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Custom VWH Related Backgrounds
« on: December 30, 2019, 21:10:00 PM »
Hello there,

Bellow are Backgrounds we specifically made for VWH. This list will keep getting updates as we go by.

Workshop: [Taken from Coeus's Mundane Crafting Guide]
A workshop is a place in your home, hideout or wherever that lets you craft things with ease, as it will contain the various tools, materials, and blueprints you'd might need. It can vary from a simple area to sew up some new clothing, to a sky forge filled with Premium Metal to craft that wondrous armor you've always dreamed of.

For example, A Workshop •• allows the player to produce to handle adequate raw materials.

Workshop • (Common wood shop) [In game cost $500]
Workshop •• (Amateur blacksmith station) [In game cost $2000]
Workshop ••• (Modern/Professional Lab; +1 DP for crafting, 1 unique device) [In game cost $8000]
Workshop •••• (High tier Lab / A malefactor's forge, +2 DP for crafting, 2 unique devices) [In game cost $16000]
Workshop ••••• ( Nudhri's Forge, Forgotten arcane Workshop; +3 DP for crafting, and -1 for the difficulty, 3 unique devices) [In game cost $24000]

An example of unique devices:
  • 3-In-1 Metal Worker: 3-In-1 Automated Metal Worker: This machine generates 3 fixed automatic successes if used for scrapping, repairing, and modifying metal or steel.
  • Chemistry Station: For crafting drugs, medicine, grenades, mines, poisons, and cutting fluid are at -1 difficulty.
  • Sewing Station: Ignore two botches when using this machine with crafting fabric or leatherworks.
  • The Armor forge: All rolls used to produce light, medium and heavy versions of the leather, metal and combat Armor sets are at a -1 difficulty.
  • Enchanted Anvil: The Smith receives 2 additional dices to all Forge rolls when using this item during creation.

Academic Degree:
You are a wise one, perhaps you went to Cambridge to learn all there is to Astrophysics, or perhaps you are simply a doctor in the local Hospital, all that you need to know is that down the line you have learned in an academical setting.

Academic Degree • (You have 1 BA/BSC)
Academic Degree •• (You have 1 BA/BSC and 1 MA/MSC in the same field)
Academic Degree ••• (You have 2 BA/BSC and 2 MA/MSC in the same fields)
Academic Degree •••• (You have 2 BA/BSC and 2 MA/MSC and a PHD in a field)
Academic Degree ••••• (You have 3 BA/BSC and 3 MA/MSC and a PHD in a field)

Certification (License to purchase and carry): [Taken from Raven's Certification Guide in SD]
This background will have roughly the same function as a Firearms License merit.
A character possessing this background will be allowed to purchase and carry a limited amount of weapons using this background. These weapons will not have a discount, but you will be able to apply for an item without an explanation. So long as you have the equivalent background, you will be able to purchase and safely carry any of these items. A list of regulations will be posted on the Government side. You will become accountable for the items you purchase. In order to prevent illegal resales, you are liable for the things you own.

Certification • You are allowed to purchase and conceal-carry unmodified weapons for your own protection, such as handguns.
Certification  •• You are allowed to purchase and conceal-carry unmodified weapons of smaller caliber. You may purchase sub-machine guns, semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, but not assault weapons*. Refer to the tier list below to see which weapons you may access freely.
Certification ••• You may purchase and conceal-carry assault type weapons. If unconcealed, they must remain in your vehicle or home to be deemed legal. Some leeway is allowed for modifications as well. Refer to the list below.
Certification •••• You may purchase and openly carry military grade equipment and weaponry. You may implement any modification to your weapons so long as they fit certain safety parameters.
Certification ••••• You may purchase certain explosives and other high grade weapons that are often employed in wars. You can openly flaunt a .50 caliber machine gun or a grenade launcher.
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