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This is just an illustration


Pritta, she is a girl from Korea. She is 14 years old with 156 CM height and 42 KG weight. Her hair is black, her eyes color are brown.


Before she move to Palomino Creek, she lives with her brother who loved her very much. She learned to fish and cook with her brother. Her brother also tell her how to buy a bus ticket.


She has a beautiful face, it's from her mother. She also can move a little bit faster than a regular human. She has a good ettiquete and a little bit smart.


She is so weak, she can run but cannot fight back if someone hit her. She is a stubborn. And still have the KorLish accent.


She always love to wears a blue skirts and a black stocking. She appears to be a teenager with small eyes and (not that) flat nose. She loves to eat, she spends her money to buy foods and she dislike insects.
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