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Abby Woods
« on: September 02, 2018, 04:49:35 PM »

“The biggest disease is not tuberculosis or leprosy, it is vampirism”

Basic info

Name: Abby Woods.
Nicknames: N/A.
Apparent Age: 18.
Age: 90.
Birth Date: September 21st, 1909.
Zodiac Sign: Virgo.
Race: Vampire.
Clan: Malkavian.
Affiliation: Anarchs.

Nature: Masochist:
Spoiler for Hidden:
The Masochist exists to test his limits, to see how much pain he can tolerate before he collapses. He gains satisfaction in humiliation, suffering, denial, and even physical pain. The Masochist defines who he is by his capacity to feel discomfort — he rises each night only to greet a new pain. Certain extreme athletes, urban tribalists, and the clinically depressed exemplify the Masochist Archetype. Kindred Masochists might be overtly self-mortifying horrors who play to their Beast’s self-destructive whims or they may be ambitious taskmasters, as with a coterie leader who refuses to accept failure and pushes his own limits in his exacting schemes.

Demeanor: Enigma:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Your actions are bizarre, puzzling, and inexplicable to everyone except yourself. Your strangeness may be a residual effect from your Embrace or the most effective way for you to carry out your work. To the rest of the world, however, your erratic actions suggest that you’re eccentric if not completely crazy. Conspiracy theorists, deep-cover agents, and Jyhad fanatics all live up to the Enigma Archetype.


Ethnicity: Caucasian (Albino).
Race: Human
Distinguishing features:
-Albinism (No pigment in skin)
-White hair
-Light blue eyes.

Hair color: White.
Eye color: Light Blue.
Height: 168 centimeters.
Weight: 54 kgs.

Appearance: Her skin is pale. White hair everywhere, including eyebrows. As for clothing, she wears semi-formal clothes, a nice blue suit with a skirt. Average looks, nothing more, nothing less.


Parents: Ray and Anna Woods.
Siblings: None.
Relationship with siblings/parents: Deceased.
Marital status: Single.
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual.


Does she smoke?: No.
Does she drink?: Blood, yes.

Is religious?: No.
Aware of supernatural presence?: Aware.

- Appears more healthy than other vampires.
- Doesn’t hurt humans often, goes for packs instead.
- Insightful.

- Insanity.
- Bulimia.
- Over-Feeding and feeling regret afterwards.
- Too empathetic.

Behavior: Seems a bit depressed when you talk to her. Having the vampirism disease really struck her hard. When feeding is in question, she avoids it as much as possible. But that causes a lot of stress, and she drinks a lot when she is stressed because of bulimia, so she is really stuck in a stalemate.

Derangement: Bulimia.
Bulimia: Characters with Bulimia cope with stress by by indulging in activities that comfort them, in most cases feeding. A bulimic will eat tremendous amounts of food when subjected to stress, then empty her stomach through drastic measures so she can eat still more.

-Find a solution for your vampirism.
-Beat bulimia.
-Drink as little as possible.
-Find people who like you as a person.
-Join an anarchy group.

- - - -
[ooo] - Enemy/Hatred
[ooo] - Dislike
[ooo] - Neutral
[ooo] - Friend
[ooo] - Brotherhood/Sisterhood
[ooo] - Romantic interest
- - - -

Coming soon.


Dementation  ●●ooo
Auspex ●●●●o
Obfuscate ●●ooo
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Re: Abby Woods
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Hooolllyyy SHIT
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Re: Abby Woods
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that pic doe lol

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Re: Abby Woods
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that pic doe lol

Gotta find an albino vamp pic, this is the only shit on the internet.

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Re: Abby Woods
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this is cool af

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Re: Abby Woods
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Vampirism is a curse.

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Re: Abby Woods
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Quote from: Camille
“Sometimes scars are the most refined attire one can wear.”

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Re: Abby Woods
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Vampirism is a curse.

She is the Victim of the Masquerade (flaw), she thinks vampirism is a disease and not something supernatural.