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Marcus_Nadler ;; 6th Generation ;; Gangrel ;; Diablerie
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Vampire Application

General questions:

1. What comes to your mind when the word vampire arises? What is a vampire in a human view and what is it from a vampire's own view? How different are standard folklore and World of Darkness vampires?
When we refer to a vampire, we usually mean the Cainite kindred, descendants of the biblical Caine. There are, of course, other species and exotic bloodlines that exist, such as the Kue Jin or the African Naglopers, but we're not going to discuss those in detail. From a biological staindpoint, Cainites are walking cadavers. At the point of embrace, the biological aspects of the body generally cease to function, and the ones that do continue to do so based solely off the potency of vitae from either humans, the preferred source, or animals and sometimes even other races in extreme cases. Blood becomes the Cainite's new food and water, and everything that they do runs off of that fuel, from day to day activities, regeneration, and discipline use. Because they are walking cadavers, they cease aging of the body upon their "death" and retain whatever youthful or elderly appearance they kept at the time of their embrace. Cainites are deathly allergenic to sunlight and fire, for instance, but some other common myths like garlic, have little or no effect on them. Cainites are also considered to carry a "beast" within themselves, an almost ephemeral, secondary consciousness(which is entirely separate from the Malkavian's insanity, mind you). There are some notable biological features that are prevalent to certain clans or bloodlines, such as the Gangrel's tendency to develop bestial characteristics after frenzies, the nosferatu's curse of the flesh and the malkavian curse of insanity. Fundamentally, though, Cainites are mostly "human" from a biological standpoint; they still feel pain, sometimes emotion depending on the individual, and in extreme cases even still resort to hedonistic methods like sex and drugs, though that's not to say it's normal by any means. Socially, Cainites are much more diverse. There are three major political powers in Cainite society; the Camarilla, the Sabbat, and the Anarchs, in which most Cainites align themselves. Furthermore, Cainites social demeanor stems primarily from clan; the Nosferatu and Tremere clans, for instance are much more tightly-knit communities than the Tzimisce clan, for instance. Blood Bonds and Ghoulification are big factors as well, as they command obedience, love, etc, from fellow kindred and even kine. Most Kindred in the modern nights do what they can to blend in with the mortal society, however a sizeable minority live reclusively or without concern of the kine whatsoever.

2. What kind of consequences could possibly arise were a vampire be outed to the general public? What sort of action would be taken by various governments and the people? For this reason, do you think vampires should take the chance of coming out clean or should they rather stay hidden?
Cainites tend to assimilate into society mostly because it just makes life easier. By keeping your identity on the low, keeping a humble profile, the Cainite will often find themselves without a stable of enemies seeking their Final Death, and a steady supply of sustenance from the kine. The Masquerade applies to all vampires whether they want it to or not, and even the stubborn Sabbat recognize the problems which can arise from their peers being too blatant and obvious with their actions. After all, if one vampire exposes themselves, it could very well mean trouble for the entire race, even those with no relation to the one at fault. Society to Cainites predominantly depends on their clan/bloodline more than anything else, but also their own individual personality. As I said earlier, some clans like the Tremere and Nosferatu, have strict and hierarchical social structures, recognizing leaders and subordinates, etc, whereas the Tzimisce tend to recuse themselves to their studies, or even the Toreador, which frolic with the kine. A Cainite will try it's best to be considered a fellow human among the kine and socializes with them how anyone would, this is largely based on the individual vampire. The family is much trickier, as a Cainite is inevitably going to outlive their blood relatives unless they're also embraces, as well as close friends that don't share in the curse. This can be problematic as the kine begin to notice the Cainite's unaging. Every Cainite is different and has their own motives, though, but in general, the average one seeks to keep their head attached to their shoulders, and they do so by following the masquerade.

3. What are The Traditions? Who enforces them and how do the vampires view it?

The Masquerade is virtually common sense; a set of tenets that encompass all Cainites whether they want it to or not.
The fundamental law of this is to keep the knowledge of Vampires existence unknown to the kine. Vampires are severely outnumbered by the kine, and though collectively they could probably rule the world, alone they are very much vulnerable to separate entities like the Technocracy/Order of Reason or the Inquisition. Basically, keep vampire secrets a secret. Different sects of the Camarilla/Sabbat/Anarch factions, as well as clans, have their own individualistic views on this, but they all basically parallel with each other.

The First Tradition: The Masquerade
Thou shall not reveal thy true nature to those not of the Blood.
Doing such shall renounce thy claims of Blood.

Most likely the most important tradition of all, every vampire must keep the race of caine a secret and not take any actions or say anything that could reveal the race in any way, Princes and other elders of the Camarilla use their influence and power to fix breaches of the masquerade and make sure no vampire reveals the race to the mortal world as it could cause catastrophic events that could get the race of caine in a big danger, The Sabbat does not believe in this traditions and thinks of mortals as blood packs that are doomed.

The Second Tradition: The Domain
Thy domain is thine own concern.
All others owe thee respect while in it.
None may challenge thy word while in thy domain.

Each Prince has a claimed domain to which he is responsible and enforces the traditions, every vampire that steps into the domain must follow the prince order and rules and have the Prince permission to stay on his domain. Some Princes allow vampires to claim territory inside their domain and have authority inside this territory.

The Third Tradition: The Progeny
Thou shall only Sire another with the permission of thine Elder.
If thou create another without thine Elder’s leave, both thou and thy Progeny shall be slain.

Every vampire who wish to embrace a mortal on a Prince domain must have the Prince blessings before embracing the mortal if vampires could have embraced anywhere and at any time they like then Princes would have a lot of troubles on their domains as newborns would frenzy and attack without controlling themselves.

The Fourth Tradition: The Accounting
Those thou create are thine own children.
Until thy Progeny shall be Released, thou shall command them in all things.
Their sins are thine to endure.

A vampire who received the Prince blessing and successfully embraced a mortal into a brand new vampire has to take care of his child.
First, the newly embrace vampire must remain with his sire until his sire is completely sure that his childe is ready to face the undead society alone without causing issues. Second, if the newly embraced vampire is causing problems it will be his sire problem as it is the sire duty to make sure his childe behave and until he lets him go the mistakes of the childe will come upon his sire.

The Fifth Tradition: Hospitality
Honor one another’s domain.
When thou comest to a foreign city, thou shall present thyself to the one who ruleth there.
Without the word of acceptance, thou art nothing.

Every vampire that enters the Prince domain or just pass through it must introduce himself and take responsibility for his actions incase he breaks the rules in any way on the Prince domain. The Prince may choose who will remain on his domain and who will leave.

The Sixth Tradition: Destruction
Thou art forbidden to destroy another of thy kind.
The right of destruction belongeth only to thine Elder.
Only the Eldest among thee shall call the Blood Hunt.

4. What is a Clan?

A big group of Cainites that share the same characteristics that were passed on by the blood, each clan has its own allegiance to either a sect or to the clan itself, each clan has its own weakness that makes them unique.

The Assamite clan is mostly independent and has Guardians, Warriors, and Scholars that each has a role in the clan, the clan is mostly known for the big amount of assassins it has and the fact that they drink other vampires blood, they are also known to be diablerists. The Brujah are a big part of the Camarilla, Once lofty philosophers and activists to short-fused thugs and soldiers, quick to frenzy and a clan that is known to be the fist and power of the sects, this clan would be "the soldiers" of the sects due to their nature. Followers of Seth is An Independent clan which believes that Seth was its founder, the clan is known to be studying ancient sorcery and to corrupt modern society to achieve its goals.
The clan posses the Serpentis discipline which gives them powers that is related to snakes. The Gangrel clan is very known for his connection to the wild, master the Protean discipline allows them to use the lands of the wild for their advantage and to shift into animals, the clan like the Brujah is known to be very dangerous and is also used as soldiers and executioners by sects.

The Giovanni is a new clan or a family of Necromancers that was established after Augustus Giovanni diablerized his sire Cappadocius and became the 3rd generation although he is not considered an Antediluvian as he was born after the big flood sent by God to destroy the first city.
Lasombra is the clan of shadows, this Cainites are the ones who lead the Sabbat and known to be social Darwinists, predators, elegant, and savage. They posses the power of Obtenebration which allows them to manipulate and use the shadows to their advantage. After a lasombra gets embraced he is no longer capable of casting a reflection of himself and will never see himself again, In addition, they are more sensitive to sunlight and fire than other Cainites. Malkavians are the clan that represents insanity and wisdom, each Malkavian is somehow mentally ill and some of them are truely crazy and unstable although some are also known to be extremely wise, the malkavians are within the Camarilla are mostly take the positions of Scholars, Advisors, and Oracle.
Clan Nosferatu, After Caine cursed Absimiliard for being one of the leading figures that killed the second generation (Caines childe's) he became extremely ugly and was mocked for his new disgusting appearance, the cursed passed to all of his child's. The Nosferatu are known to be extremely good spies and information collectors which they sell later to the highest offer.

Ravnos are the clan that is known for his great skills at deception, they are things that play tricks on the mind, they are skilled with their hands as they make you watch a magic trick with their left hand and steal your wallet with their right hand at the same time, after Zapathasura woke up at the night of nightmares from his slumber he managed to wipe out most of his clan before he was killed.
Toreador believe that not every prey must be taken with force, why grapple him when you can seduce him to cut his wrist for such a beautiful creature like you? The clan is known for being beautiful, sensual, seductive, emotional and glamorous, they are sensitive and are slaves to the art, they are cocky and mostly use seduction over strength. The Tremere were once mages of the hermetic house who craved to become Immortal and eventually managed to find it by coming vampires, they are known to be the strict hierarchy, secretive nature, and mastery of Thaumaturgy. They are most likely the strongest clan in modern nights. Clan Tzimisce, Like the Lasombra they are a big part of the Sabbat, flesh and bone manipulators, they are sadistic and shape their bodies into an alien form that is not normal to anyone. Clan Ventrue is the leaders of the Kindred society, they are known to be honorable with genteel behavior, and leadership skills like no other clan posses, the clan claims to be the oldest of the clans and a lot of Ventrue kindreds take the positions of Princes or even higher due to their leadership skills.

5. What is a Bloodline?

Bloodlines are technically small clans that were created from events in the kindred society, there are a few ways on how a bloodline could be created.
Mystical methods - This type of bloodlines that were created from rituals or experiments performed by other Cainites.
Flawed Embrace - The type of bloodlines that didn't interest their sire's clan and by that became clanless Cainites.
Diablerie of Antediluvian - Previously a clan that was demoted into a bloodline due to the lost of their Antediluvian, like Troile that diablerized Brujah and cause of that we have the True Brujah bloodline that decent from Brujah and the Brujah clan that decent from Troile.

Noadis a tribe of Cainites that sit in the most north part of the world, they protect them from outsiders and teach them Semi (Mortal tribe) in exchange for their blood. Lhiannan is a strange and ancient tribe who claims that a vampire named Crone bonded with a wild spirit and the bloodline was created, the bloodline was destroyed in the 14th century, there are rumors that perhaps some of them might survive.
Lamia is a bloodline who defends the Cappadocians bloodline, a vampire named Lamia claimed she is the daughter of Lilith was embraced by a Cappadocian elder They carry diseases and transfer it when biting, they are strong and resilient and practice in Necromancy. Cappadocians was a clan in the dark ages that studied about the dead and undead, they embraced from important families and known scholars, After they embraced the Giovanni family the Cainite Augustus Giovanni diablerized Cappadocius and the Giovanni destroyed the Graverobbers, there are still a few left in modern days. True Brujah are the original bloodline that hails from Brujah himself, the Brujah clan that is known to be strong, powerfull and with a very short fuse is actually the blood that came from Troile after he diablerized the Brujah Antediluvian, in modern days the True Brujah could be found allying with Setites or with the Sabbat sect. Samedi is a bloodline that could make the Nosferatu look beautiful, the Samedi are assassins and refuse to take hits that are on Nosferatu's and Giovanni's. The Baron Samedi is the oldest Stiff and is still active in modern days. Salubri was a clan who had warriors and healers but after Saulot got diablerized the clan fell and became a bloodline known as Diablerets or Cyclops who posses a third eye on their forehead. Nagaraja is a bloodline of flesh-eating vampires, their origins are still unknown but some say they are either what is left of the Cappadocians or a group of witches that followed the Tremere ways, they are not siding with any sect but they do follow the Camarilla rules when entering their territories. Kiasyd is a bloodline founded by Marconius, a Lasombra that drank a potion which contains Ethier fae blood or something else which made him become tall and thin with peach black eyes and extremely pale skin, the bloodline posses ancient lore, great solitude and impeccably good manners, most of them are a part of the sabbat and some part of the Camarilla but they never get involved in the sects politics. Gargoyle is a creation of the Tremere house, After the Warlocks mixed the blood, skin, and heart of three different clans they created the Gargoyles bloodline to protect them from the rest of the Kindred society as no one wanted the Tremere around and the Gargoyles are a big part of the reason the Tremere survived their first century, a mixture of a Gangrel, Nosferatu and Tzimince can be deadly.
Daughters of Cacophony started to appear around the 19th century, no one knows what clan they are originally come from but the clans Toreador, Malkavian and Ventrue were mentioned before. The bloodline is known for its singers that could cause chaos and destructions on crowds.

6. What sort of process is an embrace? What's diablerie? Why are both of these practices so commonly heard about? What's the view on these two?

An embrace is a name for the process of creating a brand new vampire. The process start with the sire watching over the mortal and see how he acts and what he is like, if the sire thinks that the mortal fits and wish to embrace him he will start by biting the mortal in the neck and drain him completely from blood and then feed him with his own vitae, when the mortal awakes he basically wake up as a new born and he will be extremely hungry for blood to the point of frenzying in order to eat. After the embrace will assure the sire will teach the new born about the undead society and the accounting tradition will begin. Camarilla view, The Cammy support embracing brand new vampires however the traditions must be followed. Sabbat view, the Sabbat embrace only to have more power and that when Caine will return he will have a huge army ready, there are many methods of how the sabbat embrace, one known method is embracing a few mortals and bury them in the ground and see which of them manages to escape.

Diablerie is when a vampire drains the blood of a more powerfull vampire and drinks his soul in order to become more powerfull with raw power and advance in the generation. Elders fear of the Amaranth and some of them are very paranoid that high generations will attempt to diablerie them to gain their power. The view on Diablerie depends on the case, The Camarilla doesn't allow it, however, a Prince may allow such an act when calling a blood hunt upon a vampire. The sabbat just does it to each other all the time and try to become powerfull in other ways as well.

7. What are the vampire generations? How far do they stray from the original? What are these generations? Does generation measurement exist within the society?

Generations are basically blood potency, the lower the generation the stronger their blood.

And the Lord said unto him, “Therefore whosoever
slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.”
And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him
should kill him. Genesis 4:15

First Vampire, First Murderer
The first born of Adam and Eve, Caine, was working in the fields and rooting plants and trees seeds watching them grow with time, Their second son was Abel who took care for the animals and was in charge of feeding them and watched them grow with time as Caine watched the plants.
God asked Caine and Abel to bring a sacrifice and so they did, Abel brought the bodies of his animals and Caine brought the fruits of his plants but Abel's sacrifice was more appreciated while Caine's sacrifice meant nothing to the almighty, Caine cried as he watched the flesh and blood of Abel's animals burn with the grace of God, when the time came for another sacrifice Abel brought his animals again but Caine only came with tears in his eyes and sacrificed what he loved the most, his own brother. God cursed Caine exiling him into the dark lands of Nod, where Lilith tempted him into drinking her blood after giving him whatever he wanted after being hungry and alone in the darkness for so long, Caine drank from Lilith sweet blood and fell into the abyss for so long till the general of heaven and yielder of the holy fire, Michael, appeared and offered Caine Salvation with mercy of God which will wash him clean and let him return to Heaven, but Caine refused and Michael cursed him and his children to be afraid of the fire more than any other creature.
In the next morning the driver of the sun, Raphael, appeared and offered the same as Michael did but the father of murder again refused and Raphael cursed him and his children to never walk the earth when the sun shines on the lands, to be creatures of the night that hide when the sun is covering the earth and so Caine found an underground shelter to sleep in during the day but as the night time started from the dark appeared the Reaper and the Angel of Death, Uriel, offered the same offer that Michael and Raphael offered to Caine with the last chance to accept salvation with the mercy of the Almighty but yet again the father of murder refused and was cursed by God with immortality and to forever feed on blood and ashes of others. with great pain and a lot of lost Caine cried and drank his tears as the Archangel and Lord of Mercy, Gabriel, appeared and told Caine that there is still a way for Salvation if he or his children will ever choose it, those are the curses and the very beginning of Caine path.

Childe's of a Murderer
The childe's of Caine are, Enoch, Irad, and Zilliath, Caine has embraced Enoch after feeling too lonely and bored and named the first city after him, he embraced Irad for his power and strength and made him his fist to take control of the military, and finally he embraced Zilliath for her beauty and because he was in love with her. these beings are one of the most powerful beings at that time and no one knows which of them survived after the big flood.

Third Generation
The third generations are the Antediluvians, Enoch, Irad and Zilliath childe's and the 13 clans are descended from them and some of the clans are named after them literally. they have named the Antediluvians as all of them predates the flood, any vampire that predates the flood can be called an Antediluvian, they possess powers that can not be matched and

Fourth and Fifth Generations
They are known as Methuselahs, almost as powerful as the Antediluvians they are a very important part of the Jihad, they are still active around and it is said some Methuselahs are currently sitting in the inner circle of the Camarilla, this being is considered to be godlike in the eyes of mortals who are aware of the undead society and in the eyes of young vampires.

Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Generations
The elders of the modern days, they are those who pull the strings behind the curtains and are in charge of leading the younger vampires. Princes, Bishops and most of the high positions that require leadership skills are filled with this vampires as they are old and experienced, been through a lot to know how to handle things properly without causing problems.

Ninth and Tenth Generations
The neonates of the modern days, they are the line between neonates and elders as this vampires are experienced enough to take high positions within sects, old vampires and new elders usually come from this generations.

Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Generations
The Cainites of the era recently embraced and experienced with the new technology of today they know the network and can be found doing things that older vampires will not think of doing like using the network to find information.

8. What are the two notable Anarch Revolts? What sort of effect did they have upon the vampires?

The Great Revolt of the 15th century started after the elders ridiculously sacrifices the younger vampires to the Inquisition and refused to act againts the mortals to keep the masquerade but a Brujah named Patricia, a voice in the Ventrue council, explained to Hardestadt and the rest of the elders that they should stand and fight against the mortals and got rejected as the elders decided ti hide and protect the masquerade instead of fighting back, Patricia left the council, she joined the neonates rebels with the name "Tyler" and went to the castle of Hardestadt where a huge battle broke out, Tyler eventually managed to diablerize Hardestadt. After the battle at the castle, word spread and young Cainites started to rebel against their elders starting with the young brujah's of Spain that frenzied at their elders.
Second Anarch Revolt started during the french revolution, anarchs started to spread around the US including Los Angeles where the Cammarila picked Don Sebastian as the prince to handle the threath of the Anarchs but the Prince ignored the Anarchs and more of them appeared in the city witg time, in 1944 Sebastian realized what is happening and gave the order to beat down Jeremy MacNeil, which later lead the anarchs locating and studying the elders havens for a period of six weeks and on December 21, 1944, the prince was killed with a few elders, the remaining elders fled the city and anarchs started to take over from the border of Mexico to San Jose and was given the name Anarch Free State.

Character creation:

Name: Marcus_Nadler.
Age: 622.
Embrace Age: 32.
Clan/Bloodline: Gangrel.
Sect: Anarch Movement.
Generation: 7th to 6th.

Character Story:(Min. 300 words; Max. 3000)

"One day, you'll make a decision in a manner of seconds and it will take only a few minutes to perform, but what will come after will be something you never felt before and it's not worth the pain you will suffer"

I'll see you in a week, said Marcus to Samuel his mentor as he went into the car and drove off towards Bayside, the ride was not easy because Marcus was going to see another baron that was living in Bayside and was keeping the bayside area as his domain. when he reached there he met with Frank the baron and went inside to talk to him, both of them were dealing with firearms and they discussed the idea of sharing resources to help each other, Marcus heard about Frank and how powerful he is around the area but it was the first time he met him face to face. as they were speaking about certain subjects they heard gunshots coming from the outside and one of Frank's men came in letting them know of the Sabbat soldiers that are attacking Frank's domain, the sabbat tried to take over the bayside area for a while now but due to Frank and his resources they kept failing, Marcus and Frank went outside and saw the big amount of troops that the sabbat send to take down Frank and his men. Marcus took out his sword and joined the fight alongside Frank to help him protect his domain and to show his support.

An hour passed and the sabbat soldiers kept coming as Frank's men were outnumbered, Marcus told Frank they should retreat since he wasn't ready for such a battle but Frank smirked and sprinted towards the big battle only to shapeshift into a huge monster that looked similar to a Hyena, the form was the same as the werebeast war form and the same form that Samuel his mentor once shifted into, Marcus finally figured out why the Sabbat didn't manage to take over the domain after so many attacks coming from San Fierro and watched as Frank took down down the soldiers so fast and hard with his form, Marcus kept fighting but still kept an eye on Frank as his form was something Marcus wanted to learn from Samuel but never managed to do.

The battle was over and what was left of the sabbat soldiers either died or retreated to San Fierro, Frank lost many men in the battle and he was seriously wounded after taking down a serious amount of soldiers himself alone, he was badly injured and Marcus helped him back inside his haven as Frank's men handled everything outside, "And that's just Friday" said Frank a he held his wounded laughing but Marcus wasn't laughing as he was thinking about what his mentor once said to him and realized the time came to make the decision and for the first time in a long time he was scared of doing something, he saw that Frank was badly injured and his men were outside he spoke back to Frank "We all got our wars to win" Marcus voice changed and Frank heard that something is wrong, Frank looked at Marcus face experssion and saw the pain in the decision he is trying to make and told Marcus "It's an endless war, no matter how old we become there will always be a war to fight and if you gonna gotta take care of your own" as he took his claws and turned the lights off completely with a swing, the room went dark and the fight began as both of the skilled barons swinged at each with claws and bites, using improvised weapons from the broken furnitures, Marcus took out his sword at the middle of the fight and as Frank was down he tried stabbing him in the chest but Frank disappeared into mist and reappeared behind Marcus in a split second, sweeping Marcus down and disarming him he tried clawing Marcus in the neck but Marcus grabbed his hand and reached for a broken table leg near and staked Frank in the heart hardly, Frank dropped down slowly into a torpid state with a sad face experssion, Marcus stood up and looked at Frank as he was tearing down from what he is about to do "I'm truely sorry" and he grabbed Frank from behind and bit him hard on the neck starting to drain him from his blood, it was a terrible act that Marcus really had a hard time performing but his power hunger was still greater and what motivated him to continue performing the Amarath sin, he drained Frank from his blood and felt the potency of his blood flowing in his body and making his stronger.

Frank ashed, Marcus sat on the chair thinking of what he just did and feeling completely terrible about what he just did as performing the amarath as an elder on another elder is not that easy to achieve and he felt horrible for doing that. Frank men asked Marcus where is Frank and he told them he died from his wounds and since they were already beaten hardly and Frank was their only hope they decided to leave the domain and head to Red County where Marcus Domain is located, Marcus got back to his car and drove back to the county as he is thinking about what happened as it happened minutes ago, he reached his mansion and saw Samuel sitting in the gym reading the newspaper like every morning. Sam saw Marcus face expression as he walked through the door and immediately realized something was wrong so he asked Marcus what happened and Marcus told him what he did to Frank. Sam wasn't exactly shocked as Marcus was as Samuel did the same in the past and he spoke to Marcus about this as he didn't want him to make foolish actions that will lead to his destruction in the end, Samuel explained to Marcus that even if it's a terrible act it's how we survive as Kindred and elders and what is done is done and Marcus will have to live with what he did to Frank just Like Samuel lived with his for the last century.

Marcus wasn't the same, not exactly in a bad way but his behavior changed and the way he thinks also became different  as he begins a new path in his undead life, the pressure was so heavy and he also felt terrible for taking down another baron who was also an elder and that protected his grounds mostly by his own, Marcus was seriously sad and felt the pressure breaking down on him hard, he decided to stop with politics and stepped down from position as a baron handing it to his right hand and friend Isaac Wylcoff who was serving as a Reeve for him, he damaged himself mentally and decided to take some time for himself without getting involve in anything, he needs to understand where his path leads.

Out of Character:

1.What kind of powers are you allowed to use in public? What stops you from using them?

The type of powers that are allowed to be used in a public area are powers that don't look unusual and weird to the mortal eye, when someone is able to flip a car with his hands it brings questions to high places in the mortal world, disciplines like Potence, Celerity, Fortitude, Protean are powers that could cause problems if seen used around mortals and it will bring questions and problems eventually.
There are mental and emotional based disciplines like Dominate, Presence, Auspex, and Dementation that are more difficult to spot unless they were used to do something extremely unusual, technically all powers can be used in public however it depends where they were used and who was in the area.
If mortals attack you in public then you must use your head first, using your super speed or strength in public should be done carefully if not at all but if you are in extreme danger and must do so you could use your powers to protect yourselfs or evade, if you will kill them it will be wrong as it draws attention and no vampire wants mortal officials on his back, a vampire who chooses to use his physicall powers in public should always think of a clever way to do so without making it very obvious to others.

2.Someone has discovered you. He's planning on making a statement within a week, you have all the time to prepare. What do you do? Consider consequences of every sort of action. Putting down more than one option increases your chances of getting accepted.

Could start with the obvious choice which is fear, a vampire is after all a creature that is scary and intimidating in the stories that the mortals tell each other, so if a human is planning such a thing I could scare the shit out of him to make sure he will never open his mouth about this subject ever again. If that won't work then I could ask another Cainite to use a mental discipline on the mortal like Dominate or Presence and make the mortal either forget about the information that he knows or simply make him a Ghoul and have him as a slave cause of what he planned to do.
Taking an extreme action such as killing the mortal is very dangerous and should always be the very last option as killing a mortal could again bring questions, vampire elders use their connections to cover mistakes of younger vampires and all of them are in charge of protecting the masquerade.

3.An officer walks up to you and tells you to stay put, you are a wanted individual. In the struggle you both shed a good amount of blood, what could possibly happen in this scenario and how further can you avoid these dangerous encounters?

If I am wanted and I know about it I will not walk around in public, the wise thing to do when you are wanted in a certain area is to leave it and look for a new place to stay in because risking getting arrested can cause a lot of problems, in the scenario I would do whatever I can to evade the mortal officials and stay hidden until things will calm down and after a while I will leave the area or turn to the local elders for guidance as it is very dangerous to get arrested by the police.

4.You mutter around town and notice a rather viscous looking hairy beast with claws stretching out of his arms. What could it possibly be and what could you possibly do about this?

If the beast is a vampire he will be warned as he is close to breaking the masquerade by drawing attention to himself, such a vampire should be reported to the local elders, if it's a Sabbat vampire on a Camarilla, domain he must be dealt with as soon as possible and taken out so he wouldn't pass any of the information he gathered on the Camarilla, If it's a frenzying vampire he must be taken down by force to a secure location.

5.You've been at the game for quite a while now. You are walking down a dark alley with your partner and three thugs come out of the shadowy corner, aiming their mundane weaponry at you. Should you be scared?

Weapons are always dangerous to vampires, I should be afraid for my undead life regardless of who and what I am, my actions should be smart and precise without dangering myself more, if they plan on robbing me then I should most likely not fight and risk my own unlife and the danger the masquerade for a few bucks but they could always be delt with in the future when they are unarmed and not ready for it.

6.Considering your bloodline or clan, what sort of job would you be good at? Make a priority job and a side job in case you need one.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? 3-4 years.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters.
Joral Argenti.
Marcus Nadler.
Slade Gilerbonx.

3.Do you understand that by taking part of this race, you can be changed by the race moderators (or even admins) for the most simple reasons? If you are to apply and get accepted, you are to follow the race rules to the fullest extent and upon reaching zero masquerade points, lose your character. Have you read all of this and understood what's your part? Yes.

4.Post a screenshot (embedded with code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):

5.If there is anything you would improve/change regarding the vampire race, what would it be? No.
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Re: Marcus_Nadler ;; 6th Generation ;; Gangrel ;; Diablerie
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2018, 06:15:19 PM »
Are you going to shelve this character or will you continue to play?

I can only assume you figured out he's of higher potence due to Protean 7, but the whole "I told them he died due to his injuries" and they bought it is weird. Worst case scenario he'd end up torpored.

All in all the story is okay-ish. You'd expect more from this generation but ultimately it's going to be Simon/Rudy/Darko who make the decisions whether to accept you or not.

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Re: Marcus_Nadler ;; 6th Generation ;; Gangrel ;; Diablerie
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I am gonna remain active on the character ofc but the character will change after this ig, he will act differently as he starts a new path after what he has done.

If there are specific parts you want me to provide more details about in the story I can do that as well.

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Re: Marcus_Nadler ;; 6th Generation ;; Gangrel ;; Diablerie
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Well, I'd like to see some resistance from Frank. Unless he was knocked out cold he would've tried to do at least something, in spite of the damages incurred in the previous fight.

An elder wouldn't casually let his defenses down nor run about with 2 bloodpoints in his system to a point where he can't even mist form or shift in a dangerous situation.

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Re: Marcus_Nadler ;; 6th Generation ;; Gangrel ;; Diablerie
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I've written the fight part between them.

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Re: Marcus_Nadler ;; 6th Generation ;; Gangrel ;; Diablerie
« Reply #5 on: September 22, 2018, 09:51:06 AM »
It's an improvement...

There's still grammatical errors here and there, but the application is acceptable.

Pending Darko/Simon/Rudy's input.

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Re: Marcus_Nadler ;; 6th Generation ;; Gangrel ;; Diablerie
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