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(Revised) Masquerade Points FAQ
« on: August 25, 2018, 01:39:02 PM »
The Basics

 Masquerade points, not to be confused with "the Masquerade" law that binds us all, is an included game mechanic in VWH-RP that's based on house rules, due to the absence of a sheer number of hunters. Each character has five Masquerade Points at the beginning, which is the normal number to be had. This number expresses how well your character fared in the Chronicle, if he did or did not uphold secrecy and broke the primal Masquerade law. Depending on how many points you have in your /cs, there will be according consequences that you will have to deal with.

 Keep in mind, failure to inform an administrator or race moderator of you breaching the Masquerade and having a point removed within 3 OOC days will result in punishment. You are OBLIGATED to do so.
 This is a chart of potential consequences.
  • 4. There are no consequences are this level, though you have done a mediocre job at preserving the Masquerade, nobody will touch you.
  • 3. Eyes are rolled as you pass by, there are rumors of your breach going around and you may be questioned.
  • 2. Whoever is in charge of the domain you reside in will be notified by a certain source, you will brought perhaps severely punished.
  • 1. The Hunters know about you and they are coming to get you. There is a probability that Hunters might show up to try and kill you. (In case no actual Hunters are up for the job, a storyteller will create an ambush situation for your character, you will likely get PK'd if you can't escape, which will result in loss of exp. Just because we don't have enough people in VWH, doesn't mean you'll get away with it.)
  • 0. If your character reaches 0 points, the first PK you run into will result in Final Death (Character Kill), your account will be banned until you can namechange it.

Hunter Activity
This is a dynamic system which will hopefully be introduced shortly. To explain it briefly, the sum of all supernatural activity, conflicts and so on will lead to unwanted attention drawn by NPC hunter organizations or the Camarilla. More violations will result to more effort put into surveying this domain. What this means is that the entire race will be indirectly affected by this. Should the activity spike to its peak, well-equiped groups will be dispatched and events will be storytold which might even result in your death. Individually, the higher the current activity is - the more likely you are to be brought to justice for violations. I.E. If the activity of hunters in the area is low, even if you have recently lost your second masquerade point, you won't necessarily be brought in. If on the other hand the activity is above moderate, the chances of your execution will soar as well.


Note: For the purpose of this guide, sleeper will be used to refer to humans who have not made deep contact with the supernatural world. This means that regardless of whether or not they have witnessed supernatural occurences before, if they are not "supernaturally aware" in a sense that they acknowledge the world around them as it is, then they count as sleepers. For example: a true faith 2 priest who witnessed a demon's exorcism or the purification of a spirit, may not necessarily know about vampiric society. This exposure and unwanted attention is what earns you a Masquerade Point Violation.

Q.When do I lose a Masquerade point?
  •   A third party sleeper witnesses one of the following:
    - A vampire using their scripted abilities (Vampire Jump, Vampire Speed);
    - A vampire casting Disciplines with visual effects ranging from Obtenebration Shrouds in middle of town, Thaumaturgy thunderbolts and armies of undead to simpler things like Eyes of the Beast, Claws or being caught in middle of shapeshifting.
    - A vampire's true physical nature is exposed. This applies but is not limited to: Stench of the Undead, Permanent Fangs, Glowing Eyes and other flaws that have a similar effect;
    - A vampire is discovered in their torpid state.
    - A vampire ashes another vampire.
    (When two undead combatants fight to the death, the one who ashed the other will lose a masquerade point. A Kindred should know better than to bring Final Death to someone while in public.) 

  •   Violations that don't necessarily have direct witnesses:
    - A vampire himself exposes his secret for an invalid reason;
    - A vampire is negligent in covering up their marks after they hunt. (Licking the blood marks, erasing the victim's memories, etc)
    - A vampire is brought down by the Sheriff's Department.
    - A vampire is examined by a sleeper from the Emergency Services.
    - A vampire fails to exercit control over their new retainers, resulting in violations.
    (If you give someone the first sip then they slip out and tell the tale of last night's events, it's on you. Unless the ghoul is independent, the responsability falls on the domitor)

  •   Safezone violations:
    While there are not many human characters that can be counted as "sleepers", you should still restrain yourself. ICly there would be store clerks and other bystanders that could witness your act.

    - Usage of highly vulgar vampiric powers in the confines of the safezone, regardless of whether or not there are player character sleepers witnissing them;
    (This will be up to the storyteller and is based on a case to case scenario. If you used Intimidating Gaze to briefly gain dominance at a corner street by brandishing your fangs, you might get away with it. On the contrary, if you summon hellish fireballs with your demonic sorcery, then that's another discussion alltogether. Just because there are no  human PCs (which in itself is rare) - does not mean you should disregard common sense when using explicit powers.)
    - A vampire ashing another, regardless of present witnesses.

    *Important: If you manage to handle the witnesses in the same scene that they've witnessed your mistake (or if they did not yet have a chance to pass on the information - up to 12 IC hours), you will not lose a masquerade point. Handling means but is not limited to:
    Murder (Not a viable option most of the times); Ghoulification; Entrancement; Mind erasing.
    [!] If you violate the masquerade deliberately under ordinary circumstances, then kill someone because they witnessed it - you will be questioned for Deathmatch. Note that this does not allow you to go rampant and use the Masquerade as an excuse to kill people as you go.

    Q.What about Celerity, Fortitude and Potence?

     Celerity: You can safely use a Dexterity + Celerity pool of 5 + Ability without risking Masquerade loss. Extra actions are considered a breach of the Masquerade, going beyond the dicepool limit is a breach of the masquerade.
     You can use your Celerity dots on top of your Dexterity and exceed the limit in the following situations:
    -You're employing a firearm against a singular target;
    -You are doing a task that doesn't necessarily require speed in form of dexterity. (I.E. Ambush rolls, Dexterity+Stealth)

      Potence: You can safely use all of your Strength + Potence dice without risking Masquerade loss. These are considered coincidental, since you can't tell if a punch dealt that damage because of the hit spot, because the victim was weak or the blade was strong. It doesn't have a supernatural effect to it. (Note that there have been cases of humans one hit killing one another with a single well placed strike.)
     Exceptions for employing Potence + Strength dice of 5+ without the loss of Masquerade Points is as follows:
    -Leaping at large distances;
    -Breaking down objects or performing any feats of prowess that seem unnatural. (Like throwing a bike at someone)

     Fortitude: You can safely use all of your Stamina + Fortitude dice without risking Masquerade loss. These are considered coincidental, since there's a random factor at stake. There have been several cases of humans taking a bullet in the skull and making it out alive, where as other get an injured shoulder and die. This doesn't reveal your supernatural existence and as such can be used safely, even if it means taking a set of shotgun shells into your chest, so long as you don't continue walking unrestrained, they won't know for sure how it happened. The same can be said for a knife ramming against your left arm, yet it somehow fails to cut the skin. This can be attributed to the attacker's lack of strength, the blade being damaged or less sharp, etc.
     Exceptions for employing Fortitude without the loss of Masquerade Points is as follows:
    -Soaking some forms of aggravated damage; This applies but is not limited to: Being set on fire, having corrosive acid poured over your eyes, etc.

    Q.What about Sabbat cainites?
    Regardless of your sect allegiance, and whether or not you comply with "the Masquerade", you will be held accountable by the all-seeing eye. Sabbat characters who purposely or not stir up trouble or violate the Masquerade will be treated all the same. Even if you slap on a Mask of a Thousand Faces and go on a rampage or use a Shroud of Darkness to "blind" the town to your violations, a point will be substracted from your character sheet.

    Q.How do I regain a Masquerade point?
    Currently there is no common way to regain lost Masquerade points. According to Rudy, five mistakes per character is more than enough. Those will serve as a reminder to be vigilant when employing powers and sticking to the Masquerade laws.
    Spoiler for Obsolete:
    This can only be done in one way, Roleplay. You can help protect the masquerade, get rid of a witness sharing his theories, or any other number of things. So long as you are doing something to prevent the Masquerade from being breached or patching up a hole into the veil.
     You can either have this done in the presence of a storyteller and regain it immediately in-game (this usually happens during events), or you can send the race moderator an application with the following format:
    Code: [Select]
    [Your_Name] [Masquerade point redemption]Text:
    Code: [Select]
    [b]Full name: [/b] (Name must have an underscore)
    [b]Character sheet:[/b] (link)
    [b]Brief explanation of the situation:[/b] -
    [b]Screenshot of the roleplay:[/b] (embed them in a spoiler or put a link)

    Quote from: (Shayarus_Laylus) (Masquerade Point Redemption)
    Full name: Shayarus_Laylus
    Character sheet:
    Brief explanation of the situation: I was walking down the alleyway and I heard some muffled voices in the distance, as such I activated heightened senses and got closer. I heard one of the humans talking about a photo he had accidentally taken, of a horrid ghost like black creature, 5 feet above the ground. Though the image is blurry, they intend to sell it to a certain agency for a few hundred dollars. I approached and mesmerized them into destroying the footage then made sure they wouldn't remember a thing. As such, I made sure veil lifting images wouldn't be accessible to the public.
    Screenshot of the roleplay: (embed them in a spoiler or put a link)

    Note that exceptions to this guide can and will be made by a storyteller. Even if it's your first mistake, your grand violation may lead to an execution. The moderators in charge of your race have every right to hold trials, witch hunts and other NPC-driven events that will serve as deterrence against Masquerade violations. Vampires may on the other hand not get penalized (even if they go all out) in case it's covered up properly, a werewolf inflicts delirium on people, etc.

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Re: (Revised) Masquerade Points FAQ
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There have been some small changes to the guide. It existed back in 2016 in a similar form and was hence upheld subconsciously for the past 2 years in the same form. You have a few days to familiarize yourself with the edits, and it will likely come in effect as early as the first of September.

Some of the things are pending approval and others may be changed along the way, so in case there's edits be sure to pay attention.

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Re: (Revised) Masquerade Points FAQ
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Very nice, good work Raven.

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Re: (Revised) Masquerade Points FAQ
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God bless, amazing work :)

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Re: (Revised) Masquerade Points FAQ
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Good stuff

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Re: (Revised) Masquerade Points FAQ
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I been waiting on this for a while. Good job, Raven.

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Re: (Revised) Masquerade Points FAQ
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awesome bro
nice guides
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