Author Topic: "Obey", by H8, the Williams. A rap letter to the government.  (Read 659 times)


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"Obey", by H8, the Williams. A rap letter to the government.
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Yo', check this, mic's smokin' 'an burnin', lyrics are fresh:

Da' crap is this, have I fell asleep,
Been sucked in an Orwellian dystopian nightmare?
They thinkin' we're North Korean, heh,
'Dis a message fo' our own Kim Jong-un,
Actin' "dictator" Lewis, hear it out,
We black sheep, nigga', holla' up boys ...
'An' baby, pour me another cheap drink,
Someon's got the need to go deep and
Heap the state's main keep.

Yea', we all livin' today, 1984, dawg,
Is the date, ain't nothin' we can do 'bout it but await,
For the days to pass and better times t' come,
I draw this chore out o' bore, 'an' it's a cold sore,
Spreadin' its prewar through overseas, offshore,
Soon to enter a state of war, against who I wonder.
Who's the real enemy? The state or its people? Fuck it.
I didn't rapp-ort fo' this, wasn't it called the Libertarian Wing?

Quit the fuckin' lies, they are beyond yo' black suit 'an white ties,
Fuckin' hypocrital politicians, and their cinical ambitions.
"Reducing surveillance and government pressure" my ass,
"We want to change that so citizens shouldn’t feel ...
the need to protest against the government"
, yea' right.
You are doin' a dope job, keep it up you all.
(laughing in the background).

I salute yo', Martin Luther - the King,
But now it ain't about black segregation,
The hole is deeper, formation o' dictation,
Predation of the damnation. There's no salvation, homie,
Status quo, it's stagnation. I call arms on liberation.

Think not, 'dis is no revolution,
This is a claim to da' people's rights,
Instituted in the amendments, with no amend,
Is a testament to its descendents.
Freedom as tenement, eager commencement:
We are independent.

Tryna' scold 'an mold my positronic hold,
It can't possibly work, haven't yo' realized yet, dawg?
Simply ain't there no such drug nor pill,
Nothin' you feed me will change the way I feel.
This ain't the Brave New World,
We are not robots, get o-ver yourself.
You can't control the wild words we spill,
Spirits with will, fo' real ma' man, for real.

Doctrine us all, slaves to the system,
Left lingering in a life not worth livin'
Maybe a nuclear boom could erase
And cleanse the world's face.
Start anew. 'Coz we all children of democracy,
'Dis the wasteland, fallout and decay,
Where dreams mutate,
Bleeding into the makin' of a liberty estate.

Would it work? Don't know I suppose.
The government is a cockroach,
Immune to the gamma wave, gotta' work
Our game if we're to maintain strength,
But in the end we're innate to the road of self-des-tru'ction,
From da' ashes and flames, com-bus'tion from within,
I dare to blame say I see the red tail of an arisin' phoenix.
The everlasting hope. Man, I must be trippin' hard.

I expect 'em lyrics not to be too close to the blazes,
Heard da' paper tans at 451 fahrenheit
It'd be daze, if not quite the gaze.
To see the world burn, reminiscin' the good old days.
Wouldn't it now, fuckin' parasite?

Thinkers, to the government we leave our middle fingers.
Yea', da' 'ne next 't the trigger, you feel me?
Linger but do not minger, we are all sinners,
I reckon, but no left-nor-right wingers.
We are free. True libertarians.
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Re: "Obey", by H8, the Williams. A rap letter to the government.
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(( Have edited the thread with the lyrics, now everything looks fine and dandy. ))

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Re: "Obey", by H8, the Williams. A rap letter to the government.
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(( So uh, only the Government can see this? ))


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Re: "Obey", by H8, the Williams. A rap letter to the government.
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(( Everyone can hear it, it's played occasionally on the local radio. It's a "rap letter" directed to the government, but avaliable for anyon' that happens to have a radio/be nearby one. ))
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Re: "Obey", by H8, the Williams. A rap letter to the government.
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**Marco decides to open Pearce's locker, taking out his radio, turning it on, just randomly going trough the frequencies. He stops for a brief moment, when he hears the rap**
Marco G.: Fine radio, you wanted this...
**Marco grabs a hammer from his backpack, because he is a mechanic and keeps it there**
Marco G.: A kind advice for you, radio. Don't do this again...
**Marco lightly hits the radio with the hammer, but nothing happened to it, because he threw the hammer really lightly on it**
Marco G.: Rap war... Oh my God..
**Marco throws his jacket on the couch, later yawning, deciding to continue this on a new day**

((Check the Irish guy's, Chill's RP if you wanna get the hang of it))