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*Club RED*
« on: October 28, 2019, 16:16:54 PM »
Club RED

An Elysium for the Camarilla as it was recently declared as so. The Anarch known as Nathan Hawthorne has taken over the Club and is now under Anarch influence. In turn, the Club intern provides services for them.

(Until an event center is officially established there will be raves and events as such held weekly, members will be notified icly about such, through a mailing system)

The Club is based around not being judged, and has simple rules. Once inside the club everyone is on equal ground except for the Keeper of Elysium who has last say in all matters.

Club RED is also heavily guarded in a number of capacities which make its guests safe to engage in the debauchery they so please whilst inside its walls. These capacities include, but are not limited to: Armed Guards, Reinforced Steel and Concrete walls, a Steel door that is bolted into the walls, and the entire facility has been enchanted to reduce damage dice used against it. If attempting to breach the walls to get to the interior of Club Red, all structural integrity should be accounted for and with the enhancement it subtracts 10 successes from any attempt to breach the facility through force.

The Club does have a premium membership available to any cainite willing to make such large contributions that they are on a list of people who help the club exist without being staff. These people enjoy some extra benefits including a special lounge, primary importance to booking private events, and more.

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