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Storyteller Contribution Points
« on: October 11, 2019, 09:45:04 PM »

We've recently been debating internally how to best award storytellers who put their time and effort into enhancing the game experience for regular players. While we wish to preserve balance for everyone and can't hand generous rewards, we'd still like to encourage this phenomena more often. As such - introducing Contribution Points (patent pending).

Contribution Points are a system designed to award the storyteller, which often are not involved in the scenes they painstakingly build for others. As a form of reward, they will periodically gain these points, which can later be exchanged for rewards (see examples below). In order to gain these points, a storyteller will require an administrator in attendence, or to take a few (5-10) screenshots as evidence, which they can then PM to one of the managers. (Simon/Nadler or Raven). Depending on a very sikrit algorithm, they will receive a set amount (usually between 3 to 15) which will be noted down by us.

The length, quality and amount of people involved will determine this amount. This doesn't necessarily mean that the more, the merrier. If you get 10 people in a clusterfuck brawl that lasts for 5 hours of initiative /b, while it is still 'roleplay' - it is not the type we'd like to encourage. On the other hand, well crafted arcs and quality development will be awarded with greater amounts of points.

Rewards for now are limited to you as a player no longer having to write detailed explanation on applications. Certain applications. To a certain limit. Allow me to elaborate:

Players will rack up points over the weeks. Say Blackwater storytells a nice event for mages in the desert. They take two hours to finish the short sequence before Shmoits explodes everyone. As a reward, he would get 10 points. The following weeks he makes that alien event that crashes the server 10 times and gets another 15 points. On a very secret document rests his name and his total amount of points. (25)

Blackwater may get in contact with his moderator and ask if it makes sense and it is okay for his character to upgrade his Entropy sphere from rank 1 to rank 2. If there are no objections, Blackwater can submit a forum application - with the catch that instead of writing a long story, or submitting 100 screenshots - he can instead ask for his contribution points to be exchanged.

If approved and he has enough points as well as the necessary XP points, he will thus be allowed to progress without needing to RP training sessions by himself or writing mentor stories.

Quote from: Upgrade costs
Ability upgrade (3 to 4): 5 points
Ability upgrade (4 to 5): 10 points
Attribute upgrade (3 to 4): 10 points.
Attribute upgrade (4 to 5): 25 points.
Willpower/Gnosis/Rage (5-7): 20 points
Willpower/Gnosis/Rage (8): 50 points
Willpower/Gnosis/Rage (9): 75 points
Willpower/Gnosis/Rage (10): 100 points
Discipline (Only upgrades): 20 to 50 points
Sphere (Only upgrade): 50 to 100 points
Lore (Only upgrade): 25 to 100 points
Gifts: 20 x Rank, mandatory moderator approval.
Faith: 20 x Rating. (Faith 7 would require 140 points)

If you have any questions, feedback or other comments - the thread will remain open. If you'd like to submit an event you storytold, you may do so by forum PM-ing Nadler, Simon or me respectively. When doing so, please follow the simple format below:

Code: (Format) [Select]
Your Character Name(s):
Event Date:
Attending Characters: (amount)
Screenshots: (5-10 max)
Brief Description of the Event: (100 words or so)

Spoiler for Example:
Your Character Name(s): Takeshi_Karasu & Shayara_Laylah
Event Date: 11 october
Amount of attending players: 1
Screenshots: (5-10 max)
Brief description of your event: (100 words or so)
Aria uncovered a well i mapped (the well of curses) and i storytold her entry and subsequent fight with a few drowners. She then got submerged in an illusion which she had to escape from. Afterwards she obtained one of Mira's pages.

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Re: Storyteller Contribution Points
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2019, 09:55:53 PM »
Forgot to mention. Arete (Seekings), Generation (diablerie) and other major rank ups are also viable to an extent. Consult your race moderator for an accurate cost. These will probably cost in the hundreds.

we might also let people buy new disciplines or spheres alltogether, but that again depends largely on how easy it'd be to acquire said powers.

I.E. A vampire with a mentor who possesses Fortitude could easily impart that knowledge, and they'd be able to get it for some 75 points. Trying to get Thaumaturgy with no mentor, even at rank 1 however - that will likely be impossible.

If you have the experience points, common sense and your character sheet isn't broken - you should be able to upgrade stuff via contribution points.