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The Prince
« on: November 11, 2019, 03:23:52 PM »
Should you ever have the misfortune to meet the domain's Prince...

Lorelei Garrington

Theron's progeny and rumored lover.

Few knew this daring woman before the sixties.
She left her husband in the ashes and built an empire on it.
She did it alone, and it impressed those with an eye for power.
She pleased the prince, and they fell for each other's allure.

She was not groomed to inherit his power. Many thought to tame this kitten.
All failed.

After Theron's untimely demise, she rose through the ranks with an unchained thirst.
Ruthlessness was not enough. She had a strong backing from the shadows.

Such was her rise to power, and now she commands it firmly.
The council heeds her whims.
Few plots go beyond the notice of her trusted owl.

Plot away, Kindred - but remember.
The darkness is her domain.