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John Gregory [RCSD Reinstatement Application]
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Red County Sheriff's Department
"Dedicated to Order with Steadfast Loyalty and Unrivalled Valour."

OOC Questions

Name and age: Daniel 22.

Your country and GMT: Ireland GMT +1

What does "RP" stand for and explain what it is: Roleplay and it means taking on the persona of a character and responding to events and situations from the mindset of that character. Living out his life in the world and following through on his beliefs and opinions.

What does "PG" stand for and explain what it is (provide examples): Powegaming is doing things that your character could not do physically or mentally in the game world. For example, /me kicks Jane and she breaks her neck. /do You run away as I am totally scary.

What does "MG" stand for and explain what it is (provide examples): Meta gaming is mixing In character and Out of character information. For example, reading someones name above their head before they've introduced themselves and calling their name. Using forum information ICly if your character wouldn't be aware.

1. Personal Information

Full Name: John Markus Gregory.
Date of Birth: 24/07/1974
Gender: Male
Telephone Number: N/A
Main Address: Jefferson Motel Room 2

2. Basic Requirements
Delete as appropriate below to answer the questions.

Driving License: Yes
Firearms License: Yes
Previous Experience: No
Criminal Record: No

Player Level: 21
Donator Package: None atm.
Race: Hunter
Admin Record -
3. Essay

3.1 Tell us some things about yourself (150 words min): I've lived in Palomino Creek for almost a year now, I spent the majority of that time defending its streets. Part of that time I was a member of the Sheriff's Department. Due to some family business I had to take care of, I had to leave the Department and leave the area. I'm back now and looking to get back to where I was and continue to assist and defend the public from the criminals that would take advantage of them.  I really admire men and women who give their lives to their ideals and I want to be such a person. I believe in the integrity of the law and what it stands for. There are two forces in the world, order and chaos and the Department in the middle creating balance and ensuring that there is a world to wake up to in the morning. The values and ethics of the Department align with my own and I wish to fulfill my duty to my fellow man by joining up again.

3.2 Why should we pick you instead of the other applicants (150 words min):
I believe I would make a particularly good candidate because of my military background and degree. I have worked with firearms before, through my military training when I was younger. As I trained in the Army, I learned how to work as a team, take orders, respect commanders and use my instincts and training to perform to the best of my ability. This is what I offer to the Sheriff's Department, 110% commitment to the job in hand.

My degree in Military Ethics and History ensures that I know how ethics operate and can conduct myself to a high standard and have a very strong sense in right and wrong. I know how to operate in high intensity situations and can perform well when under stress. My choice to do a degree in ethics shows that my belief in moral law and what is right and wrong isn't just instinctual, it's a passion.
Working for the Sheriff's Department would give me a good focus on operating on the right side of the law and continuing my career serving with honor.

3.3 How do you imagine yourself after one year in the department (100 words min): After one year in the Department I would have hoped to have made a good name for myself among my colleagues and superiors and have a trusted and respected reputation among the citizens of the town. I would hope that I would have progressed somewhat up the career ladder and that my commanders know that I can be trusted and relied upon to do my duties well and to the best of my ability.

My aim after a year would be to help establish the Sheriff's Department as an effective department in combating crime and protecting the citizens of the town.

Signed 1/4/19,
John Gregory.
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