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Dayne Francois
« on: March 24, 2020, 08:36:40 AM »
Spoiler for Dayne coming at you with NPCs:

"Heavy lies the crown."

Grins-Before-Reaping, Athro of the noble Silver Fangs; scion to House Wyrmfoe. Lodge of the Moon, Waxing. Falcon's Talon, Wolf-born. Sept Leader of the Sept of Crescent Moon. Heir to the Twin Swords of Lothair. Zedahk of the Mother's Wyrmongers Pack.

Other titles: Whips-yer-mum-with-Sun-Whip, Defends-with-NPCs
Age: 25
Race: Garou
Nature: Alpha
Demeanor: Alpha

"Friend and foe, both are the same when they ask for your grace. The difference is one will stab you in the back, and one will remain in front of your face."

Garou: The Apocalypse is nigh my brethren, rally with me and we will march to victory and bask in glory.

Leeches: "Where's the honor in attacking a single leech with a pack of wolves?", that's their verbatim. They only seek for honor when our claws and fangs are about to turn them into dust. Never give honor to these jesters.

Sorcerrors: Did Gaia finally bestowed the sheeps with powers? Or did she only blessed the best of their species? An enlightened mind with power is worthy of praise. An idiot who possesses power will only spread one thing, chaos.

Demons:  Banes with potent powers who uses the flesh of the sheeps as their vessel. You were damned in the Abyss for a reason and you should stay there. Never play their games. You will only lose.

Imbued: You will never know their true intentions. So far, I only trust one. We have the same nature, but a sheep will never become a predator.

Faes: They have strange behaviors. The Fianna allied themselves with these folks to drive the Fomoris away from their shores during the ancient times. Maybe we can do the same.

Abominations: It is not your choice, I understand. This is what happens when you cannot make decisions for yourself. But you also have to understand that killing your kind is a choice of mine.
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Re: Dayne Francois
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Re: Dayne Francois
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