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Leopold Licht
« on: October 21, 2019, 16:39:17 PM »

Name: Leopold Licht.
Birthday: 21/09/1962, Thirty Seven years old.
Creed: Judge.
He seeks to understand monsters, but only so he can determine whether they should live or die. .
Virtue: Zeal.

Demeanour: Gallant
He  seek attention and adulation from others. Your strength is Artistry, while your weakness is Flamboyance.
Allegiance: Hell Schatten

The Brave 
Brave are those who spit on destiny and refuse to be crushed under the shepherd's staff. Regardless of their methods, and regardless of their goals - they ought to be respected for their bravery. Many of them yield their lives in the war. A few with dignity, more than few in fear and regret - but they die as warriors. Once upon a time, in their accursed short life - they rose their chins and demonstrated bravery. Bravery against the shepherd who teaches them a life that ends in slaughter, and bravery against the wolves looming beyond the plains.
I respect, admire, and solemnly swear to not betray your pride.

The Torpid 
Ignorance is bliss, and your slumber I envy greedily. I crave what you have, but I do not regret my branding. I will do what I can, for as long as I can - to protect that which I will never be able to have. I will defend your families, and raise my gauntlets against the horrors that would scar your children. I dedicate my life to you. I shed my blood for you.
I fight, so that you do not have to.
I accept this curse with an open heart, because I love you.

The Guilty 
No... I bear no hatred for you. You are my calling, the reason for my existence. How could I rightfully hold you in contempt? The universe makes no mistakes. I am sure you have a purpose. I am sure you think you do. But, just as you think it is your right to trample on human lives and plunder everything you desire - I think it is my right; nay - my duty... to trample on you.
I raise my sword against you - not because I despise your existence, but because I have to.

The Inhibited 
I know the world is cruel and dirty. I know there are no innocents. I know that monsters roam the world. Mortal and supernaturals alike - beasts of varying degrees of evil. But you-... you who make an effort to shackle your desires. You - who think of others before accentuating your entitlements. You - who sow before you reap. I shall convey silent praise to you, and the hope you represent for the world. I do not hope for salvation, or strive for grand plans like unification. I do not believe you will ever be one of us. I do not deem you capable of the same dreams, but-... it is not my right to deny you cohabitation.
Live then, and thrive. Show us you can be better.

  • Garet 
    The roads part before us again. Though we've grown distant - you will remain close to my heart. A brother I can entrust my life to - with no reluctance. A man who's wisdom surpasses his benevolence and courage. A pillar I can always rely on. A brother.

  • Shamauten
    I am stuck. I look at you - at what was once my brother - and I find myself unable to look deeper. I see a friend, a brother. I see family. I need not look any deeper, and the fact that I can say that with no reluctance gives me joy. To be able to trust someone - without digging into their murky layers - it is a blessing. I entrusted my life and soul to you, without fear of you ever betraying that trust.

  • Ronico
    The skylark soars anew - wings fluttering and expanding across town. A bright source of intermittent joy, you have reminded me of my ability to cherish things. I have grown in the past and dabbled in regret for too long, perhaps. I will try to the best of my ability to repay your kindness. As you take flight, become stronger - and part from us - allow me to light your path.

  • Christy 
    The woman behind the uniform did not disappoint me. I am glad I made the steps needed to acquaint myself with her. The valiance portruding from behind the badge of a hero held in contempt inspires hope in me. Raise your shield - skjaldmær. Shelter the world, in spite of its contempt for you. You are doing nothing wrong.

  • Ryker
    An intriguing man. Hard to read. Even harder to know what he wants of life. It appears as though he is aimless, while also bearing the weight of the universe on his shoulders. He does not bear the airs of a white knight, nor does he strain himself too hard to be righteous. Yet - he is caring. He lends a hand to others, and strives for peace. If it came to it - you would not be judged by my blade, for you are a good kind of monster.

  • Aawal
    You've earned my gratitude for the choices you've made. Your goals remain a mystery to me, and I still doubt where your compass points - but you are undoubtedly one I can rely upon without reservation. If it came a time for us to have a beer together, I would enjoy it.
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Re: Leopold Licht
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2019, 16:47:46 PM »
Looking back at it now, we were no different from animals. Caged for ‘our safety’. Unwanted and with no future prospects to speak of.
We had nothing, and yet we still vehemently fought, even for those scraps. I never knew who to blame. The war? It’s been over for decades.
 My parents? I haven’t met them either, so I couldn’t judge. Perhaps I was the one to blame all along.
 I had many shortcomings, and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was misjudged because of them.

Spoiler for Character Story:

Leopold found himself growing in an orphanage before he had even learned the word ‘father’ or ‘mother’. While his peers across the Saale had a better living, the ravages of war could still be felt in the northern side of Thüringen. Germany was scarred, and the Soviets never did anything but throw salt on that wound. His parents never afforded to groom another child, and so they left him in the care of the state. In spite of the orphanage being a run-down repurposed building, at least they would be fed there. At the very least, that’s the explanation Leo came up with when he didn’t want to sink into depression and acknowledge he’d been cast aside.

There was one thing that kept him going. He could have never shouldered the pressure on his own, but three twigs are harder to bend than one. Garet and Elmar were his mountain. Neither of them were overbearing enough to stand up to the older bullies, but they were there to provide comfort when he needed. This reliance on the warmth and shelter the camaraderie offered soon developed into an unshakeable bond between the trio. Though they were born of different parents, it didn’t take long for a brotherhood to form. A true family, built on a muddy playground - yet able to transcend decades of wear and even death.

In spite of the harsh conditions, his youth was spent in a very carefree manner. Unlike his peers, he more or less resigned himself to the idea that he may not amount to much in life, thus he didn’t study as hard nor try to impress his caretakers. But, all good things must come to an end eventually. As they neared the threshold of adulthood, they realized the future that awaited them if they did nothing. With lack of a better alternative, the brothers who took upon the name Licht sought out their ‘light’ in the military. Though military service was mandatory during the Cold War, the trio took it a step further and branched out deeper. Wholeheartedly accepting the lifestyle it offered, they would spend nearly a decade embedded in the ranks of the soviet army.

The Licht brothers would often reconvene, but were otherwise separated into units that best suited their affinity. Compared to Elmar who had a knack for medicine and could stomach the idea of sliding a scalpel across torn guts, Leopold was better at tearing said guts apart. He dedicated himself to rigorous training schedules and combat performance. Thanks to his bulky frame and perseverance, he progressed smoothly through the ranks and soon found himself in a covert force. Thanks to his lack of ties and proven ruthlessness, Leopold was handpicked to become a Stasi operative.

After years of service, they each grew into men worthy of their accolades, completely overshadowing their feeble past. Firm in action and driven by a sense of duty and patriotism, Leopold dedicated himself to his service to the very end. He may not have qualified as a hero, on account of all the torture, kidnapping and assassinations he’d performed - but he did it for the people. During his service, he seldom questioned orders. It wasn’t until the fall of the Soviet Union that he had begun to ponder in which direction his heart beats.

Alongside the red flag spanning two continents, the Stasi dissolved as well. There was no room for a KGB-istic organization in a fully functioning democratic country. Leonard was out of a job. No longer having a path set out before him, but with enough savings to last him a lifetime - he spent his time frivolously with women. Weeks spanned like days and time flew past him. He was already thirty two years old, and the future still didn’t seem too bright. He had obtained the comfort he longed for in the orphanage, but joy still turned to ash in his mouth come morning. He had no aim, no purpose - not until the night in which fate slapped him across the face and forced him to sober up.

Leopold was a confident male, but even he suspected something was off about his companion. The lady who had willingly accompanied him from the bar felt too good to be true. Unnaturally gorgeous, her hands cold and glistening like jade. A mere glance from her and perhaps in some level of his subconsciousness he had already decided to marry her. Alas, things never got that far. Straying away from bright spotlights and bustling roads, they maneuvered into secluded alleys. While this may have seemed like a ‘right’ direction for someone in the search of quick release - something was off. At some point it started to rain, and he remembers to this day how he looked down while trying to avoid a puddle - only to see a nightmare unleash in its reflection. His heart quivered in fear, and for a moment he struggled to understand what it was he saw in that puddle. Eviscerated corpses, blood, maimed children - he had seen it all. Yet the reflection of that innocent beauty in front of him - it sent shivers down to his very core.

Frozen in his terror, Leopold could only stare. His friendly companion stared back in a daze, perhaps just as confused. Yet, this also proved to be an opportunity, and it didn’t take long for her to bare fangs down on him. This kind of physical exchange is not something he’d bargained for, and so - almost instinctively, he pushed her off and reached for his gun. Having pointed it at her, he wasn’t quite sure if he was ready to fire. The creature backed away, shying away from the pistol pointed at its skull. No gunshots echoed in the alleyway that night. Perhaps he was a coward, or simply weak. No - it was neither of those things. Rather, it was a need to know. A sudden epiphany that showed him just how small of an ant he is in this universe. He had to know who she was, what she was, and whether or not it was a mistake to not fire the gun that night. Making use of his hesitance, the vampire flashed out of his field of vision, perhaps unwilling to bother with the risky meal.

Leopold’s awakening struck him like a sudden bolt of lightning. It gave him purpose, and he clung to it happily. For weeks following the incident, he roamed the bars and busy night clubs of the city, yet he never once doubted himself or give up. Having a chance to reuse his skills, he pursued down the target with a thirst rivalling that of a methuselah. He found her eventually, another meal in toll. The same serene smile portrayed on her face, as if she was a carefree hawk floating through uninhabited plains.

He made himself unseen and trailed along, camouflaged by the crowd. She lead him into an alleyway, but contrary to the previous encounter - this fella was not as lucky. Having her fangs sunk into him, he gradually grew paler. His complexion changed visibly and he eventually collapsed at her feet. The woman made herself scarce before Leopold could get to him. Luckily, he still had a pulse. His preceptory had somehow evolved since that vision in the puddle. If he concentrated, he could feel and sense things in a new light. There weren’t any marks on his neck, but he clearly saw her drink blood from him.

While the ambulance arrived, Leo sunk into a deep state of contemplation. Some things no longer made sense to him, and he wasn’t sure what to make of the whole thing. This woman was clearly a beast. An animal in her own right, she lured and hunted prey. On the other hand, her prey lived. Was this a sign of weakness? A fail on her side - or was there something bigger at play? These questions flooded his mind continuously as he made his way back home. More information… if only he had all the information, he would know where to go from there. If there was one person who could help him dig it up, it was definitely his brother - Garet Licht.

Upon reuniting with his brother, he once more regained a clear head. After discussing the encounter for hours, they dove into the unknown in search for answers. Setting aside myths and legend from truth is no easy matter, but with access to enough information - the curtains slowly receded and paved the way for the truth. Walking on that road is a strenuous task, filled with peril - but it is also liberating. He had never craved the truth to that extent, not until he figured out how little he knows of the world.

As truth unfurled its wings before him, he finally saw through the horrors beyond the veil. With truth, the fear bellowing inside him was gone, instead replaced by resolute anger. He was angry. Angry at how unfair the world was, angry that he was once more forced to remember his youth and how unjust this universe became. Angry enough to seize the opportunity and become a herald of justice himself. It was time for those who spilled blood to lose their own. The forgotten depravities of the unknown will be repaid, and those who do not carry light will be forced to sink into the eternal dark.

Once the threat gained a face and a name, it became much easier to dispatch it. Fire and sunlight were the natural opponent of such a creature. After tailing the vampire for months, Leonard figured out its methods and habits more or less. It would lure out an unknowing target, feast and then ditch them in some rundown alley. She wouldn’t kill them, usually. One or two did die however, and that may have been what sealed her fate. On the spectrum of wickedness drawn in Leo’s head, she most definitely qualified as evil. Judgement was bearing down on her.

After debating a few plans, they ultimately agreed that Garet would serve as bait. Perhaps he felt better knowing no innocent lives will be put at stake for this, or perhaps he trusted Leopold. In either case, they knew they couldn’t dwell on it for too long. This creature had to be stopped. They didn’t have fancy technology at the time, nor did they know the best way around killing an undead. That didn’t mean that they fought it unprepared. After meticulous planning, and using some information he’d gotten from Leo’s encounter, they were able to draw Priscila’s attention.

Leopold followed closely, and eventually they came up into an empty alleyway. Garet backed off and withdrew his weapon, and they cornered her successfully. Alas, as with all plans - something inevitably had to go wrong. After the hunters opened fire, the vampire’s movements became erratic. She moved faster, seemed to feel no pain, even as bullets ploughed through her flesh. She briefly became a blur and swiped down on Leopold, who in spite of his size, wound up blown backwards against the wall. His consciousness grew fuzzy. He saw the vampire corner them, drawing closer to finish him. The slash that would take his head never came.

A faint electric field drizzled through his hair, and he vividly saw the undead stagger back from Garet. Another bullet or two left the chamber, tearing into the undead’s skull. Just as he was about to lose consciousness, he saw the monster fall - just as helpless as he was. This thought put a smile on his face, because he knew he’d won. Barely able to muster a whisper, he told Garet to finish it. His eyes closed, but he still felt the stench of gasoline and the warmth of the flames that preyed upon the monster moments later.

Days later, just barely able to move a muscle - Leopold regained consciousness. Elmar proved to be a sore sight for his eyes, and he understood why he hadn’t shook hands with God yet. Perhaps this was the true error of the plan, the fact that they relied on two brothers when there was a third. In either case, it seemed as though Garet had already informed Elmar of what was going on. There were no secrets among family. Even matters that would make one think he was insane. He had heard the Herald’s calling, and he knew his mission is real. The pile of ashes gathered in a tuna can served as proof of that. Proof that there was a higher calling for the Licht brothers. This was their call of duty, and neither of them would back away from this fight.

After a full recovery, but without a day of rest - their research into the supernatural progressed smoothly. They had even made contact with another Hunter cell. Though they had received a formal invitation to join them, they ultimately rejected it - with the promise of keeping in contact and sharing information. The mere existence of another cell gave them comfort. The information they received was an even better encouragement. The war they chose was not fought by them alone, their crusade had been ongoing for centuries if not millenia.

It took them another year or so until they grew comfortable with the idea of hunting supernaturals. A lot of training went into teamwork and learning or developing new means to combat varying types of them. They had even taken down a shapeshifter who’d massacred an entire family. Things were looking up - or rather, they began to stare deeper into the abyss. Over time, they grew more confident. Young vampires were dispatched within a week or two after being found guilty. Their arsenal evolved and became filled with efficient tools specifically intended to combat such creatures. This was naturally thanks to the aid from the other cell, who largely supported their effort.

Time trickled past their fingers and another year had passed. The experience of the hunt proved invaluable in shaping their morals and virtues, but at the same time this boost in confidence served as a double edged sword. With time, Leopold grew too overconfident perhaps. All who suffer from ego unavoidably fall. Such was the case with a hunt gone wrong in 1998. After investigating a few kidnappings, the Licht brothers tracked down a sorceror. From the looks of it, he was channeling their blood to perform all sorts of wicked rituals to empower himself. One night, when they had snuck in to obtain evidence of his misdeeds, Leopold stumbled upon a few diagrams. Thanks to their knowledge, they were more or less able to figure out what the magus’ next goal was - summoning a demonic being from the abyss.

This was a new playing field for them, and information was lacking. Yet, in spite of it - Garet advocated they move forth with the plan. The others didn’t disagree. Lives were at stake, and if they took too long to study their enemy, they would surely succeed in the ritual. Without much to go on, the hunters went in blind. The ritual was meant to take place in the woods, giving them ample terrain and the freedom to go in guns blazing. A makeshift plan was put forth: relying on the enemy’s weakness during the ritual, they would hope to make use of the distraction to charge in and destroy him. Against a normal enemy, this would have worked… but, they weren’t fighting simple foes.

As the trio advanced into the woods, they unknowingly triggered a few sentinel plates. Dormant warning systems that immediately alerted the magus of their coming. By the time they arrived at the ritual site, the magus had been chanting in a loud voice. Little did they realize, it was not the summoning rite he was attempting - but rather an offensive spell. Around the mage, a spheric aura of dreadful decay spread. Like a maw, it consumed trees and flesh alike, constantly spreading its corruption. By the time it reached Gerald, a few bushes had already turned to ash. Not long after, their flesh began to fester. The imbued activated their second sight to shelter them from such vile influence, but Elmar was not as lucky. First, it was the skin. Blistering, it took an ashen hue, then the flesh became exposed. His blood vessels pumped poison through it, and by the time it reached his heart - Elmar had already collapsed from agony. His screams on the throes of death pushed Leopold and Garet to their extreme. They let go of the cold, calculative attitude and charged forth. Their usual combination proved fruitless against the magus, who rose into the air as he continued to chant. Not long after, a blade of energy struck against Garet, opening a gushing wound across his chest. He too, collapsed in misery.

Garet’s defense opened up an opportunity of attack for Leopold, and he took it with no hesitation. His brother’s death weighed heavily on his heart, but if he were to fail to avenge him - he would surely be unable to forgive himself. The gun rang loudly as shot after shot tore into the mage’s flesh. Though it didn’t kill him immediately, it disrupted his chant and sent him hurling back to the ground. By the time he recovered his landing, another clip was emptied in his chest. With a loud thud, his lifeless body collapsed in woods.

This mistake had cost them too much. The light in Elmar’s eyes had already passed, and Garet himself was like a candle in the wind. It was all over. A state of absolute helplessness overwhelmed Leo, perhaps for the first time ever. As he sunk down to his knees and prepared himself for the strain of losing his family, he saw it again. Dazzling with pure silvery light, a radiance pure and unmatched by any creature he’d met until then. It was no illusion, either. One as overbearing as the Heralds themselves towered before him. To his dismay, the face of the angelic figure was his recently deceased brother.

Elmar’s face was a bit more chiseled and manly. His wings unfurled to the side in that moment, and he rose like a phoenix from its ashes. The impressive visage did not keep a hold of Leo for too long, and he soon staggered back and once more retrieved his weapon. He wouldn’t fall prey to an enemy’s illusion, and he knew better than to be mislead by-..

Doubt didn’t have enough time to take root in his heart, because the fallen made a move. Not to attack him, but rather towards the now-unconscious Garet. With a light touch across his torn wound, he mended flesh and bone alike. The scar from the sorceror’s hit was nowhere to be seen. This was a miracle. A blessing from the heavens… or was it hell? The fallen did not keep the apparel for too long, and soon its wings faded away, molded into the bland color of the  woods. Both Garet and Elmar stood before him, alive and well. A shadow of distrust pressed down on his heart, but even if he knew something was wrong… Was Leopold able to draw his weapon against his own brother?

The following weeks were tiresome. Leopold had to focus on the hunt and managing his brother, who had come back from the dead. The latter was very weary as well, and did not speak nor explain much at first. It would take the Licht brothers a lot of time to rebuild the solid trust they had in one another. The situation was quite.. precarious. Neither of them knew what to think of the situation, but it had to be accepted nonetheless. Eventually, even the stoic Leopold had no choice but to resign himself to the idea that his brother was gone. The fallen on the other hand did not wish to move on. His newest memories relied heavily on the brothers, and he trailed alongside them, even showing intent to assist them with their hunts. Naturally weary at first, they weren’t too comfortable with the idea, but ultimately agreed that it had to be done. Leopold was a good judge of character, and he saw no reasonable evidence to suggest the fallen had ill intent, either towards them or humanity. So long as their safety was assured, Garet did not seem to mind as well. Thus begun the new wave of extermination.

After a period of rediscovery, they figured out how Elmar could best aid them in the hunt. Before he was a mere human brought forth behind the veil to face off nightmares. Now, he was a fallen angel capable of shaking continents in times past. It did not take long for him to earn their respect, and his insight proved invaluable. They no longer had to base things on myths and legends, because a creature from the dawn of time was there to educate them on the intricacies of the world. At least the very little of what he had remembered. With this new power dynamic in play, they soon moved to bigger threats, moving across the country. They arrived in Hamburg in late 1999, and it is there they stumbled on an infestation far more vicious than anything they’ve encountered before. The Sword of Caine, they called themselves.

The Sabbat had its history of misdemeanors, and usually they were easy to dispatch - at least on the surface level. The shovelheads roaming the streets and bullying weak humans in dark alleyways is merely a face of this monster. It was the ones that roamed beneath its veil that truly held the handle of the sword, and somehow - they managed to seriously piss them off. By picking off a few unfortunate pawns, they alerted the rooks. After a few life-threatening incidents, they had no choice but to crawl back to safety and reconsider their plans. They wouldn’t be able to take down this many undead. They had influence among local law enforcement and politicians alike. They reached out to their old contacts, seeking help from the hunter cell that aided them in the past - only to be met with refusal. They said this was suicidal. While the proportions of the mission were unlike anything they’ve attempted before, they could not stand by and idly watch as innocents suffered under the weight of those creatures.

Something had to be done, and fast. Explosives worked to a certain degree, but if the laws were alerted and descended on them, they would be treated as terrorists and fail. They had to be personal, ruthless and quick. There was no shortcut, no tactic that could outsmart a creature who’d ruled the dark for centuries. In this case, it was the raw power that counted, and they were found lacking. Not only were there only three of them, even with their supernatural aide - they were still not going to cut it. A terrible decision weighed down on them. They had to either risk it or let countless people fall victim to the clutches of the Sabbat.

He doesn’t quite remember when the idea came up, but he knew it was the right choice. Even now, when it seems like it would be the best time to look in hindsight and regret things, there is no doubt in Leonard’s heart that he had made the best decision for humanity himself. He may have doomed his soul, or forsaken the Heralds who embraced him at first - but the messenger’s whispers were not enough to save people. Not this time.

That is why he took the mantle of darkness. Embraced by its cold touch, he began his crusade anew. Undaunted by his enemies, a newfound flame burning within himself. Leopold made what he rightfully sees as the ultimate sacrifice. He gave up his own humanity to save another. What lead to this decision could not be defined by a single factor. He was desperate for power. He craved to serve humanity’s needs. But he would never stoop so low as to kneel before the devil. However, this time the devil wore his brother’s face. He smiled the same way, snored just as loudly, and even his jokes were just as ill crafted as they were back in that orphanage. That is why he felt no shame when he entered that bond.

A Judge’s integrity is their most sacred trait. Many would judge Leopold too. In their eyes, he had lost his way to the corruption and became the very monster he swore to protect the world from. With their borrowed power, overwhelming the older vampire was no longer a dream. They had wings to soar in the skies, and darkness to protect them from the enemy’s eyes. Their eyes burned like golden suns in the face of their enemy, and no being could tower over their determination in that last hunt. The shadow of doubt in his heart was long gone. He knew what had to be done, and while he was still bound by his Creed’s morals, he would not be tied by simple minded morality and do nothing in the face of death. Struggling was the trademark trait of humans, and as long as he kept pushing onwards against the darkness - he would never cease to be humane.

 Looking back at it now, they were no better than animals. They looked at us with bloodshot eyes, as if we were the most monstrous being they’ve faced. It did not matter to them that we fought in the same war. Our accolades amounted to nothing in their eyes - they were like piles of ash about to scatter with dawn’s breeze. It hurt, I will not lie.
 Having dedicated EVERYTHING to the cause, yet still being ostracized and alienated.
 I felt miserable, but I did not yield. As long as I had my brothers, I would continue to stand up and watch over humanity with vigilance.
This is my calling, and I will not back away.

I will wrestle my fate, and merrily gnaw on the little nothings that come my way. The hunters branded us as renegades. Failures of our creeds and monsters worth chasing down. We disagreed, but we also saw their point. We had no quarrel with our own blood, and we would not unjustly cull their numbers. At the end of the day, humanity’s decisions were not for me to judge. We left. We ventured far and wide, to a land more suitable to our calling.

The Heralds no longer whispered in our ears, but even so - we knew where Fate would have us.

Angel Pine, 2000. Light has arrived.
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Re: Leopold Licht
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Re: Leopold Licht
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Is this pic from the dread doctors in teen wolf series?


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Re: Leopold Licht
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another masked male  :'(


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Re: Leopold Licht
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Re: Leopold Licht
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didnt think u were gonna literally clap vamp cheeks
i submit, d-d-daddy..

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Re: Leopold Licht
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no go away

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Re: Leopold Licht
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Re: Leopold Licht
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Re: Leopold Licht
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He chose the path of perpetual torment
In his ravenous hatred he found no peace
And with boiling blood he scoured the umbral plains
Seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him

And those that tasted the bite of his sword named him
The Doom Slayer

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Re: Leopold Licht
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Re: Leopold Licht
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Re: Leopold Licht
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Hawt stuff

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Re: Leopold Licht
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I wouldn't think in a million years that Raven would make a hunter but hey good luck fam