Author Topic: Dwaynes Bentlys New Freestyle RAP against his new RIVAL Malcolm Hall  (Read 936 times)

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Dwayne was recently beaten up by Malcolm Hall and in retaliation Dwayne recorded a freestyle describing how he might get his revenge! Enjoy and please give me feedback on things i could improve on :)

*Radio Static - Broadcaster "A'ight so this new kid Dwayne has contacted us and had us play his first free style on the radio, he is back and boy is he aggresive this time round-enjoy this little champ rap"

*Beat rolls on* Rapping would start 25 seconds in*

"Yeah you can trip me up an beat me up but imma close up yo’ face without leaving a trace on ya’ make ya swallow yo’ blood like blah’ maybe I should run cho’ ova’ wid’ a car? Nah I wanna leave chu’ wid a scar it will be so godamm bizarre if chu’ come outta dis’ alive be warned my anger has been thrived I swea’ chu’ gonna regret that I survived! I’ll make you deprive! I won’ even let chu’ take five chu’ ain’ getting outta dis’ alive! My revenge will be to connive! I’ll derive myself a gat and blast chu’ like chu’ a dyke! Wan’ vandalize ma’ shi’? I’ll stab chu’ wid a blade bit! I’ll make chu’ ma’ bitch! Leave chu’ in a ditch! Leave chu’ wid a remarkable stitch ya brood bitch!"

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Re: Dwaynes Bentlys New Freestyle RAP against his new RIVAL Malcolm Hall
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((such a thing as pressing ENTER and dividing your poetry rap into verse. makes it easier to read and imagining how it is sung.))

BLACK CONSTRUCTION DUDE listens to this stuff from the radio in his heavily modified boxville which functions as a garbage truck.

BLACK CONSTRUCTION DUDE: "Heh. Kids these days. Broadcasters would get any six year old to yap on the radio to get money. I wonder who writes this crap for him to "Rap." This shit should be illegal. 'Rap sap. Yo yo yo. Sit on ma' lap, cause yo' shit is... Crap.' Bloody uncreative n***ers."

BLACK CONSTRUCTION DUDE rides into blueberry in his boxville-garbage truck and parks his vehicle in a garage at night, and uses the darkness to get into a particular abandoned building, using alcohol to wash off his fake black skin, revealing white-ish skin.

((Sorry if this is offensive, the character I roleplay is particularly racist. I do not mean any of it OOCly.))
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