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Minato couldn't stand the guilt he was given due to his actions.
He killed one of his closest friends in self-defense and later on lost his student and failed his role as his master. The mental pain Minato faced was unbearable at some points, and when he found out that the fallen angels were planning on massacring humanity after their heavenly war, he lost hope.

His sister became a vampire and at one point Minato was saved by her alone causing her to get tortured by her group of corpses. His closest friends were fucking around with corpses, helping them in their businesses, etc. The man who opened Minato's eyes left and was never seen afterwords, leaving Minato to hunt alone.

During his life, Minato managed to kill several vampires but not once did he do it without his psychic phenomena; Pyrokinesis. The light in Minato's room flickered as the nose was formed, the chair put in place and Minato on top of it. Memories were overflowing his mind at that point, thinking:

"Is this the right thing to do? Just give up, put the same gun I used to kill my best friend against my skull, scream and pull the fucking trigger? Should I really be that FUCKING Selfish?" The thoughts seemed endless as Minato had no one to rely on.

Charlette Horton was the first vampire Minato killed, burning her unconscious body to nothing but ashes while hiding her remains into the sewer water afterwords.

Mikael Kingston was the second, weakened after an apparent car cash, Minato took his shot to kill the dangerous vampire using his candle flame which eventually burned the vampire down into ash despite his supernatural fortitude.

Minato and his student, Ryan were looking for Minato's sister, in attempt to find her they teamed up with a mage called Katarina who also brought Brad the hybrid along the journey. The four traveled to the castle where their location was shown using a underground tunnel system. They caught neonates storming the castle and were faced off to fight them. During the clearing of the castle the four split up in groups of two and faced off more serious enemies where Minato's student: Ryan was killed in combat.

The deaths in Minato's mind were justified as these things should've been dead long ago, but the inevitable death brain, death game came where Minato was forced to kill a human who was assisting vampires in attempt to capture him.. Is it even worth it? To fight? Minato thought to himself, every damn day I look around the streets only to find corpses and god knows what else on the streets and when I look back there's nothing there..

Minato went out of control, blazing his entire motel room in fire then left. He packaged whatever he needed and set out to find partners in the hunt, throwing away the memories of his fallen comrades.

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poop story is much better