Author Topic: Elizabeth "Lee" Thigh and Sarah Thigh  (Read 2022 times)

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Elizabeth "Lee" Thigh and Sarah Thigh
« on: May 11, 2014, 04:01:12 PM »

[Elizabeth on the left, younger sister Sarah on the right.]
Legal Name: Elizabeth Thigh
Nicknames: Lee, Lizzy, Eliz, Leesy.
Age: 24
Height: 7 foot 9 inches (Gentle Giant)
Previous Occupation: Farming.
Current Occupation/Job: Unknown (Selling cookies?)
Education: None (Taught from her mother)
Personality: Cheerful and cute, Elizabeth is naturally sweethearted and kind, often being shy to people she doesn't know too well.

She will always resort to kindness and reason to resolve conflict, refusing to use any form of violence. However, when push comes to shove, she will still attempt to use her immense strength to stop a fight rather than injure the person, often making use of a bearhug to stop the attacker/s. While she is large, she is also very emotional, easily being scared by threats and violence, even if the attacker is vastly smaller than her. It is easy to make her cry, especially with insults to her dead mother, but seriously, you'd have to be a really terrible person to make her cry on purpose. Just don't threaten to hurt her younger sister...

Hobbies: Hugging, taking care of people younger than her, snuggling, farming.
Likes: Food. Safety. Cute people/things. Shy people. Lawful gov workers (eg. Police, medics, ect.)
Dislikes: Mean and rude people, violence, corruption, weaponry, anything evil. Salads...
Stance: Lawful Good
Religion: Generically Catholic

>Her large body, while biologically healthy, is far from physically fit. She can not run, and jogging or even walking constantly will quickly tire her out.
>She eats food rather ravenously, often gulping down impossible amounts of food at once. She still tells others she cares about to eat their food slowly, and not to act like her, and when pointed out will try to eat slowly.
>Her large body heavily contrasts with her personality. She can be compared to a gentle giant.
>Elizabeth is actually really shy, often playing around with her fingers nervously when talking to someone. She merely tries to cover it up with a happy-go-lucky attitude. Her shy attitude shows mostly in serious situations. She also is almost impossible to go on a date with, as most males use straight-up "Let's go for a drink" tactic, which drives her away.
>She eats a lot every day, and somehow does not appear to get any fatter. I'd explain why, but it'd be too weird. Also, magic.
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Re: Elizabeth "Lee" Thigh
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Likes cops? Yes <3 Nice drawing, by the way.

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Re: Elizabeth "Lee" Thigh
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I thought Lizzy was a dog name...

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Re: Elizabeth "Lee" Thigh
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Love Liz shes so amazing even though Ariel is like a scared kitten around her :P