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Victor Houghton ;; 8th ;; Tremere
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Vampire Application

General questions:

1. What comes to your mind when the word vampire arises? What is a vampire in a human view and what is it from a vampire's own view? How different are standard folklore and World of Darkness vampires? When a word vampire arises in my mind I have a picture of beings who hide right in front of humans noses, keeping a low profile while in the same time playing a vital role in the world around them. I see them as manipulative predators who are smarter than involving themselves in mortal matters, but rather playing a role from far away but still with no less influence. Needless to say, not every vampire is old nor is every vampire intelligent enough to live by such a pattern but in my own opinion that's a secure way for a vampire to survive through various years. 

From a human's view a vampire is nothing less than an urban predator and a monster that's feeding on human blood in order to survive, taking their sustenance from it. Human's view on vampires is also very flawed taking in consideration that there is a lot of human folklore that's been made up either by human illusions or vampires with yet another attempt to shield their society and thus uphold the Masquerade. What I can take from my own native folklore about vampires is that they are easily repulsed by garlic, that vampires are created after a person dies and has done acts of evil during his life or a demon-possessed its body. They are likely repulsed by any Holy Water, as well as a near mention of God's name may throw them in great pain and suffering. 

From a vampire's view, they are damned creatures who now must sustain themselves on the blood of others, being cursed not to walk during Sun. They often see themselves as urban predators, and it's a common thing one vampire not to trust another. After centuries of life they keep getting more and more paranoid, while it not being a necessary thing it's not an uncommon one. They are manipulative, maybe even emotionless who are simply trying to spend their eternal lives and trying to stay alive. 

Obviously, folklore lore and actual (classic) World of Darkness vampires differ a lot. Not only vampires are not repulsed by garlic, nor are they possessed bodies by demons, but they actually are not all 'evil'. Well, in the traditional meaning of word evil, anyway. Vampires are different, yet they have their similarity points. They are burned by sunlight (more or less), and they are immortal (can't age). Their connections, lives and relationships are very complex, needless to say. While in folklore we got a mere point of the existence of a vampire – blood. In actual World of Darkness lore vampires are complex beings and some of the elders spend their lives manipulating others, be it mortals or Kindred, into their eternal war called the Jyhad. 

2. What kind of consequences could possibly arise were a vampire be outed to the general public? What sort of action would be taken by various governments and the people? For this reason, do you think vampires should take the chance of coming out clean or should they rather stay hidden? It's not about staying hidden, it's about blending in. First of all, a vampire's main source of blood is a human. After revealing themselves, vampires would have a hard time finding suitable or available humans to feed on. Vampires are also very powerful in terms of Disciplines, having a big array of supernatural powers fueled by their blood. They can do all sort of things, and humans might as well be scared of such a thing. Humans got a history of killing what they can't understand and taking over what they want. Even, though, vampires may have disciplines, intelligence that has been built for millenniums - humans got numbers, and necessary equipment to end the race of Caine.

Needless to say, there has been a variety of groups that are dedicated to hunting supernaturals and saving the humanity. The Inquisition, various government groups or even small local groups of vampire hunters are a big problem for all Cainites. After revealing themselves, vampires would become an easy target for every group. They'd probably be easily targeted, located and executed. Not only human hunter groups would take interest in such a revelation, but also other supernatural societies. You see, every supernatural race has a set of rules most of its member abide by. Cainites got the Masquerade, moon-beasts got the Litany, Wizards got the Rule of Shade. Each set of rules has one that forbids its followers from revealing themselves to mortals for practical reasons. Not only human hunter groups would unite against vampires if they were to reveal themselves, but also various supernatural groups, the Technocracy would also take a huge deal in such an action and other hunters would take actions too. (Imbued)

I don't think that vampires should take any chance of revealing themselves, they have been living secretly for more than few millenniums and it shouldn't, by any chance, change now. Let's take an example.

James has been embraced by some Brujah and was left alone. Not knowing what to do, he didn't even know he had to feed and after few nights he was driven into frenzy and fed on a human in front of quite a public. He ended up on the internet, and the police, local government and various hunter groups got involved pretty quickly. From a not important Brujah nobody knew, James became a top star in one night. Not only he's being hunted, but the Camarilla representatives are furious as well. The Prince must not only cover the whole situation up but also must give his best not to reveal others of his kin. 

3. What are The Traditions? Who enforces them and how do the vampires view it? The Traditions are a set of rules that each vampire, more or less, follows. They've been originally created by the Camarilla and are actively enforced by its representatives. It consists of six, simple yet important, rules that are basically covering the whole thing about not revealing vampires to mortals, and rules on how vampires not to become too populated, taking care of too many hunters and too little prey.

The First Tradition is called the Masquerade, and is the most important one. I covered in pretty much in my second answer, but this Tradition says that no vampire should reveal himself to some mortal without very very good reasons. What is considered a breach of the Masquerade? Feeding on mortals, using obvious Disciplines in public or in front of humans. Some vampires are considered as a breach of the Masquerade each time they show up in public (Nosferatu), and some of vampires look pretty different (Tzismice.) Different origins need different precautions, but, at any cost, the Masquerade should not be broken.

The Second Tradition makes sure that there's a Kindred in each domain, a Prince, which word must be obeyed, he can't be questioned and he's the final decider of what happens in his domain. The Traditions are not a set of strict rules, and some of them can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. This is one of them. While some Princes are dictators in their domains, wanting to know even single bit of information that happens and be in control of everything – some Princes don't care much about what happens or who rules where. Some Princes allow some Kindred of moderate power, age and knowledge to have small territories in their domains – perhaps some hunting grounds of places where they rule in the name of a Prince while some Princes don't allow such things and want to be in charge of everything. But most of Princes are something in the middle of these two. They grant Kindred their needed freedom to rule in their territories, while still answering to the Prince, but still without an autonomy and still bound to Prince's rules.

The Third Tradition is also tied to the First Tradition as it makes sure there's not too many hunters and not too small number of human prey. If vampires were to embrace everyone they wanted, cities would soon be overrun by them and the amount of food would drop as well, thus no blood. This tradition is enforced and made for practical reasons, but it's still not impossible to embrace a new chidle. A would-be-sire must ask for a permission from his Prince in the domain where he is, and after, and if, the permission is granted he may embrace his childe and introduce him to all variations of vampire rules, society and so on. As I said in my previous paragraph, some of the Traditions are interpreted in different ways by different Princes. What means an elder is a bit vague. Is it a Prince or an elder of sire's clan? Many disagree on this and ask for permissions from different sources, but yet it's always a good idea not to embrace quite often.

The Fourth Tradition is tied to the Third Tradition. After sire embraces his new chidle, he's fully responsible for its actions until he deems fit that he or she is fully ready to be left in the vampire society.  If any problem from that childe arises, sire takes full responsibility and is guilty. This is mainly enforced because new vampires often make problems (like my example in the second question) and some clans are even known to leave their childer alone after embracing them. While other Kindred take this tradition very seriously and keep new-born vampires for a very long period of time until they are completely sure they have been made ready. (for example, a Kiasyd childe is known to stay under his' / her's sire supervision until 5 decades pass).

The Fifth Tradition demands that every vampire introduces himself to the Prince of the domain he's in, and without his / her's permission he can't stay. This tradition also has a wide arrange of different interpretations as some Princes are iron-fist dictators that demand to know every Kindred that steps in their domain while others simply want to know if any new-arrived vampire makes any troubles and don't care much about who entered their domain. 

The Sixth Tradition gives the right to Princes to call upon the Lextalionis or more commonly known as the Blood Hunt to other Kindred. Well, as mentioned in previous paragraphs It's always interpreted differently and while some Kindred think it refers directly to Princes some think it refers to various Elders. This punishment is often used when a vampire slays another of his own kind, as that right belongs only to thine's Elder. Some Princes take the Lextalionis so seriously that they might even pardon a vampire who diablerized the target.

4. What is a Clan? A clan is a family of vampires who share the same lineage and share same powers, weaknesses and culture. But to understand how clan work a person would need to actually understand the history of vampires in its earliest days. The first vampire, Caine, embraced three childe. Their names were Enoch, Irad, Zillah. After Caine left his childer, the Second Generation and their own the Third, shortly before the Flood they were left unatended. It is important to say that original clans were not as we know them today. This is a list of the original clans:  Ventrue, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Toreador, Lasombra, Tzismice, Setties, Giovanni, Saulot, Assamites and Brujah. Well, what happened next shaped whole history of vampires, perhaps. The Third Generation rose up and slaughtered Enoch, Irad and Zillah. (not all of them, it's important to say that Toreador Antediluvian had no part in this.) After that, Caine came and cursed them. Each Antediluvian got their punishment (weakness) and their punishment proceeded to their childer, childer's childer and so on.

Of course, as we know it some of the Antediluvians were destroyed. Founder of the Brujah, was diablerized by his own childer Troile and that might be the first act of diablerie ever in the known history. That happened during their rebellion against the Second Generation. Even though some clan claim that their Antediluvians were destroyed as well, nothing is sure. The second Antediluvian to be diablerized is Saulot. After Tremere, the founder of house Tremere within the Order of Hermes, found out that his immortality spells started to fade and hermetic magick as well, he started experiments trying to find a new spell that will make him live longer. With a solution came Goratrix. Without knowing, Tremere and six most trustable elders participated in Goratrix's ritual and at the end ended up as vampires. They had no avatars, they couldn't access their true magick and they were a newborn bloodline. They soon made vampire society start respecting them, as they fought through battles Tremere at the end finally succeeded and found Saulot's body, and diablerized him and thus dropped his generation to 3rd. Even though Tremere is not Antediluvian per se, he still is as he is of the 3rd generation. Another notable slaughter of an Antediluvian is when Augustus Giovanni diablerized Cappadocius and thus raised Giovanni to the status of a clan and dropped Cappadocians to the status of a bloodline. In the modern nights, Ravnos Antediluvian was destroyed by the Technocracy after he rose up. That's basically how most of the clans were created, and how they trace their lineage to the First City.

5. What is a Bloodline? A bloodline is a smaller family of similar vampires who share same culture, powers and weaknesses. There's a couple of ways to start a new bloodline. Some were created through experiments, some through coincidence and some of them were made through rituals. It's possible for a bloodline to rise up and take a seat of a Clan as happened to Tremere, and is possible for a clan to drop its status to be a bloodline – Cappacodians, Salubri. 

6. What sort of process is an embrace? What's diablerie? Why are both of these practices so commonly heard about? What's the view on these two? The Embrace is a process in which a vampire dries a body out blood and replaces it with a bit of his own blood. This process transforms a human into a vampire. He undergoes a lot of changes starting from his body stopping to age and becoming frozen in time. He can't get normal human diseases and is completely immune to them even though he still can infect other humans if he fed on an already infected one. Animals can't be embraced but some supernatural species can. For instance, a mage can be embraced same as any human and when a mage is embraced he loses his ability to do true magick and his inner Avatar either dies or moves to the new body. When a vampire tries to embrace a werewolf s/he either dies or becomes an Abomination - half vampire half werewolf. Imbued hunters are not possible to embrace. The process of drying a person out of blood can be done in any way, but still many vampires prefer to feed on them and through that take all of their blood. A new-born vampire takes the Clan, Generation and Disciplines based on his sire. He always gets his sire's Clan, his Generation is equal to one greater than sire's and his Disciplines are equal to those of the sire's clan. Following the Third Tradition of the Masquerade, Camarilla law, a vampire must seek the permission of his elder to be able to embrace a new childe. This is done so to be sure there are enough humans (food) and not too many vampires. The Camarilla enforces this law. Meanwhile, the Sabbat is known for doing Mass Embraces that is kidnapping a big group of humans and embracing them and using them as cannon fodder against their enemy. The Camarilla is disgusted by this practice and is never using it.

The Diablerie, else known as the Amaranth, is a process in which a vampire feeds on another vampire and completely takes his blood/vitae and by doing so kills him and takes his blood. As a result, he lowers his own Generation by one or in the case if the diablerized vampire was much lower in terms of Generation than the aggressor, diablerist, he may lower his Generation for even 2 or 3. Even so, on diablerist's aura appear black strains that tell everyone who can see auras that he has committed this act. Other than that, tales tell of vampires who didn't die after being diablerized as they lived through their diablerist's body and even took control of them. Some believe this is how some  Antediluvians and methuselahs survived. (Mathuselahs are vampires who are older than 1000 years but commonly it's meant vampires of 5th Generation. Antediluvians are of the 3rd Generation ). The Sixth Generation of the Masquerade allows Princes to call upon the Blood Hunt on the vampire who diablerized someone. That alone tells how much the Camarilla forbids the Diablerie. On the other hand, again, the Sabbath encourage their vampires to diablerize each other as they believe they are not worthy enough to be vampires if they can't protect themselves from the others of their kin.
We hear commonly about Embraces and Diableries as it's a common practice in the vampire world. Embraces are obviously common because that's how new vampires are made and everyone now or then creates a new childe with or without his elder's permission. The Diablerie is also common since many vampires want power and lowering your Generation, thus being able to use better powers, have bigger blood pool, and etc, is obviously attractive to vampires. They know it's forbidden, they know they might die but they do it anyway.

7. What are the vampire generations? How far do they stray from the original? What are these generations? Does generation measurement exist within the society? Generation indicates how far is a vampire removed from Caine, which is the first vampire.
Each new vampire has a Generation one greater than the one of his sire. Meaning that he gets removed from Caine for another step. When Caine embraced the Second Generation, he removed them from himself for one step meaning they become the 2nd Generation. 2nd Generation's childe became 3rd and so on and so on. This goes up to 15th Generation which are called thin-bloods and appeared only in modern nights. A Generation is the most basic measurement of the vampire's power, or to better say his potential. A vampire of lower Generation may learn higher, thus more powerful, Disciplines than a lowe Generation one. He might use his blood to boost his attributes higher than one of a lower. Finally, he has a bigger bloodpool. Generally, the only way for a vampire to lower his Generation is if he commits diablerie upon another vampire.

Caine is the only First Generation vampire, being created by God as a curse for killing his brother Abel. Caine is the most powerful vampire, having access to unimaginable powers. He sired only 3 vampires, the Second Generation.

The Second Generation consists of 3 Caine's childe: Enoch (the Wise),  Irad (the Strong), Zillah (the Beautiful). By the Book of Nod, Caine embraced these three to be his succours in the ancient city of Enoch. In other sources we find other information, like the one that Caine sired a couple which has also been a Second Generation but they committed suicide because they couldn't have children. Even though, they are all gone today in the Modern Times. Be it after the Deluge or after the Third Generation rose up and slaughtered them nobody knows.

The Third Generation consists of vampires who are the founders of the clans, and the childe of the 2nd Generation. They are commonly known as the Antediluvians because most of them were embraced before the Biblical Deluge and survived it. However, it's important to say that not all vampires of the 3rd Generation were embraced before the Deluge as some vampires succeeded in lowering their Generation through diablerie and thus becoming the Third Generation. Even so, they are still called Antediluvians. These vampires are the oldest vampires in history, after Caine, and the most powerful ones. It's believed they will come back to Earth once again and that it will be the end of the world. By any means, they have no human emotions or behaviour as they have lived for so long nobody could even imagine their plans, thinking or ideas. They are vampires of immense power and they got access to unimaginable powers and Disciplines. Nobody knows how big is their bloodpool nor what Disciplines they know. They were the reason all vampires have a curse from their clan, each except the Toreador. After the Third Generation slaughtered Enoch, Irad and Zilla Caine came and cursed each of them except the Toreador Antediluvian. It's believed most of them are still in torpor even though the Ravnos Antediluvian was killed by Technocracy when he rose up and made some problems in the 1990s.

The Fourth Generation and the Fifth Generation of vampires consists of vampires who have been sired by the 3rd or 4th Generation vampires. Even though they are not as powerful as Antediluvians they are still very powerful compared to other vampires. They command powerful Disciplines and are very old and experienced. Unlike most Antediluvians some of the Mathuselahs are walking this Earth as they awoke from their centuries-long torpor.

The Sixth and Seventh Generation are younger than Mathuselahs or Antediluvians but are still in place of power as they often represent elders of vampire societies. They are often Camarilla Princes or Sabbat Archibishops. While still not powerful as lower Generation vampires or their sires they are still feared opponents. They are commonly seen by other vampires as they are not so uncommon as 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on Generations. They are often in charge of some domains.

The Eighth and Ninth Generation are surely not so powerful but they still got more power than the vampiers of higher Generations. This Generation of vampires was mostly common through 14th century which means they are quite old as much as some 500 hundred years. They often command respect and are positioned high in the places they are living in.

The Tenth and Eleventh Generation present a perfect balance between power and age for vampires. They know how to handle the new world, modern ages and etc. while still being able to be more powerful than all other vampires of greater Generation than them. They could easily defeat the most powerful human on earth and are not hated nor disgusted as higher Generations are.

The Twelfth and Thirteenth Generation of vampires consist of most modern vampires that are seen today in the modern world. While they are weak when it comes to the standards of older vampires they call still get their way around humans and could easily beat any human if need be.

The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Generation vampires are commonly known as thin-blood as they represent the weakest of all vampires. Many vampires hate them and are disgusted by them. Not only they have no advanced powers they are not even fully vampires but some sort of a balance between a human and a vampire. They appeared in modern times.

The Generation measurement obviously exists within the vampire society as many vampires hate thinbloods and are disgusted by them while in the same time 6th,7th,8th,9th,10th Generation vampires are still well-respected by higher Generation vampires and are able to command them.

8. What are the two notable Anarch Revolts? What sort of effect did they have upon the vampires? Anarch Revolt is known as an event in which higher Generation vampires rebel against their superiors either because they want their power for themselves or to stop being told what to do.
The First Anarch Revolt happened during the time of the Inquisition where neonates were dying in large numbers since Elders didn't care enough to ensure them and their safety, enjoying more to play from the shadows and use younger ones so they *(Elders) stay safe and hidden. Rebellion firstly started in Spain where many Brujah neonates rebelled and started calling themselves Anarch wanting to end the rules, that supposedly, the Caine left As the direction finish of this revolt is the Convention of Thorns. When Tzimisce anarchs came to Western Europe and leaked the secrets of Vaulderie and the ways to end the blood bond the rebellion exploded through every clan. The Rebellion last for years but after the Conevntion of Thorns in 1493 it ended after Anarch suffered heavy losses. Many pledged their allegiance to the Camarilla and those who did not, went and formed the Sabbat, mostly Lasombra and Tzismice.  The Camarila forcefully made Assamites end their hostilities when the Tremere cursed the entire clan.

The Second Anarch Revolt officially began on 21th of December, 1944 when Los Angeles anarch busted in and killed Prince of Los Angeles, Don Sebastian and several other Elders. Those who were lucky enough to flee survived. Soon after this Anarch moved to San Francisco and tried to kill the Camarilla eldedrs there, as well. But were stopped by Prince Vannevar Thomas. Even so, they freed everything from border of Mexico to San Jose. Even though they had the idea and the plan it soon started to become just an area where angry gangs slit each other throats. By 2000s nothing remained of the Free Anarch State it once was.

Character creation:

Name: Victor Houghton
Age: 200
Embrace Age: 34
Clan/Bloodline: Tremere
Sect: Independent
Generation: 8th

Character Story:(Min. 300 words; Max. 3000)
Through many years of my life, I came to realize nothing is more important than power. Power, truly, is running this world. When you look at the bigger picture, there is always a person who’s in control of someone’s life. Your boss, he controls your life, for example. Without him you wouldn’t get paid and without money you wouldn’t be able to buy yourself food and a place to call your home. You’d live on the streets like an outcast. And when you have power: you have everything.

I was a doctor, a surgeon: to be precise. Over the years, I’ve done many surgeries and saved many lives. It is only normal, then, to assume that I failed some of them and that some of my patients died during the surgery. In the beginning, I blamed myself but as the time passed I learned not to get emotional with the deceased’s family and friends. I just need to tell them the news; I do not need to give them a shoulder to cry on. “I am sorry. During the surgery something went wrong and we did everything we could but...”, that is the moment most of them would break and start crying. I learned how to stare at them and fake a comforting hug and tell them everything is going to be alright. But it never was, was it? It’s the point where there is no going back. When you’re dead, it’s truly over. For the family, their lives are split into two major events: Before and After. It is a cycle that repeats for everyone. As a doctor, as I previously wrote, I got used to it. It happened too many times, to too many persons that I eventually learned to distance myself from it. At the end, I did not kill a person on purpose.

My wife, the love of my life, was also a doctor, a surgeon – like me. I met her during my studies and we soon became close. It was not too long before we announced our engagement and soon made a wedding. Waking up next to her every morning was truly something I lived for. Each morning, she’d lean gently and her lips would meet mine. Her smile was the thing that kept me moving. By the age of thirty, she was diagnosed with cancer. One of my colleagues, doctor Ashworth, told me she does not have much of life, a few months before she dies and that I should spend her last moments with her. But how could I? She was the love of my life and I loved her more than I loved myself.

Instead of being near her, I couldn’t stand seeing her wither away, becoming weak and gray. I was not ready for it. I turned to my studies. I thought: “Medicine today is so evolved, there surely is cure to this disease…” and worked hard on finding the solution. My sanity was maybe leaving me or I justified it all with the fact that the end justifies the means. Knowing that my studies didn’t work and knowing her lungs were affected by cancer I broke every oath I made when I became a doctor and turned into something I would never imagine.

My colleagues often asked me why I continued working. I surely could take a few days off and be with my wife. The truth was much scarier from what they could imagine. My patients were only experiments in my eyes, as I tested and checked various cures that could help my wife. It all failed, and most of them ended up either seriously wounded or dead. I learned to shield myself from emotions from their families long ago… But the fact that nearly all my surgeries were a failure and patients died in suspicious ways: they decided to fire me and cover up an incident that could destroy the hospital as well. Being fired, I couldn’t continue my tests and all my hope of helping Charlotte died.

Going back to watch Charlotte on her dying bed was too much to bear and I was too weak to do. I sent a letter to an old associate of mine with whom I met during my studies. I knew he was kind of an outcast, but I also knew he was a good surgeon. The fact that worries me is that I heard he dwelled within occult studies. Having no hope of saving her myself I hoped his knowledge would succeed where mine had failed. He returned his letter and thus his answer within a day. He told me he’d be more than willing to help but he must travel to Vienna, the Continent and can help my wife only when he returns. I furiously wrote to him that she may not live that long and his answer was that he cannot cancel his trip and that I must have faith she will. So I waited. A few weeks passed, and getting no response from Edward nor I knew when he is going to come back I decided to do something myself. Having no access to the hospital anymore and being fired I used my wealth and social influence to gather myself books about occultism that could help me save my wife.

Reading the books consumed most of my day. I was reading them, soaking knowledge in like a sponge and craving for more. I knew all the secrets of a human body but the insight the books gave me was most refreshing. The one after another, months passed. During the day I’d stay near Charlotte. I’d smile at her, and touch her hair. I tried to make her not worry, but she, as well as I, knew very well she’s not too far away from dying. Because of that, I spent my nights (as much as I could before I got too tired and would have to go to sleep a few hours) and dedicated it to reading the books I had. I didn’t have many books at the time about the subject that interested me, so I used my influence to get more. In that time, it wasn’t safe to study the occult and soon the whispers began. I did not care much, I felt that by each sentence I read and by each book I finish: I was finally getting to the point where I could help Charlotte. The time was passing without me noticing it much and soon Charlotte died and there was no sign of Edward returning to help her as he promised. I was devastated and completely ruined by her death. I fell in deep depression. The people, like always, seemed not to care. They came and said their condolences; they smiled and told me it is going to be alright. But I was in their position many times before: I knew it was all a show. They didn’t really care – it was expected of them to show up and say something nice. They didn’t know her as I did. They didn’t spend their time with her like I did. They didn’t know her… like I did. And because of it all: they did not know how I felt. After I buried her I promised myself I will not give up on her. She wouldn’t want me to, would she? I returned to my books and studies more than ever and dedicated most of my days to reading. I sought for an answer, a solution: how to revive my wife.

The time passed, again without me noticing. I do not even know much. But one day a letter came from Edward: he is back in London. I immediately wrote to him back.

Dear Edward,
It is most saddening that I must inform you that my poor Charlotte had died. After a month or two after you left, her beautiful eyes closed once for good and she gave her last breath. I do not know how I manage to live without her. Would you mind me coming to you to spend a few days there? I cannot bear the fact that I must live in this house alone, now Charlotte is gone. Please, understand my suffering.

Your, sincerely,

I soon got a confirmation and I packed my things and went over to Edward’s to spend a few days there. As soon as I arrived I noticed why people stayed away from his house and him, in general. It was quite bizarre but I didn’t care. After the non-important conversation was done, I brought up a subject that we both loved at the time: occultism. Knowing that he knows quite a lot of it himself I shared with him what I learned during his absence and through what I went trying to get my poor Charlotte back. He was most impressed by it and decided to help me with my studies further. As always, the time passed without me noticing much. Me and Edward studied together and I soon noticed how much advanced he is. I seemed like a child compared to him. He knew secrets and possessed knowledge of things I didn’t even read of nor imagined.

He began mentoring me and soon my knowledge started growing. With my knowledge growing I also realized that my chances of getting my dearest-of-all Charlotte also diminished. Getting people back is not an easy feat… But I didn’t give up on it as of yet, so we continued. Like before, I wanted to learn as much as possible and it seemed like Edward is eager to teach me as well. I spent most of my time in his house, which I called mine by that time as well. The library of occult he possessed compared to a few I had… I was ashamed, really. He showed me a few things he could do with his knowledge of the occult, and I dreamed of achieving such myself. Edward, one lovely day while we were in his garden, said: “I must tell you once again that raising the dead is not an easy feat. And even if you do it, it’s unimaginably hard to give them their minds back. Her soul is in the Underworld and to get it back is… dangerous and impossible. Sorry, Vic, but I must ask you to give up on it. I can teach you so much but not if the past is still holding you. Let it go”. He gave me a few days to think of it. In the end, I accepted. Because I knew nothing else could bring her back and if he mentored me further: one day, maybe… one day, I can try to get her back.  He gave me access to his library, which as I wrote earlier was huge, and told me to read as many books as my heart desires. Occasionally, he’d travel to the Continent and specifically Vienna. During that time, I’d be in my house reading books I took from Ed’s library. Slowly a year passed and then two. We became very close over the time and during these two years I learned greatly about occultism and similar arts. Even though, I was never able to do any kind of rituals Edward could to do without a bit of effort. He told me it’s because “you are yet to discover deeper secrets of the arts I am teaching you. That will come eventually, but your effort must be constant and your knowledge big.” As weird as it sounds, I listened to him and continued my research. He promised we will work on in after he comes back from the Continent next time he goes there. And soon he did, he made another trip to Vienna (he said his sister lives there, since he’s originally from Vienna) and after a month or so he returned. And then, everything changed.

He came back in a good mood. I was in the kitchen preparing something for myself to eat while reading a new interesting book I’ve found when he stepped in. I immediately noticed a smirk on his face. We greeted each other and shared a few stories about what we were doing while he was absent. He then asked me do I still remember what he told me why I cannot do things he can with his level of occult knowledge. I nodded and then proceeded to tell me. “You see, while visiting the Continent I went to Vienna to seek permission to grant the knowledge you need to do such things. I explained to my Elders the need of yours for knowledge and how much you improved over the years. And they agreed with me to share this knowledge with you, so you may rise and your knowledge with you”. Even though I didn’t know what he meant by his Elders I didn’t dare to ask. Except that, I nodded and asked him to continue. “The knowledge you lack in order to be like me is the fact that you’re still mortal. Don’t worry, you won’t die quite literally. It’s your body and mind that cannot comprehend the power of occultism I can teach you. You see, when you get this knowledge you will die; but as I said not literally. It will merely be your ascension to greatness and by ascending you will see the bigger picture and you will become something better. You will be more than a human. Do you want such knowledge? Are you ready to leave your old life and join me?”, I nodded my head a couple of times. “How do I die?”, I whispered. We walked to the bedroom. He told me to come closer and when I did he told me it will hurt a bit. I closed my eyes and told him that he can do it. He came even closer and lowered himself towards my neck. When he was a few millimeters away from it I heard a weird sound and with a glimpsed at fangs that stretched from his teeth. He sunk his fangs into my neck. It was a blissful moment, truly. He slowly drank all of my blood and then gave me a bit of his. But long before that, my eyes closed and all I saw was blackness. It was blackness for about two weeks. I felt weak and I felt my body was changing. Out of darkness came light.

I open my eyes, lying on the bed. No sign of Edward. My nostrils are filled by an oddly familiar smell. I look around the room. A man is lying on the ground. I get up from my bed quickly, the smell drawing me towards him. I quickly kneel next to him, filling my nostrils again with the pleasant smell. I instinctively take his hand and look at it. I see his wrist was cut, blood coming out of it. Without much thoughts, I drive my head towards it and fangs appear. They go deep into his wrist and I feel like a thousand stars exploded in my head, like a thousand fireworks exploded. I drain him fast. I let his hand fall and focus on his neck instead, mutilating it in the process because I didn’t know how to do it currently. When I’m done with it, I quickly leave the room. No sign of Edward, but I feel attracted to the next room. There I find a blood pack on the table. Next to it is a carefully written message. I first take the blood pack and drive my teeth into it, ripping it open. I consume all the red liquid I can before focusing on the message. I feel my hunger was satisfied. I carefully raise the message leaving blood all over it.

Victor, if you awake before I am back: trust me that everything is going to be alright. It is something of great importance I must do, so heed to my advice: stay in the house until I am back. The consequences of you not doing it are terrible, do not think of it.


I read the message a couple of times after I left it back on the table. I went around the house and then it suddenly hit me: that man upstairs in the room! I quickly went there and I see nothing but a pale corpse. There’s blood everywhere. I look at him for quite some time, when I heard the door. Edward quickly appeared in the room and sighed in relief when he saw me standing next to the dead man. “I’m glad you’re here. Don’t worry about it, I will get rid of it.”. We spend the following day talking about everything that happened to me. He does his best to explain it all to me.

I am a vampire. No, we’re not doomed to torture humans forever. No, we’re a sophisticated bunch. He immediately takes me to the Prince of London and I present myself. In the following months, he tries his best to explain to me everything I need to know of a vampire society. He taught me about the Masquerade, our customs but most importantly: about the Clan Tremere. He taught me about our history and about hierarchy. He explained to me that “Elders” he spoke about was, in fact, his Sire. He does his best, and I slowly understand that he’s been preparing me for the Embrace for years. I start to understand everything. Edward continued to mentor me and we spent ten more years together. After it, I told him I wish to carve my own destiny from now on. I left London and travelled to the Continent where I spent quite some time in the company of a young lady named Aysel. She is of the Clan, and she taught me most of Thaumaturgy I know today.

One day, while in her house and reading a book I heard a loud explosion. It was followed by screaming and I quickly go to see what’s going on. I see that she’s fighting a beast that’s tall and pretty strong from what I was able to see. She looks at me in terror and utters “Run!” before the beast drives its claws through her chest. I ran for my life but the beast didn’t seem to follow. Out of fear, I quickly packed my things I had in my home there and left Ankara.

I spent some time in France, before finally leaving and settling in the US. After years of living in Los Santos and other major cities such as New Orleans, New York, Houston and Phoenix, I decided to move to a quieter place to continue my studies: Red County, near Los Santos.

Out of Character:

1.What kind of powers are you allowed to use in public? What stops you from using them? I am allowed to use subtle powers in public that would present no risk or danger of me revealing myself, the supernatural society or raising doubt. I am going to give a few examples of such powers. For instance, I want to feed on a person that is standing in front of me in the middle of Palomino Creek. It's obvious I can't do it there so I am going to use Presence and make him follow me to the dark alley where I'm going to safely feed on him.

The second example would be me somehow engaging in a fight with a thug. Without using Celerity I'd have some hard time beating him down. Let's say my Dexterity is 3, so I use Celerity 2 and passively increase my Dexterity to 5. That's okay since it doesn't go higher than 5, and with that Dexterity I easily beat that thug and win.

The third example would be me using my Auspex to overhear the whispering between two vampires on the other side of the road. Using Heightened Senses I hear they are Sabbat and are planning on attacking a local Camarilla vampire. With me knowing this I'm able to alert the prince and make sure no Sabbat attacks occur around.

It's important to use subtle and non-obvious powers in public since it's first and the most important law of the Masquerade. Secondly, you not only could put yourself in huge danger but other vampires as well. You risk getting exposed, and even though it could be fixed somehow, it's a tricky deal. Secondly, hunters would be on your neck as well. Be it Imbued or normal human vampire hunters. Thirdly, you could as well be killed by some another supernatural. Let's say a Lasombra uses his Obtenebration in the middle of Palomino Creek to spawn tentacles and kill a human. A nearby werewolf spots him and goes in to kill him. Sure, it may be exaggerated but it could possibly happen.
2.Someone has discovered you. He's planning on making a statement within a week, you have all the time to prepare. What do you do? Consider consequences of every sort of action. Putting down more than one option increases your chances of getting accepted. If someone has discovered who I am and I got some time to prepare before he gives his statement I could definitely use my Disciplines and manipulation skills to make him not give that statement.

Firstly, I could try to manipulate him into thinking that what he saw isn't true and lie something out. He might believe in this, but just to make sure I'd use Presence together with this just to make sure everything stays hidden.

Secondly, I could ask for a favour from a friend to use his Dominate knowledge and erase the memories of the said event from a person's mind and thus uphold the Masquerade.

Thirdly, I could use some brute force to intimidate him and make sure he keeps his mouth shut, but I'd go with Presence in this scenario as well just to make sure.

3.An officer walks up to you and tells you to stay put, you are a wanted individual. In the struggle you both shed a good amount of blood, what could possibly happen in this scenario and how further can you avoid these dangerous encounters? I could have avoided the fight completely by using my knowledge in Presence to simply make him walk away harmlessly. By using, for instance, Awe I could make him just let me go and with some subtle Manipulation, I could even give him a bit of cash and together with Presence it'd make a powerful combo. He'd accept the money and let me go. But after that, I'd have to make sure nothing similar happens in the future. I'd have to think again about doing stupid things which humans can find out about and arrest me for it. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong place when the Sun rises tomorrow and I end up being burned to ashes in the cell.

What I could do to avoid such future encounters is being smart, making my decisions and making sure I don't fall into hands of police nor I give them any reason to look suspicious. That doesn't mean I would suddenly become a good guy but rather make sure I give them no reason to look suspicious nor for them to look further into my actions. Short answer, be more careful and smart.

4.You mutter around town and notice a rather viscous looking hairy beast with claws stretching out of his arms. What could it possibly be and what could you possibly do about this? That vicious beast could be a werewolf who's in his war form. Being smart, I would go and avoid it by all cost. I'd turn around and disappear as soon as possible. Endless reason for that. But first of all, I don't want to get killed. Even 3-4 vampires have their difficulties with killing even the weakest werewolf and I'm sure as hell not going to fight him one on one for no reasons, and while we are at it - fight werewolves at all. They are stronger, faster and they got huge pack support behind them while I'm alone and planning to survive a century or two. Secondly, I wouldn't want to mess with any werewolf business. Nothing goods comes out of doing stuff with or against werewolves and all vampires should avoid it by all costs.

Of course, it could be some Gangrel. Firstly, I could get thrown into torpor, badly hurt or ashed. Secondly, not my business. Except it's some of my friends in which case I'd try to help as much as I want and if the guy is clearly breaking the Masquerade. If he's breaking the Masquerade I'd try to prevent him killing anybody and not letting that event becoming a complete catastrophe. I'd mostly try to uphold the Masquerade, and later report it to the Prince that he frenzied in such a manner in the middle of town.

To sum it up. I could walk away, and act as nothing happened. Or I could try to prevent the beast from doing too much damage. OR I could report it to the Prince and continue my day.

5.You've been at the game for quite a while now. You are walking down a dark alley with your partner and three thugs come out of the shadowy corner, aiming their mundane weaponry at you. Should you be scared? Let's be real, a gun pointed at my head is not a small thing. Sure, vampires get bashing from bullets and could probably survive a bullet or two but several ones at your head and you are done. And we are speaking about three guns pointed at my head. I'd try to speak with them and maybe reason them and together with that use Presence just to make sure their guns are down. That's how I would save both my partner and I. On the other hand if they seem to be aggressive I would most probably go along and do what they want. I can find them later, get my stuff back and do something as a revenge. Attacking them isn't the only option for a revenge. I could place a murder charge on their shoulders, or throw their car into the water. Maybe arrange a police arrest for them, but surely I wouldn't leave them without some kind of a punishment - that is, when I'm safe from three guns pointed at my face.

6.Considering your bloodline or clan, what sort of job would you be good at? Make a priority job and a side job in case you need one. Considering that my character is a Tremere vampire I imagine working in the library would be good, and as a side job he could be a private tutor.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? For about a year.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters. Kyle Steward, Raphael Rosseau, Leonard Wirtus, Nicholas Redding, Elijah Barnes, Martha Newman, Hakura Fujimoto, Sebastian Hemingway... (sorry, I don't remember the rest)

3.Do you understand that by taking part of this race, you can be changed by the race moderators (or even admins) for the most simple reasons? If you are to apply and get accepted, you are to follow the race rules to the fullest extent and upon reaching zero masquerade points, lose your character. Have you read all of this and understood what's your part? Yes, I do.

4.Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
Spoiler for Hidden:

5.If there is anything you would improve/change regarding the vampire race, what would it be? No, it's fine.
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The end of the story is rushed because there's a limit on the words and its 3000, and I was already getting over 3000.

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