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Program Rules & Regulations.
« on: October 29, 2019, 10:35:10 AM »
General Rules and Regulations:
  • The program fits for new players that are completely new to the World of Darkness theme or to VWH as a whole, however, you may ask to be mentored if you just started or still having issues with character development. If you are a veteran player but are struggling to get ahold on the race you are trying to get, you may apply here as well.
  • If someone didn't approach you already then you may request a mentor on your application and the staff will get you one.
  • Characters created through this program are on trial periods, You won't be punished for small mistakes but activity and good effort is expected.
  • When you believe that you are ready to move forward and you have your mentor agreement, you may apply for race-related applications (e.g for a Mage to apply for a sphere, and so on)
  • If you wish to change your mentor or you have problems with your mentor contact Iron (Discord: IronTony#0211).

Race Regulations:
  • Any race on this initiation program gets to play along the race for a month to test it out, only when they pass the test they may continue to the heavier things listed below.
  • Vampire Race: Ghouls may be embraced in-game, and then apply for it on the forums.
  • Changing Breeds Races: Kinfolks may Roleplay their first change in-game, and then apply for Cub/Cliath on forums.
  • Demon Race: Thralls can't progress the character in-game, but you may apply for a new demon character.
  • Changelings Race: Kinaincan't progress the character in-game, but you may apply for a new Changeling character. (Exclusive race)
  • Mage Race: Orphans can progress and join a tradition, becoming a real mage.
  • Hunter Race: Numina Users / Humans who worked along hunters will be allowed to apply to a hunter character with the same name.

Inactivity Guidelines:
  • If a Mentor is inactive (and notifies about it), it is the Mentor's duty to find a suitable replacement for the initiate.
  • If the Mentor is inactive and did not inform, therefore did not find a suitable replacement, he is removed from the program. The initiate is to contact me (See Discord above).
  • If the Initiate is inactive with no reason they have 2 weeks before their race is stripped from them and they are barred from the program for a month.

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Re: Program Rules & Regulations.
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2019, 04:46:09 PM »
What is the Mentor’s Job?
The mentor has to teach the following: Rolling Mechanics, basic World of Darkness Lore in general (what are vampires, werewolves, and so on), and expanded knowledge of the race they are apart of (IE - Mages need to know the traditions, what is Paradox, quintessence and so on).

Who can qualify as a Mentor?
Any veteran player that is seasoned in the race can apply to be a mentor, of course, if mistakes are made for both the initiate and the mentor it comes back to them.

Mentor benefits:

  • The mentor gets recognition by the staff; if they'd wish to join the staff, things will be much easier for them down the line.
  • For each successful mentor-ship (meaning if a Initiate passes the test after a month) he gets 50 contribution points.

What is the Initiate’s Job?
To understand all that is taught to him both IC and OOC, and to read the book as they go along. This does not remove the need for the book, but it adjusts it in a way that the Mentor can refer to specific pages, and from there on the Initiate can go along on their own. Meaning, after the quiz, they will be able to find the answers themselves.

Who can qualify as an Initiate?
Although this system is for totally new players, for both WoD and VWH as a whole, anyone is capable of being an initiate. Both old members who want to try a new race, and totally new players.

Trial Period and Test:
You have a trial period of a month to learn the basics of the race: Mechanics & basic lore. A race mod or a high-level admin with the proper knowledge will quiz the initiate about their knowledge on the race. If the initiate fails the test they will be deemed unfit for the race at that moment and they will be stripped from their race, and will be referred to apply on the forums if they still want a chance (The idea here is that, those who apply on forums take a much more dedicated study session, by reading the books and developing something much more sustainable).
If they fail it's also a question about the mentor, and through it, no additional initiate should be added to that mentor (It is the mentor’s duty to teach the initiate the basic, if they fail at that, perhaps it is not suited for them).
If they pass, they are no longer an initiate and now a full fledge in that race, therefore they can be removed from the program in that regard (this means that their mistakes are now viable for race changes and so on, and they will no longer be referred as Initiates). In-character wise, the initiate will still be considered as an apprentice by their mentor and will be roleplayed as such.

The Limit:
For each race, there is a limit to how many initiates are allowed. If the max is reached any application for that race is denied until a slot opens up.
A slot can open up once an initiate passes the test.
A mentor can have up to 2 initiates, more than that and its too many. The point is to have a larger quantity of veteran players doing this, and this shouldn’t fall upon the already busy Race mods.

The limits are so:
  • Vampire: 8 Initiates
  • Werewolf: 8 Initiates
  • Mage: 5 Initiates
  • Hunter: 4 Initiates
  • Demon: 4 Initiates
  • Changeling: 2 Initiates

NPC Mentors:

Sometimes a veteran player wants to help out the new fella but can't because their characters do not fit in together, this is where the NPC Mentor comes in.
The potential mentor player will assist the initiate in picking out a proper Mentor Background for them and they will Roleplay as the mentor whenever they are needed.

For example:
George Baily is a new character made by Player_X (the initiate) and wants George to become a Mage, and so, Player_Y (The mentor) will assist Player_X by making the RPFs needed for the Mage NPC. They will then post the needed information on the Initiation application and from there on out they will become the NPC (with the proper skin label as well).
This will skip the need to post an application on the Character-Related Applications section for this specific background.

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Re: Program Rules & Regulations.
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2019, 10:15:25 PM »

  • Reformatted the General Rules and Regulations
  • Edited the Race Regulations
  • Added explicit rules regarding the inactive users
  • Added benefits for Mentors in the program

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Re: Program Rules & Regulations.
« Reply #3 on: January 29, 2020, 03:59:02 PM »

Added an option for NPC Mentors STed by Veteran Players (The mentor).

See the format for more information.