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Newsletter concerning an Epidemic
« on: July 26, 2018, 11:21:51 PM »
As you turn on your TV, or as you read in your local newspaper the same article would be shown.

"Local Red County Hospital Staff fight off strange virus."

The article goes on in detail stating the facts as seen by a local medic who was on site:

The local Hospital in this rural County in San Andreas has recently been overflowed with a strange virus that afflicted most of the populace, as one anonymous worker of the staff managed to find the source and burn the infectious bodies.
The staff and local Sheriff's Department worked together to clear the patients outside, while still have fire around them, and tend to the patients. Although the sickness was not manageable, the patients started to die, as they spread out the virus.
To no prevail, they were forced to cremate all the bodies on sight, fighting off the disease.

Members of the CDC arrived on scene shortly after the outburst, and will now stay with the staff until they find the source.

Although lives of countless patients were lost, the virus seems contained, says the CDC Examiner on site, and claims they will continue to look for a cure in case this ever reoccurs."
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Re: Newsletter concerning an Epidemic
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*Hona reclines his sofa bed, he'd take a seat as he'd then lay back, a plate on his chest containing his dinner. He'd flick on the telly, seeing the news he'd immediately look pissed off* "What the fuck, couldn't they spare lives? What fuckin' shit that is, I don't buy into it!"