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Formed 1998, Aligatus Sanguis was made to level the playing field in Red County, It's roster consists of three elder and ancient vampires who have roamed the field long before anyone had taken soil upon it. The sect consists of kindred of various clans, backgrounds and ancestry and are tasked with keeping up with the current events set within the town. They protect not only the Masquerade, but also aim to not endanger innocent lives because of reckless kindred, They have taken upon themselves to keep Kindred in place and assert diplomatic alliances with the rest of the races harboring Red County.

Over the long course of unlife roaming Red County, Palomino Creek to be specific. there existed many organizations, factions or little sects with different agendas, some contained similar individuals that were present during the formation of Aligatus Sanguis, having garnered enough experience to finally establish something that has proper foundation and lasts for as long as needed, having Kristijan Novovic, former Sheriff to the Camarilla as one of the founders, alongside Shayara Laylah who are both remembered for aiding in the infamous attack of the Earthbound on Palomino Creek few years back, alongside other memorable Kindred.

The power of Aligatus Sanguis began to dwindle after a short period of time, during which an Anarch Movement lead by Marcus Nadler (Gangrel Elder) and Isaac Wylcoff (Brujah Elder, who had lead The Covenant alongside other memorable Kindred) joined forces in order to establish a foothold of Palomino Creek's Domain after the residents of it began to scatter and lose any form of unity as a race. During this time, freedom was present - albeit, shortly.

Shayara Laylah had been assigned as the Seneschal of Theron, the new Prince of Los Angeles. Palomino Creek's former faction is re-established and Kindred of higher authority were offered positions among the Camarilla. After much consideration, both Nadler and Wylcoff had accepted the offer, as did other Kindred that they had influence over. Their paths lead the duo towards two completely different fates, however.

Isaac Wylcoff was asigned the next Sheriff after his contributions as a Hound and continued to be an influential Elder among the younger Kindred and equally as respected by those his age or perhaps older. He protected the Domain of Palomino Creek with his life, having been given a true purpose other than day-to-day survival.

After the incident in Palomino Creek and the forced migration to Angel Pine, Isaac, alongside Karias had caught News that the Star Tower has been destroyed and that Shayarah Laylah, Threon and other residents present in there had been killed in the aftermath. This prompted the two to act in the best interest of all Kindred and establish their dominance over the Domain by defending it from the ensuing dangers from the members of Caine's Sword. Karias was given the position of Sheriff once more by Isaac Wylcoff, who, in turn was voted into the Primogen Council to represent his own Clan, beforehand. He now has a seat among the Primogen and aids the Camarilla's affairs through his leadership of Aligatus Sanguis, the dominant vampire 'coterie' that is now, once again officially recognized by the Camarilla as their own sub-faction.

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