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Thomas_Young ;; 10th ;; Brujah
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Vampire Application

General questions:

1. What comes to your mind when the word vampire arises? What is a vampire in a human view and what is it from a vampire's own view? How different are standard folklore and World of Darkness vampires? Before I learned about WoD lore, when the word vampires arises, I imagine a pale, dreaded, emotionless creature, that seeks blood, and nothing else, that commands each and every animal on this world, and nobody can face them, they'd be wearing dark cloaks, and would dress "funny." Creatures that are killed by getting staked in the heart, and what not. Now this is also the human view of vampires and the folklore vampires. Now WoD vampires/cainites/kindred are indeed pale, but they are not emotionless, they do not ash when getting staked in the heart, rather enter a "eternal sleep" otherwise known as torpor. They do not control all animals, they possess incredible powers called disciplines, which they use to control, kill, feed and what not. They indeed suffer damage from sun-light, they do not age, and they dress normally, at least most of them do, each and every vampire presents himself based on their character-concept and clan. So all in all, there's a big difference between WoD vampires and folklore one's.

2. What kind of consequences could possibly arise were a vampire be outed to the general public? What sort of action would be taken by various governments and the people? For this reason, do you think vampires should take the chance of coming out clean or should they rather stay hidden? There are many consequences that would indeed arise if vampires were to reveal themselves. To start it all off, humans do out-number the vampires, and even though vampires possess disciplines with incredible power, they are still out-numbered. Humans will follow their folklore, which is staking vampires, using bright lights against them, and of course they'd use FIRE. And humans aren't that wrong of the vampire's weaknesses, so there is a chance that they'd indeed win if a war did start, not only that but government agencies would attempt to capture vampires, in order to experiment on them, for these reasons I believe vampires should definitely stay hidden.

3. What are The Traditions? Who enforces them and how do the vampires view it? The traditions are basically laws created by the oldest of vampires, some of them are enforced by all vampires, but some really don't care about them, there are six of them, and here they are:

1. The Masquerade; Thou shall not reveal thy true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing such shall renounce thy claims of Blood."
Considered the most important tradition/law, it stands for keeping the existence of vampires/kindred/cainites hidden from humanity.

2. The Domain; "Thy domain is thine own concern. All others owe thee respect while in it. None may challenge thy word while in thy domain."
Pretty simple tradition/law, it means that someone's domain is their own concern, if you are on someone's domain you are to respect them, and not question their Domain's laws and the owners action.

3. The Progeny
"Thou shall only sire another with the permission of thine Elder. If thou create another without thine Elder's leave, both thou and thy Progeny shall be slain."
In order for a vampire to embrace a human, he requires permission from an Elder, if he embraces without permission, him and his child are to be slain.

4. The Accounting
"Those thou create are thine own children. Until thy Progeny shall be Released, thou shall command them in all things. Their sins are thine to endure."
Simple, this tradition/law stands means that a sire is to take account of his childe, meaning that whatever his childe does he takes responsibility for it.

5. Hospitality
"Honor one another's domain. When thou come to a foreign city, thou shall present thyself to the one who rule there. Without the word of acceptance, thou art nothing."
Simple as the other, those who travel to one's domain in seek of shelter or something else, is required to present himself to the Prince of the domain, failure to do so is an excuse for punishment.

6. Destruction
"Thou art forbidden to destroy another of thy kind. The right of destruction belongeth only to thine Elder. Only the Eldest of among thee shall call the Blood Hunt."
In order to cast upon FINAL death to a fellow kindred/cainite, one requires permission from an Elder who may call in a Blood Hunt.

4. What is a Clan?
Clan is a term used by vampires to describe the major groups of Kindred/Cainite's who share common characteristics passed on by blood. There are 13 known clans, each of which was created by an Antediluvian, a member of the Third Generation. Here are the 13 clans;

1. The Assamite; They call themselves the childer of haqim, although to other kindred/cainite's, they are refered to as a silent blade in the dark. They are independent kindred/cainite's for hire willing to kill for those who can pay their price. They possess the unique discipline which allows them to transform their blood into incredible poison, which affects even kindred, including the discipline that allows them to move like lightning and the discipline which allows them to cloak themselves in shadows, or change their appearance. They suffer the weakness of taking damage upon feeding from a fellow kindred/cainite.

2. The Brujah; A clan that descended from the True Brujah who possessed an ancient discipline to control time, the Brujah now a-days though, possess strong physical abilities, and the discipline to affect someone emotionally. They ally themselves with the Camarilla, but younger Brujah might even join the Sabbat. They suffer the weakness of easily getting angered/succumbing to the beast.

3. Followers of Set; A strange clan with a rather unknown goal, they do not ally themselves to any Sect, and they possess a different goal than the Anarch's, they possess the unique discipline of Serpentis, the discipline to cloak themselves in shadow, change their appearance and the discipline that allows them to emotionally manipulate their victims. Their weakness is that given to their origins, the Serpents react negatively to bright light, suffering damage from them.

4. The Gangrel; A clan that is the most connected to their "primal" form, they are also the clan that have characteristics in common with animals. They ally themselves to the Camarilla, although the "Primal" Gangrel claim that they have nothing to do with the political games and social structures. They possess the discipline to shift into animals, grow out powerful claws, speak with animals and take control of them, and the discipline to "become one with earth." They suffer the weakness of getting animal features when succumbing to the beast/frenzying.

5. The Giovanni; The clan is considered a clan of necromancers, who take control of the dead for their own bidding. Their clan structure is rather familial. They possess the disciplines of Dominate, Necromancy and Potence. While their weakness is that their kiss does more damage then any other clan does, which is why they resort to blood banks, and things that don't struggle when being bit.

6. The Lasombra; Manipulators of the shadow, that ally themselves with the Sabbat. They possess the unique discipline to bend the shadows at their will, while also possessing the discipline of Dominate and Potence. Their weakness is that of a vampire legend, they cast no reflection.

7. The Malkavian; The "tricksters" of the kindred society, they suffer from a terrible derangement which they refer as an insight, offering it to various Sect's, although they ally themselves to the Camarilla. They possess the unique discipline to make their victims face insanity at its finest, while they also possess the discipline of Auspex and Obfuscate. Their weakness is of course their suffering from a permanent, incurable derangement.

8. The Nosferatu; The true monsters of the vampire society, referred to as Sewer Rats, who ally themselves to the Camarilla. They possess the disciplines of Animalism, Obfuscate and Potence. Their weakness is of course their terrifyingly dreaded/ugly appearance.

9. The Ravnos; The Deceivers of the kindred society, they possess the unique discipline of creating illusions, which is why they are heavily feared in the kindred society, Elder's possess the ability to even change reality itself with their amount of knowledge and power. They also possess the discipline of Animalism and Fortitude. The clan's weakness is their vice, which is either lying, theft or cruelty. They ally themselves with no one, as they are an independent clan.

10. The Toreador; These are the kindred that spend their unlives covered in absolute pleasure. They involve themselves in the world of mortals, and ally themselves to the Camarilla. They of course possess the discipline of emotional manipulation, Auspex and Potence. Their weakness is that when they experience something remarkable, they are to make use their Self-Control roll, if they fail they find themselves enthralled by the experience.

11. The Tremere; Otherwise known as Warlocks, they are a clan that descended from mages, who have earned immortality. They see themselves as a pillar of the Camarilla, so of course they are allied to them.
They possess the unique discipline of blood magic, and the discipline of Auspex and Dominate. Their weakness is that of the blood bound, they require less drops of a kindred's blood to become fully blood-bounded.

12. The Tzimisce; The selfish clan that claims it has destroyed its Antediluvian. They ally themselves with the Sabbat, and they possess the unique discipline of Vicissitude which is to manipulate one's bone's. They also possess the discipline of Animalism and Auspex. Their weakness is that they are extremely tied to their domains of origin, and must be in proximity of at least two handfuls of "native soil."

13. The Ventrue; The clan that has created the Camarilla in hopes of giving the best un-life a kindred could have. They possess the discipline of Dominate, Fortitude and Presence. While their weakness is that they find only one spesific type of blood drinkable for them.

5. What is a Bloodline?
A bloodline is a smaller branch of a clan, in other words its a set of ancestors or line of descent of an important person.

6. What sort of process is an embrace? What's diablerie? Why are both of these practices so commonly heard about? What's the view on these two? The embrace is a process in which a vampire sucks every last drop of blood out of a human, and then drops some blood into the dried out body, reanimating him in a way. That's how vampires create more of themselves, which is why its so commonly heard, while the diablerie is a process in which a vampire of higher generation sucks all of the blood out of a lower generation vampire, taking his life essence in order to get more closer to Caine, and gain more of his blood in order to become stronger.

7. What are the vampire generations? How far do they stray from the original? What are these generations? Does generation measurement exist within the society? The vampire generations are a concept which states how far does a vampire stray from the original, Caine. It all started when Caine, killed his brother Abel, and was cursed by God, which resulted in him becoming a vampire. Then Caine embraced three vampires, creating the second generation, which then created the Third Generation though the only known names are two, Lucian and Mekhet who are the founders of the thirteen clans. This process went on and on, until they've reached the 15th generation, which had too thin blood to continue embracing, and creating further generations.

8. What are the two notable Anarch Revolts? What sort of effect did they have upon the vampires? The First Anarch Revolt happened during the Inquisition, which were a group of hunters, set on destroying everything that defiled God. The young cainites had to face them, while the Elders simply watched from the shadows. A young brujah decided to act, asking the Elders for assistance, which of course refused her plea for assistance. Which resulted in the creation of the Anarchs, which want equality in the vampire society, where rank matters not. During this creation, the Anarchs managed to do the process of diablerie on an Elder.

Second Anarch Revolt happened in Los Angeles, a Prince in the city was given a request by a young neonate/fledgling. The Prince not only refused the request but acted as if he was insulted due to being racist/sexist he made his made his servants roughen the young neonate/fledgling up, tossing her in a nearby dumpster. This caused the fledgling to unite fellow miss-treated vampires to fight back against tyranny which soon enough led to the prince being alerted of the growing presence of the Anarch kindred all around. But the Prince really didn't care which resulted in him being attacked. And so the Prince was killed, which increased the Anarch presence in the world even more.

Character creation:

Name: Thomas_Young
Age: 56
Embrace Age: 24
Clan/Bloodline: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Generation: 10th

Character Story:(Min. 300 words; Max. 3000)
"Oi Tommy, get your ass in the car, cops will show up any minute now." Thomas's partner said, as Thomas rushed to the get-away-vehicle after gunning a rivalry gang member down. Thomas was a gangster, plain and simple.

He was a member recruited in a bar fight where he showed his usefulness in combat to Rey's Familia. Thomas was a dump before that-.. living on the harsh streets of Los Santos day by day with his abusive father who quite honestly, didn't give a fuck about him, except when he needed to loosen some stress, then he was quite the handy son he always needed.

In order to escape that life Thomas accepted the invitation to Rey's Familia gang and quickly got up the ranks due to his resourcefulness and overall due to being very cunning in the underground world. Having the guts to pull the trigger when needed to save his own or someone close him, stealing cash without a second thought knowing its for his own survival. To put it simple he was a survivor, at least at the start it was about the surviving..

As Thomas grew the ranks he of course gain more and more luxury, better women, better cars, better places to sleep at, overall a better life. As time passed on that sort of this started getting into his head making Thomas think: "You know what? Maybe the world really is all about the money." Making him cut ties with people if it was profitable, but we'll get to that later.

Rey's Familia had real beef with a rivalry gang called Origachos Familia who were taking control of the east side of Los Santos, while Rey's Familia had control of the west side. As the years went by, Thomas started loosing more and more of his best mates in the gang which fucked up with his mental over life and death even more.

Not to mention the fact that Rey's Familia was pretty much loosing, as the Origachos were getting help from some Russian organization. It seemed hopeless for Thomas, knowing that if Rey's Familia collapses all the members will eventually be hunted down and killed, so he took the most profitable way out and talked to Rey, the Familia's "leader".

He decided to offer the Origachos some temporary territory in order to make peace, considering the authorities were constantly getting in the crossfire of the Familia's beef which caused a lot of bad publicity.. The Origachos agreed to a meeting, renting a motel to do so where the heads of the two Families met alongside their men. It was all going well until Thomas interrupted the private conversation by killing the Origacho leader as well as his own, Rey. They both died with the two gangs going at each-other. Thomas managed to escape out of that bloody mess by using the incoming cops as a distraction.

Although not without its price. Thomas was heavily wounded and appeared as if he wasn't going to get out alive. Looking back, the Familia he belonged to got slaughtered, as they were caught in the crossfire between the Origacho Family as well as the cops. Thomas took shelter away from the war-zone down in a well known pub where Thomas went to. He lost consciousness there and was soon after taken away by Origacho members.

Thomas woke up in a high class luxury bed room, all patched up, bandages, and stitches covering most of his upper body where a man was seated next to his bed, staring right at him. The man explained that he is the new leader of the Origacho Family and that he is very thankful to Thomas for his actions. Thomas laid there, shocked wondering why he's still alive and the man standing before him was well aware of that.

He explained that he was the man who was supposed to take over the Family after the Leader's death, but he wasn't very trusted so to kill him himself would be a fatal mistake. Happy coincidences happened and now he's the family leader, all thanks to Thomas. Seeing that Thomas was able to do this all by himself the man introduced himself as: "Daniel Vinneti" his new domitor.

Thomas became Daniels ghoul and was soon explained what that actually meant. Seeing all the perks of becoming one Thomas didn't really mind and did his job as supposed to. Years went by and Thomas proved his resourcefulness not just as a ghoul but as a right hand man of the Family. Taking notice of that Daniel finally decided to embrace Thomas.

The embrace took part in one of the main buildings of the Family's territory all the way at the east side of Los Santos. There were no guards to take place to this, only Thomas and Daniel. Thomas was told a grand prize awaited him due to his performance over the years and so when the duo finally met Thomas was ordered to stand still and gaze at the sky filled with marvelous shinning stars. "That is our future, Tommy, you better not disappoint, you're the first one I ever-.. embraced." As soon as Daniel said that, a ecstatic feeling of pleasure began to over-ride Thomas's senses, the "kiss" took effect and Thomas was left in a trance until sucked completely dry.

A warm smile caught Daniel's face, as he finally made not just a childe, but a family member he could actually trust. After Thomas was nothing but a pale empty shell with a soul inside of it, Daniel slit his wrist and let some of his blood rain down Thomas's throat.. An hour or so passed and Thomas's body began to twitch and move, grunts and moans were let out as Thomas was finally awakened into his new life.. The Un-life.

After the embrace process was finally finished, Thomas was given several blood packs which he tore his fangs straight into, sucking them all dry as to feel alive once more. The hard part of Thomas's life finally started, where the entire supernatural world was shown completely as well as the harder and much more difficult tasks were given to Thomas. After being trained by Daniel personally for several months, Thomas began to learn how to control his powers and use them as he needed. Once the training was complete, Thomas's true task was revealed, which was to go into Red County and claim Montgomery for him, showing as a pillar for the Camarilla. Where Daniel would be shown as the Prince and Thomas his most royal friend and servant.
Out of Character:

1.What kind of powers are you allowed to use in public? What stops you from using them? Each and every power may be used in public, nothing really stops me from using them until a point of revealing the masquerade too many times, which may result in a account-ban or race-change back to human or many other tricky situations such as being hunted down by the kindred that give a shit about the masquerade in the first place. Which is why its best for any vampire to use powers that are not visible to the human-eye in public.

2.Someone has discovered you. He's planning on making a statement within a week, you have all the time to prepare. What do you do? Consider consequences of every sort of action. Putting down more than one option increases your chances of getting accepted. It highly depends on the type of person that this aware person is. If its a hobo, his opinion may not matter much, while a rich man with high influence matters a lot.
No matter who it is, I'd attempt to find a person to alter/erase the person's memory, the consequences of that may be that I'd owe the person a favor in the near future.
If I cannot find anyone to do that, I'd consider ghoulifying the said person if he proves any use, if not I'd have to resort to killing the said person, as his statement might just ruin not just my life, but the life of each and every kindred/cainite.

3.An officer walks up to you and tells you to stay put, you are a wanted individual. In the struggle you both shed a good amount of blood, what could possibly happen in this scenario and how further can you avoid these dangerous encounters? Considering we both shed a good amount of blood I assume the officer uses lethal force, hence I kill him on the spot, after doing so I try to dispose as much as evidence as possible before I flee the scene. In order to avoid these dangerous encounter's I'd simply not get caught in doing anything that may make me a wanted individual.

4.You mutter around town and notice a rather viscous looking hairy beast with claws stretching out of his arms. What could it possibly be and what could you possibly do about this? It may be a frenzying gangrel or a shape-shifter/werebeast. I'd watch from the distance in attempt to see what it exactly is, if it came after me I'd use everything in my power to escape with my life.
It depends on what happens next but if it was some random ass vampire endangering the masquerade I'd report it to the local prince/baron, high ranking vampire/whoever is in control of the area I reside in. If It was a werewolf, I'd do the same thing as I have no intention for covering up a shitty event for them.

5.You've been at the game for quite a while now. You are walking down a dark alley with your partner and three thugs come out of the shadowy corner, aiming their mundane weaponry at you. Should you be scared? Scared? Highly depends on the individuals involved, lets say my partner was a vampire as well, or a supernatural who's a close friend and these thugs were simple humans trying to do a hit and run at a more or less semi-public place. We'd beat the shit out of them, no, we'd down-right kill them. Considering my character losing money versus humans would be down right stupid. The smart thing to do is pulverize them and their cash as well as their mundane weaponry.

6.Considering your bloodline or clan, what sort of job would you be good at? Make a priority job and a side job in case you need one. Considering my clan, my priority job would be a club bouncer, a bodyguard, a mafioso for the local gang whatever needs brute strength, I'd be able to do it. While a side job I could work as a lumberjack just to fit in the society.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? About a year.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters.
Jeffrey_Gain, Miroslav_Medici, Yasuo_Sight, Kanami_Akagami(Minato_Takahashi), Richard_Green, Miroslav_Reznev and Stephano_Medici, those are the one's I remember at least.

3.Do you understand that by taking part of this race, you can be changed by the race moderators (or even admins) for the most simple reasons? If you are to apply and get accepted, you are to follow the race rules to the fullest extent and upon reaching zero masquerade points, lose your character. Have you read all of this and understood what's your part? Yes.

4.Post a screenshot (embedded with code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
Spoiler for Hidden:

5.If there is anything you would improve/change regarding the vampire race, what would it be? Make learning points not be used to upgrade one's dexterity.
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