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Protocols of the Circle
« on: March 17, 2020, 23:23:34 PM »

On this sixteenth day of november, two thousand, it is hereby drafted the first set of protocols ratified by chantry-fellows concorded within the College of Infinity, an artifice litigated and weighted through democratic Will intended to govern delineations of basic and common sense of the local community of Awakened within Angel Pine and region of Whetstone apropos, with noted particularity, other communities of Night-Folk:

I , It remains explicitly and unequivocally forbidden direct or indirect association with individuals or communities of Night-Folk, should this association be consummated through belligerence against members of this Cabal or other Night-Folk, or through actions that would directly or indirectly facilitate increased belligerence of third-parties against members of this Cabal or betwixt individuals or communities of Night-Folk. Infractors will be trialed to the rigidity of the Rule of Shade and the tools hereby instrumentalized, risking loss of access to the Chantry, exile or worse, pending the severity of the Crime.

II , Actions that would bring potential endangerment to the Chantry and its fellows, through negligence or recklessness, especially when directed to the Night-Folk (but not limited to) and related parties, remain expressly disallowed and passive of judgement through trial.

III , Exceptions to the following tenants are to be made, through and only through consensual and unanimous agreement of all the heads of this Chantry's existing cabals.

IV , As a democratic Instrument, this document can be amended, partially or to complete fullness, through a majority vote in an official Session with attendance of the majority of Cabal-fellows.

This document is thus ratified and officiated forthwith by the following signees:
Arthur Beaumont
Alexander King
Ava Connor
Charles Tyrell
David Callaway
Ellis Hayes
Katarina Anderson
Oz Winter
Quintus Harmont
Ryan Kyros
Rhys Harwin
(Kassiani's calligraphy)
Stuart Turner
Laurren Madison
Hunter Mills
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