Author Topic: Dwaynes Rap Song [Unfinished]  (Read 669 times)

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Dwaynes Rap Song [Unfinished]
« on: March 19, 2014, 12:19:07 AM »
Before you read Dwaynes rap song i would like some feed back on what i can improve for the song.

I'm currently also reading alot of old school rappers songs to get an idea of how they rap as there are many styles of rap you can do.

“Being ashamed”

Chea’ im rapping and the crowd is clapping they cheer me on while im unwrapping my rhymes i feel lost in time, im in a ditch and I cant climb… Yeah so life is shit I really want to be acquit, Im reppin da’ blue so what can I do? I haven’t got a clue in ma’ mind of how I could be so blind. Maybe this life ain’ fo’ me? Maybe I should be a fisherman workin at sea?

I feel so ashamed I swear I been framed, this ain’ da life fo me I should be working at sea
I feel so ashamed I swear I been framed, this ain’ da life fo’ me I should be working at sea
Sorry for letting you down and sorry I wasn’t really around.. But im back now.

Yeah so im kicking back, smoking some crack talking some whack and being abit slack and Pacs my idol and im feeling homicidal and suicidal, someone please pass me a bible! I feel like a cunt so pass me a blunt cause life is brunt cant count how many times I been bunt! Im so outraged I feel like im caged I need to be disengaged..

Chorus x2
This ma’ song  its not very long but I hope it was strong, all my life I have been wrong I thought smoking a bong would bring peace but all it did was make me go get a piece. Wish I was deceased…