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The Theater of War: Guidelines
« on: April 26, 2020, 13:27:21 PM »
The Theater of War is a turn based conquest campaign available to Official Factions. Brought to you by Hal, Omni and TMalkin, it'll hopefully motivate factions to get a little more involved in the war behind the scenes. Other than chadding your way through hoardes of NPCs, this mode will test out your wits and planning skills. You will be challenged to find ways to infiltrate a domain or area and gouge out the correct numbers, then plan your takedown ahead of time. Disabling security measures before wandering into a fortress, or undermining the guards to make things easier for yourself. Setting up your own defenses in preparation for a battle in case your own domain is under attack, or abandoning strategic places in favor of taking new, more profitable ones.

The regulations for the Theater, as well as the enemies, factions and other rulesets will change continuously as we try to experiment with the project. It's going to be very challenging at first, but hopefully we'll manage to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Eligibility Requirements:
You must have at least 7 members in your faction, capable of being deployed in a conquest. Every 7 members you have will allow you to form a deployable team, which can perform 1 turn of conquest activities.
You need the official faction status at the beginning of a conquest turn.

Conquest Turns:
A conquest turn is equal to 1 OOC month of gameplay. This is going to be the time rule for the period of adjustment, but as we get better at it - we'll try to move it at one turn per 2 weeks. The conquest turn will be split in the following:

Week 1:
 - The NPC factions will declare their moves, attacking either player owned-areas or other NPC owned territories.
 - Player factions will declare their attack targets or defensive positions, as well as register their conquest teams.
 - At the end of week 1 (Sunday, at midnight) the positions will be locked in.

Week 2 & 3:
 - The Theater Moderation Team will map select areas, spawn NPCs and create labels for each conquest target.
 - The Theater Moderation Team will adjust rewards as seen fitting to the difficulty of a given area, and the attacking faction.

Week 3:
 - Player factions will be able to conduct espionage missions to try and gouge out the defenses and numbers of a territory. (This is an optional step)
 - Player factions may prepare their attack, acquire new tools and so on.

Week 4:
 - The actual battles will be hosted in a pre-scheduled day.
 - At the end of the week (Sunday, by midnight) the Resolve of the conquest turn will be posted.

Conquest Teams:
A team registration application must be filed here, by the faction leader. This has to be done each month if a faction chooses to participate in a fight. Here are some important tidits:

- A Character cannot be part of 2 conquest teams at the same time.
- Wildcard faction members require admin approval.
(I.E. Mason Fletcher joins Anarch faction 2 weeks before a conquest just so he is eligible).
- A player can only choose 1 of their characters when attending conquests.
(I.E. Matthews has to either choose to participate as John Hernandez for the Anarchs or Nicholas Devereaux for the Silvercrown Hounds, he cannot attend both).
- Moderators of the Theater of War cannot participate in a conquest, nor are their characters eligible to be NPC'd.
- Non-playable characters (Mentors, Allies, Retainers) are disallowed from joining a Conquest Team.
- If the entirety of your team fails to show up before the arranged time, you may be disqualified or the event will be rehosted, at the moderation team's discretion. If 5/7 members show up, the event will go as planned.

Applications for a Conquest must be filed in the relevant Conquest Turn thread, by the end of week 1, along with the desired action. Click here to register for May.

Code: (Format) [Select]
[b]Team Objective:[/b]
[b]Team Members:[/b]

Spoiler for Example:
Quote from: Example
Faction: Aligatus Sanguis
Leader: Kristijan Novovic

Team Objective: Capture the Incinerator in San Fierro.
Team Members:
1. Kristijan_Novovic
2. Nathan_Hawthorne
3. John_Rodriguez
4. Blyatkovich_Bobus
5. Aleister_Nectarius
6. Nadlersteir_Alectarius
7. Nadlerus_Nadlerovich

Team Objective: Defend the allied Baron's Estate.
Team Members:
1. Nadlerikus_Nadlerson
2. Nadlerian_Nadlerus
3. Nadler_Nadler
4. Nadddler_Naddlers
5. Nadler_Nad
6. Ned_Nadler_Nadlerus
7. Another_Lasombra_Nadler

Having successfully defended an allied territory, or captured a new territory - you will be eligible for rewards.

One-time rewards (relics, spawned money, spawned items) in cases where you defend an allied faction's territory or capture a one-off area. (i.e. raiding a Pentex facility won't give you control over it, but it will allow you to thwart their efforts, destroy their operation and gain their supplies)

Monetary rewards (faction paycheck boosts OR monthly cash paydays) are awarded when you continuously hold a territory for consecutive months.

Free Backgrounds (Status, Resources, Allies, Defenses*, Armoury) and so on may be given to a faction or its members. If you control an arms factory or a smuggling depot, you will be able to make use of a relevant backgrounds. This will either be a discount, free items or other benefits along the lines of that.

Map and Locations:
A map of the conquest areas will be updated at the end of each month. You can also check the rough estimates for each location and what rewards might be yielded from a successful attack.

Non-Playable Factions:
When NPC factions make an attack against another NPC faction's territory, an automatic success on the conquest is assumed. No NPC faction will target a stronghold they cannot clear out. Players can intervene and defend areas attacked by Non-playable factions, thus earning the favor of the defending party. This can result in the player team being rewarded.

Death in the Theater of War campaigns will result in a Player-Kill in most cases. You will be forced to apply-damage. In some extreme cases, your character will be debilitated (crippling wounds, derangements, lost limbs, curses, etc), and perhaps might even lead to a character-kill.

If you are player-killed, you will be unable to join any efforts towards related to the conquest for that campaign turn.

Clarification on what constitutes a valid PvP PK reason. IF a given PLAYER faction has previously attacked your territory, you are allowed to attack the strike team assuming you are aware who is responsible. However, if you are part of a larger faction (i.e. Tremere) and Anarchs declare attacking a Camarilla owned domain, you will not be able to retaliate. The only way to get personally involved (and thus gain a PvP kill reason) is to defend that territory.

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