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The Invisible Killer
« on: August 20, 2018, 06:07:00 PM »
As you turn on your TV you see a news report of a recent murder near Red County, "The Invisible Killer is at it again!", as they show some photos of the crime scene. The lead investigator on the scene gets to speak:

"The killer is ruthless and manipulative. As of now, we have nothing to report to the public, but we urge those in Flint County and any Counties nearby Los Santos to stay indoors at night, and to not follow people blindly into alleyways."

The report continues to elaborate on the past victims of the Invisible Killer, stating that he only lets relatives find the victims, and he only strikes once every 2 years, ending 5 victims. So far the number of victims he got is 20.

They estimate the killer is a dark-haired, 30-year-old male, with a tattoo on his right arm of a knife tied to an anchor, as per an eye-witness.

More to come later on.
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Re: The Invisible Killer
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** Quinn is laying down onto the couch, having his feet set down onto each other on a wooden table with a joint of Marijuana held into his left hand. Through crimson eyes, he observes the reported news and smiles as he takes a look to his left through a wide window of an apartment at the Los Santos Police Department. **

"Huh-.. How do you estimate a killer's look if he's invisible? Wait-... What?"

"Fuck me-.. Why am I even asking? I think I'm missing them already."

** He chuckles but ends up coughing the smoke out. Quinn squints his eyes as he shakes his head while firmly gripping hold of his phone, staring at a contact named 'Ashley'. **
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Re: The Invisible Killer
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**As Blake sees the information during his rest in his room he'd save the information received from the reporter on the hard drive.**
"We shall see."
**Afterwards he'd contact his supervisor about new circumstances.**

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Re: The Invisible Killer
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** Blaine turns on the TV in the hotel room and and eventually comes across this channel. The only thing that captures his attention is the location: "Red County"...
"JEEZ, bro. On my way."