
Looking down at his forearm device's screen, the man inspects the footage and nods, confirming orders. Shutting the door, he meets with the rest of the team and briefs them - last pieces of equipment are picked up.
"Let's move."
The radio feed picks up the following;
[Radio] "We're moving out; locate and secure rogue subject; use of lethal force: unauthorized."

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Re: ADAX97_02
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its 1999 isnt it

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Re: ADAX97_02
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I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

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Re: ADAX97_02
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Spoiler for The Escapee:

Task Force 202: The Rise.
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Re: ADAX97_02
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