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Character Label regulations
« on: January 20, 2021, 01:42:54 AM »
There are far too many people going around with invalid labels so I've decided to set the record straight.
If you have something you shouldn't, contact an admin to have it removed please.
You will not be held liable for now, but helpers / admins who run into them are obligated to remove on sight.

Subtle Effects
Labels such as "360* Peripherial Vision (Correspondence 1)" are an actual eyesore. They are visually annoying and are generally passive effects known only to the user. There's literally no reason to have one. If you activated it a few hours ago, your /iclogs will demonstrate you have had it. If it's a long lasting effect, use your /RPFs to note it down. Simple as that.

Clothing, Scars, Tattoos and Accessories
Use /cd (character description). Obnoxiously long labels detailing the fact that you have a cross around your neck are a detriment. /cd works perfectly fine without being overly intrusive. If someone cares what you look like, they will likely read your description anyway. If you feel like there's something you absolutely must point out, then recommend they read your /scd before continuing the scene.

Injuries & Deformities
For subtle and minor effects, use /cd. If you are missing a limb, walking as a hunchback or have other visually severe ailments, then you can use a label. Most other times it's simply unwarranted.

Armor Reskin Labels
Full body armors + helmet that are VASTLY different from your run of the mill equipment can merit having a special label. Examples include Special Forces outfitting, medieval outfits, Alanson Technocrat suits, and other supernatural type-armoring.

Masked Reskin Labels
These are strictly disallowed. Buy script-masks if your label is on the basis of you wearing a mask, bandana, helmet or whatever else.

OOC Spectator
These are no longer permitted. If you are in a scene OOCly, you may simply state so and go stay in a corner in silence to observe. Alternaively, you can have a Spectate: [specific player] label temporarily.

Don't turn your labels into senseless rainbows. July is a great month but you should stick to your race colors. Disguises are white {FFFFFF} color by default. Supernatural apparel labels (Shroud of Darkness, Tenebrous Form, etc) take a black {181818} color. Animals take the beast {F0E68C} color by default.

Infernal Forms
I've seen Demons take up anything between Incandescent Fallen to Smelly Tornado. Generally speaking, you only get one of these labels if they're descriptive of a specific form. You may only get one of these if your label depicts an Atavistic Form, or a special primary visage. Shroud of Darkness will display you as a blob of darkness at night. Chameleon Skin will turn you into a nigh-transparent ghosty outline. In this case, you can set a label to reflect this change. If you do not possess either of those things, then it does not merit a specific label change.

Changeling Mien
The usual light blue labels are applied in the Dreaming or when invoking one's form.

Unique IDs
If a given label is restricted and unique to your character, an administrator may allow you to opt out of having the unique ID show. Generally, this applies to Atavistic Forms.

Invisibility Skins
Only set one if your character is 100% unseen. Obfuscate, Chameleon's Skin and Blur of the Milky Way type powers do not render you fully invisible. If you employ this skin for partial invisibility, but may be detected through other means, you are OBLIGATED to check with players around you if they may or may not detect you. Failure to do so is powergame.

Mask of One Thousand Faces
Obfuscate 3 is not seen through by default by other supernaturals who ought to be otherwise immune. If you are aware someone may see through your guise, you must inform them of your original appearance.
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