Author Topic: Suspension of 3 Races [Mage, Demon & Changeling]  (Read 259 times)

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Suspension of 3 Races [Mage, Demon & Changeling]
« on: September 10, 2021, 11:28:19 AM »
As some of you may or may not know, we have proceeded with a rather drastic change to the game by suspending 3 Races. Mage, Demon & Changeling alongside their supplement sub-races (Thralls,Kinain) will no longer be playable as of today September 10th, 2021. from our perspective, this is hardly a ''new change'' to the game settings, it's simply returning to an old point in time where only the /main/ races were available as the server's name suggests, Vampires, Werewolves and Humans Roleplay, not only we'd like to get in touch with the original roots of VWH, but to also have a focused or concentrated sense of roleplay instead of having small divided groups of many races that don't seem to function well or interract with each other as well as they should be, not to mention the game setting problems where the power gaps between certain races become simpy unbareable for everyone else.

While diversity is welcome, it has both it's pros and cons, and we've had the /all/ races setting play rampant for a while now, over the course of many VWH downfalls and revivals, the setting has always been the same and the revivals were solely about hype, which eventually faded and everything returned back to what it was. No StoryTeller would have a chronicle based on all the races that we had, managing them and ensuring everyone gets their fair share of fun and experience is near impossible, having said that, we've decided to take this step for the betterment of the community as a whole, VWH deserves it and a second chance, most of us grew up playing this and we'd hate to see it go down without a fight.

We've drafted systems and instructions relating to Characters that are among the 3 suspended Races and what kind of compensations they'll be receiving which should be available for view to everyone on our official Discord channel, for those without access to that:

From the 10th of September to the 10th of October, the three races (Demon, Mage and Changeling) will no longer be playable, this is an experiment to see if we can bring VWH back to its original roots and true namesake and if successful will be a permanent change. This is something many in the community have expressed their support for and a return to the old roots VWH is most known for across the community, hopefully focusing the roleplay into less races and dealing with a problem of incompatible splats and spreading out the roleplay. Ghouls, kinfolk and other subraces will still be allowed along with animals. The remaining races will be Vampires(also Ghouls), Werewolves (Kinfolk), Hybrids and Humans (Numina/Hunter/Hedge/TrueFaith), Fera (Ajaba, etc), and Animals.

- From the 10th characters from these races will be restricted from playing, we urge players to make an application towards one of the other races.
- People will be able to convert 50% of their IC XP from their character if they mainly play a race and add it onto one of the other races if they make an application for a new character belonging to the remaining races. (This is a one time deal.)
- In the cases of donations, players will receive compensation with something equal to the worth, management will discuss this with the players. Donated XP will be fully refunded and in the case of donated powers, management are happy to discuss equivalent powers to compensate you.
- Items, effects and anything relating to these races applied to items or characters i.e slipstreams and mindshields will remain if they already exist but will be lost upon the next PK.
- Players are encouraged to take screenshots of what they have if we ever decide to revert back so that they can claim their race and items.
- Characters with Backgrounds from the 3 splats for example, cybernetics, will remain regardless of whether they're PKed but from now on, these types of backgrounds won't be allowed within the game on further characters.

We'd like to remind those who will be giving up their main characters that fall under the 3 races that are scheduled for removal, the 50% EXP boost on your next character is /not/ the only compensation you'll be receiving, you'll be given leaniency with your applications and moderators will be generally considerate when working with you granted you actively engage in the community/ingame and contribute positively even though if your Lore knowledge or mechanics of the new race you're aiming for isn't on par, you'll be given all the time to learn and experience the new race, without harshly denying your opportunities and applications.

Those who donated for EXP, Spheres, Disciplines and or any other powers will be compensated thoughtfully on their new Characters and no one will be left out, so be assured about that.

Ideally, i personally would prefer to play something other than what i currently play which is a Human character, but for the sakes of having a main and proper human faction to the best of my ability, and as a manager, i feel it is my duty to fill in a missing vital role in a WoD game, which is a strong human faction and having one provides roleplay for every other race there is, directly and indirectly. and i'd like to this opportunity to commend those who share the same idealogy (Hal, Omni, Skeeper, Fahim and many others) and pretty much all the community for their willingness to try once again with excitement and hype

Your suspended Character's Race can undergo the compensation process even after the announced date of suspension, the date is simply a reminder that those 3 Races will not be allowed to be played as the announcement was made atleast 1 week prior to give players enough time to transition into new Characters.

Feel free to message me (Eternal), Matt, Omni & Hal on Discord regarding any inquiries about this transition and we would be happy to assist you.