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« on: October 18, 2014, 01:55:39 PM »
All of them would have the same type of information and the transcript.

US Government is looking for four to five suspects in a black-long rancher, reports say they were fired upon after killing a civilian right in the outskirts of the forest, captured another one and fled into the train tracks, right upon seeing a military attack helicopter hover over them.

According to visual interpretation, all men were masked and carried assault rifles, had an armored SUV with fully black tinted Windows, masquerading as some sort of a Government agency or Espionage agency.

After entering the train tracks, the attack helicopter lost them but had found them again, this time, in Las Vegas, occupying the 4th level of Emrald Isle, were they supposedely started fleeing after being fired upon.

Information on these individuals or information leading to all four arrests will provide the informer a Bounty of 100,000 American dollars.

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Re: Radio/TV/Newspapers
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Re: Radio/TV/Newspapers
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