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Essential Staff [Contribution Point System Rework]
« on: September 12, 2021, 06:31:25 AM »
We as management have been brainstorming a proper replacement for the Contribution Point system which is currently suspended and no longer in effect, but previously rewarded Staff members with points that could be later on turned into EXP points based on their contributions to the community which mainly came in the form of ''hosting events'' and other NPC related endeavours.

Not to discredit the system or it's author or those who spend hours and hours mapping an event for the players, we believe it was rather cheesed out by many who took the role of Storytellers without being qualified to Storytell in the first place, and hosted NPC based events that related or added /nothing/ to set the course of roleplay or the storyline ingame but was a rather 1 thing deal, and it was made solely for the purpose of acquiring Contribution Points.

As a replacement, we'd like to present the following ''Essential Staff'' system, which is basically a monthly based payment system for active Staff members to receive a token of payment for their contributions to the community ranging from:

-Moderating applications and tending to help requests with quality in game and on forums.
-Creating/leading/setting course for interesting roleplay ingame that relates to /player characters/.
-Average and or above average activity on forums and ingame.
-Other support related tasks required as Staff.

Statistics will be taken into consideration when choosing the ''Essential Staff'', and at the end of each month, a number of Staff will be contacted by the management team letting them know they've been selected as Essential Staff for said month and will be receiving a payment for their efforts, the chosen staff can be anyone from Helper to Manager.

Requirements to receive a payment after being chosen as Essential Staff:

1- PayPal account set to receive payments.
2- Overall good background and reputation, having a background similarly to Cocaina and other online criminals automatically disqualifies you, promoting and talking about drug use and other illegal activities and other attempts at being an e-gangster, also automatically disqualifies you.
3- Must be 18+ years old.
4- Mentally stable, must have the ability to general perceive this as a game in the end.

Moderating is difficult, specially on VWH and having to do that and find the space to roleplay and enjoy what the server has to offer can be conflicting as a moderator, and we as management feel that ''paying'' you for your time is the most ideal way to compensate you for your efforts, paying someone for their ''time'' has always been the ideal method, take every job out there in the world as an example

What you receive as a payment is /NOT/ a reflection of your worth as a person, consider it a token of appreciation and gratitude for your efforts towards helping this community thrive and propser.

Payments are confidential between myself and the staff team, and the staff are not encouraged to release the information of how much they are receiving as payments, but they may if they wish, as for myself, i will not be sharing any information on how much anyone gets paid.

Staff who are not chosen as ''Essential'' at the end of each month should not feel discredited or undermined, neither should it reflect to their ''worth'' or their importance to the staff team, each staff member plays a /vital/ role in the continuation of VWH-RP, and it wouldn't be possible without them, but everyone will receive the equivalent to the work they put in in this community.