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[Crossover Guide] The Endless Conflict
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Welcome to The Endless Conflict crossover guide. The guide will include almost all of the powers that are applicable on crossover races that we play in VWH-RP. This guide will be constantly work in progress as we as management will make sure to complete it as soon as possible. This guide also will be editable as it won't only be based as a storyteller's handbook, but it might include rules that are homebrewed to fit our system in VWH. This isn't a guide for solely VtM, WtA or HtR, this is merely an extra hand you have with you to clarify your book's powers when used on a crossover race since VWH is a crossover chronicle. Have fun reading.

Gifts & Disciplines

Werewolf Gifts come directly from the spirit world. They do not function on the same basic principles as Kindred Disciplines. Vampires can never learn Gifts, and the only way a werewolf can learn Disciplines is through being made a ghoul or an Abomination, neither of which are even remotely common in the World of Darkness. To break it down, the following chart is to be referred to when asked in the guidelines below:-

The following are guidelines to resolve the most common conflicts that might arise; use these as the basis for resolving disputes based on a more esoteric powers.

  • As a rule, Disciplines that target an opponent's Virtue use the werewolf's Willpower instead.

  • Animalism: No Animalism power that specifically affects only animals (e.g. Beckoning) will have any effect on a shapeshifter, even one of Lupus breed. Garou do, however, have Beasts (as expressed through their Rage Traits) and these can be manipulated with the appropriate Animalism powers. The sole exception is communication — a vampire employing Feral Whispers, for example, could carry on a conversation with a Lupine through the language of wolves. (Excluding High Tongue)

  • Auspex: Most Gifts that complicate detection can be seen through with a sufficient level of Auspex, as per the chart above. Scent of Running Water can be broken with sufficient Auspex if the vampire attempts to track the werewolf by scent.

    The Psychic Projection power is somewhat problematic, as it doesn't presume a multilayered Umbra. For convenience's sake, presume that the "astral plane" the vampire accesses is the Shadowlands, the "Penumbra" of the Dark Umbra.

  • Chimerstry Chimerstry illusions must be carefully crafted to affect a Garou's heightened senses; assume that the werewolf gains an automatic attempt (As per V20 pg 144), to "prove" the illusion's falsehold unless the vampire possesses Heightened Senses himself, and can accurately construct the extra layers of scent and other careful details.

  • Healing: All Gifts that deal with healing (e.g. Mother’s Touch) are intended to work on living beings. They have no effect on a vampire — in the unlikely event that a shapeshifter is somehow persuaded to use them on an injured Leech. Gifts that manipulate inanimate objects (Reshape Object R3 Gift) don't work on vampires either — the spirits won’t allow that loophole.

  • Obfuscate: All enhanced-senses Gifts can be used to pierce a Kindred's Obfuscate, as per the charts above. Obfuscate also does not reach into the penumbra, a werewolf who peeks from the Penumbra will see a vampire in its true form, not as it wishes to be seen.

  • Obtenebration: A Garou is at -1 difficulty on frenzy rolls when Obtenebration powers are active nearby; the Discipline contacts the elements of the Abyss, which sets Garou on edge. (W20 pg 329, Abyss realm)

  • Wyrm Creatures: Any vampire with a Humanity rating lower than 7 is considered a creature of the Wyrm from a Garou standpoint and is affected as such by the appropriate Gifts (Sense Wyrm R1). A vampire on most modern Paths of Enlightenment is automatically considered Wyrm tainted, regardless of his Path score. The Path of the Feral Heart is the only exception to this, and it is treated as Humanity for purposes of Wyrm taint detection.

  • Open Wounds (Rank 4 Gift) causes a vampire under its effect to lose two blood points per turn instead of a health level per turn as bleeding for vampires is spending blood for them which doesn't affect their health levels instead their bloodpool.

  • Thaumturgy: The power "Theft of Vitae" inflicts one health level of lethal damage on the Garou for every two blood points stolen. Cauldron of Blood inflicts one aggravated damage on a werewolf for every two blood points boiled. (Check next chart for Werewolf bloodpool)

  • Garou heal Vicissitude alterations as if they were aggravated damage.

  • Resist Toxin (Rank 1): does not keep a Garou from being ghouled. It does, however, give the werewolf four additional dice to soak the effects of appropriate powers of Quietus, Thanatosis or other Disciplines that inflict damage through blood contact, disease or decay.

  • Werewolves are allergic to vampire vitae, and are more difficult to ghoul or blood bond. Only a few can ingest the stuff without violently vomiting it back up. You may call for a Gnosis roll, difficulty 3, when a werewolf tastes vampire blood. If the roll succeeds, the Garou in question is among those allergic to the vampiric blood; if it fails or botches, the werewolf has a tolerance for vitae. (Consider this system when attempting to bloodbond or ghoul a Fera. To fully embrace refer to the abomination guide)

Werewolf blood

The Rage of a werewolf permeates her entire being… including her blood. A vampire who feeds from a werewolf may find himself on the verge of frenzy until the potent vitae is purged from his system. Every point of Lupine blood in a vampire's blood pool adds 1 to his difficulty to resist frenzy (maximum difficulty 10).
However, werewolves provide much more sustenance than do mortals — an uninjured werewolf has the equivalent of 20 blood points in its system (Crinos has 25 blood points). Lupines are much hardier than mortals, too: A werewolf’s life is in no danger from blood loss until it is completely drained, at which point it falls to Incapacitated and will die within 10 minutes if not aided. A werewolf regains one blood point per hour (which becomes important, say, if one is kept chained in a vampire’s haven as a supply of sustenance). Werewolf blood’s very potency makes it psychologically addictive, which should be roleplayed.

It is rumored that Lupine blood can provide benefits similar to the effects of Celerity or Potence. In truth and no Kindred know this — the additional benefit is a factor of the werewolf’s Pure Breed Background. On the turn after a vampire spends one or more blood points that came from a werewolf with a Pure Breed rating, he gains additional action/automatic success on strength rolls, as per the following chart:

The effects are not cumulative (although they do add to existing Celerity or Potence benefits), and only  the highest Pure Breed rating applies. For example, if Jesse, in one turn, spends two blood points from a werewolf with Pure Breed 2 and one blood point from a werewolf with Pure Breed 3, he will gain 2 additional full actions and 1 automatic success on all Strength rolls made during the next turn only.

Gifts & Disciplines vs Hunters

  • Hunter conviction allows them to resist all efforts at supernatural deceit and manipulation through spending Conviction including disciplines like: Chimerstry, Dementation, Dominate, Obfuscate, Presence and Eyes of the serpent (Serpentis 1).

  • Hunters conviction will protect a hunter against all manner of illusory or mind-affecting Gifts, from the humble Blur of the Milky Eye rank 1 to the mighty Obedience elder gift. However physical effects can affect a hunter's senses, but purely supernatural effect don't work.

  • Hunter's second sight doesn't reach into the Umbra; a werewolf in the Penumbra is as good as invisible. A hunter's Conviction does protect against supernatural attacks targeted from the Umbra, such as the Possession Charm.

  • Discern: allows the hunter to break the effects of any blinding magical power including Obtenebration shroud, shadow lord's gift shroud or anything that blocks sight for the hunter. Discern grants sight to even blind hunters.

  • Auspex/Heightened Senses Gift vs Edges: Use the chart at the start of this chapter to compare Auspex/Garou Rank against a hunter’s rating in the edge's virtue when the hunter uses Hide. Aura Perception shows a hunter’s aura as unusually vivid and active. While using any of his Edges, a hunter’s aura flares even brighter. Monstrous targets of the Martyr edge of Payback show auras with human manifestations intermingled with their normal auras. Heightened Senses for both Auspex and the werewolf gift do reveal the effects of the Vengeance edge of Trail. Telepathy only works on a hunter with active conviction if he chooses to allow it. Any use of Aura Perception on a hunter reveals a nimbus or halo about her, much like medieval and Renaissance paintings of saints.

  • Illuminate and discern: work still on Garou even if disguised with the elder ragabash gift Mask of the Thousand Forms.

  • A shapeshifter may step sideways to negate the effects of Burden.

  • Quietus: This Discipline’s powers work against a hunter with active defenses. These powers are physical effects, not mental or emotional, and force of will doesn’t stop them any more than will alone stops a Potence-strengthened punch. The sole exception is Quietus Level One, which a hunter may confound as described above.

  • Ward: extends into the penumbra; spirits and other Penumbral denizens cannot approach the hunter's immediate area.

  • Vicissitude: A vampire with Vicissitude can reshape a hunter, but the hunter’s Imbuing fights back. Roll the hunter’s current Conviction, difficulty 6; each success cancels out one success on the Vicissitude roll. Hunters' second sight does not pierce a disguise created by Malleable Visage, since that’s a physical transformation. Edges that accelerate healing, like Restore and Rejuvenate, do reverse the effects of Vicissitude; the damage heals as if it were one level higher, since it takes more time to undo unnatural transmogrification.

  • Judgement: A vampire afflicted by Burden can change shape, but still can’t move from the spot until the edge wears off. Balance applies to all expenditures of blood points, including healing, raising attributes and the like, in addition to fueling Disciplines. (Check Hunters H-rules for more information about Balance)

  • Martyrdom: Unlike the standard hunter second sight, Witness does pierce disguises created with Vicissitude. Ravage applies to any vampire the hunter can see, regardless of the vampire’s current form. A vampire afflicted with Payback cannot escape the limitation through shapeshifting or other transformation; the edge’s effects last the full duration and may keep the vampire from using some or all of her Disciplines, depending on the limitation imposed.

  • Redemption: A vampire in non-human form can be targeted by Insinuate if he could hear and understand the question in his human form. Once a hunter drains all health levels from a vampire, she can go on to drain blood points with Respire.

  • Vengeance: Heightened Senses (By Auspex or Werewolf gift) and Eyes of Chaos allow a vampire/werewolf to see the effects of Trail and to pierce Smolder. [ Comparing Auspex discipline level / Werewolf Rank vs the Hunter's Zeal ]

  • Visionary: As Storyteller, allow the player of a hunter using Pinpoint to specify whether he wants information about a weakness specific to the target or applicable to its kind. Specific weaknesses can include clan weaknesses and other features that don’t affect all Kindred.

    Hunters Un-Embraceable

    Hunters cannot be Embraced, blood bound or ghouled. The Messengers’ Imbuing just doesn’t let it happen. Gag reflexes make a Hunter fed vitae spit it out again, and vitae injected or otherwise inserted simply dissipates without effect. Drain a hunter’s blood altogether and he dies. (He doesn’t become a wraith either.)
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