Author Topic: Experience Point Gain Way (Farmer Vs. Applicant)  (Read 316 times)

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Experience Point Gain Way (Farmer Vs. Applicant)
« on: September 23, 2019, 18:38:57 PM »
There are now two ways for a player to gain IC Experience Points:

  • The Applicant
    The Experience Point gain system where the player has to be given Experience Points by an administrator or a race moderator which is mostly done by applying in this board. This Experience Point gain system is well known and remains unchanged. This system follows the Classic World of Darkness Experience Point gain system.
  • The Farmer
    The Experience Point gain system by playing time where the player gets Experience Point after a certain amount of time spent in game. The amount of time needed to gain Experience Points is defined by the total amount of IC Experience Points gained. The more Experience Points your character has gained, the more time will be needed to gain the next Experience Point. For the first 30 Experience Points the Experience Point gain rate is set to 1 Experience Point for each payday collected. From 30 to 60 the player will need to collect 2 paydays to gain 1 Experience Point. Once the player has gained 60 Experience Points 3 paydays will be needed to get 1 Experience Point and so on. In general, the amount of paydays that need to be collected is raised by 1 every 30 Experience Points gained. These accounts cannot receive IC Experience Points by applying, in case they apply, their applications will be denied automatically. This system is similar to the SA-MP Experience Point gain system.

  • All the players begin with the second (The Farmer) Experience Point gain type.
  • Both Experience Point gain types are tied to the character, not to the account.
  • Anyone can switch to applicant Experience Point gain type which will result in your current gained IC Experience in being halved. Switching to applicant Experience Point can be requested by using the "/helpme" command. An administrator will bring up a dialog where you need to confirm your irreversible decision.
  • Switching from applicant back to farmer Experience point gain type can be done anytime at a cost of 9 Experience points.
  • There is a penalty of 27 Experience Points each time you decide to go back to a previously used character (E.g.: You name changed your character to another character and you wish to name change back to your previous character.). Contact Rudy to have your previous character sheet set.
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