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Nóra Nic Caomháin
« on: April 16, 2020, 13:53:19 PM »

Name: Nóra Nic Caomháin
Place of Birth: Ireland. But she was raised in the US all her life.
Date of Birth: 24/01/1975
Titles: The Calculating Hardass.
Nature: Survivor
Nora looks out for herself of course, as this world is not forgiving she will do whatever it takes to come out alive. No matter the bridges she will burn on the way.
Demeanor: Analyst
Nora sees the world in a peculiar way. She has questions she wants answered, and to answer them she will at every angle possible before coming to a complete thought or concept about the issue at hand.
Personality: Architect (INTJ-A)
Affiliation: To humanity, to the Imbued. While it is to humanity, she still sees each group having a core that is rotten. Some may be kind and good, but most are not. She trusts herself first, and perhaps the two friends she has.

Height: 1.85 meters
Weight: 80 90 Kilograms
Body Build: Fit and Muscular, very muscular.
Eye Color: The left eye is green, while the right eye is cloudy and damaged. Both her eyes are green as a cut Jade stone.
Hair Color: Scarlet Red.
Hair Type: Wavy, though some of it is shaved off on the right due to the injury.

Parents: Benedict & Sidney Nic Caomhain
Her father, Benedict, died in the line of duty when Nora was in her teens, which deeply affected her and her mother. Her mother, Sidney, is in an Asylum for the Mentally sick. Sidney was found dead in her room, as suicide was the official ruling for it.
Siblings: She has none.
Children/Wards: Gary Smoke
Nora recently has been taking care of Gary Smoke, who she considers of her own for various reasons. Unlikely reaction from Nora, she decided to raise Gary. She felt for Gary in his most pitiful times, and eventually adopted the child as her own, taking care of him, granting him every wish to make sure her solace in reality is always sane and safe.
Marital status: Single.
As time progresses, she figures it will never happen, therefor no interest in becoming married.
Sexual orientation: Asexual (Panromantic)
Nora finds it hard to even open up to people truly, aside the fact that she feels no actual proper emotions of passion that would light up such an interest.

Typical Behavior:
Nora's actions are calculated to be the best possible outcome. Though when she speaks, she speaks her mind without care to what the other may think, bringing up her icy and cold-hearted demeanor.
She is an Imbued on a mission and trying to find the best possible outcome for humanity, and the answer to the Hunt itself.
Although she is not too keen on keeping up small-talk as the rest of the town, she does often find herself in strange company; forever judging their personalities and characters. As if deeming if they are worthy of her time.
If for whatever reason, someone manages to spark up a emotion in Nora, they should be considerate and cautious. Depending on the situation various reactions may arise within said emotions.

The Hunt:
Only being able to hunt for the past year brought me to the realization that no matter what we are doing, we are doing it wrong. Perhaps within each of us, there is a hungry beast that wants to be like our prey, yet we fall short and lose ourselves along the way.
I do not shy away from the Hunt, but I believe there is a better way to do it. Or perhaps, a better explanation as to why even continue it.

The Hunters:
The Imbued are people I should be able to trust, yet it is a complex dynamic. Everyone is out for their own goals and dreams, perhaps it is to save themselves, or maybe something grander. None the less, I think most of us are a ruined core of humanity, trying to redeem ourselves by the deception of the Hunt itself. Sure, there are worse things out there than us, but sometimes, as I reflect on the things I have done, I find myself questioning if this is truly the way.

While I protect humanity, I do not condone their actions. Having been in both the military and the side of justice, I see now that while the Earth was given to us, we do not deserve it. Some are rotten cores, and others are merely trying to survive until they fall to their own disgrace.

The Awakened Humans:
I have not met many of those who are called Mages, yet they can create wonderful and terrible things. Perhaps they can be a good benefit for humanity, something to strive them forwards while we strive to protect them. But deep down, I see that as a clump, as a group, they only strive to protect those they deem worthy enough to be a "Mage".

The Nightfolk:
Vampires, Ghouls, Werewolves, and Ghosts. All real. All terrifying. The thought of them should drive you insane, having them actually pretend to be something they are not, in a world that was not given to them. I understand their struggle, but in times when I try to see their side of the story, I find myself taken back by another who proves yet again that they are not worthy of this world.

The Fallen:
You have created this world, you have molded us. You were cast aside for a mistake and left to rot with us all. I can only ask for your mercy as one day, perhaps you too shall rise and try to join the power struggle to survive these environments.

Selling your soul:
While this is not a race, this is a common practice within the world that is dark and cruel. Everyone has things they wish to never lose. Some will sell their own for their own skin, others for the people they love. Nora, while not sold her soul yet, promised to do so when the time is right. She will do anything to survive in this world, long enough to find the answers she seeks. And, she would do anything to protect those she loves. The world is cruel, the world is dark, yet somehow, in all this mess, Nora found a semblance of light.

[ooo] - Death: The person is dead.
[ooo] - Enemy/Despise: Distrust, hate.
[ooo] - Untrustworthy: Keeping these under a microscope.
[ooo] - Neutral: No judgement yet, just met, no thoughts about person.
[ooo] - Good opinion: Appreciation, like.
[ooo] - Friendly: Sympathetic, valuing.
[ooo] - Close friends: Admiring, deep appreciation, would die for.
♠ : Special connection. The more ♠, the more extreme the connection is.

The Fallen Imbued - I commend you for your efforts. For this world is never easy, you managed to find something to do with it, and died protecting it. No matter your thoughts and ideals, we all strive to the same goal.

The heroic soldiers - I salute you for your trials, your heroic efforts that led us to where we are today. Although some battles are best left for humanity and the mundane, I still believe that they are as gruesome as the new ones I deal with in my new awakening.

ALX - Though we did not talk much outside, you were a pretty good Hunter to work with. Now I only need to find out who killed you, and where is my gear.

Her Parents - You were my life when I was younger, and you were my drive when I was growing up. Alone in this world you left me, even if one of you was alive, it meant nothing. The light of life grew darker everyday, my purpose was hollow. Thanks to others I found the light I once had. Perhaps, one day, we will meet again, and I could tell you of my life.

Ulric - I am honestly sad to see the likes of you go. Though we weren't close, you were perhaps the first proper interaction with a Vampire I have had in my life. I will care for the one you cared for in the past, and I hope that wherever you ended up ain't too bad.

Emiel ♠♠ - We share a similar world view, yet I believe it is etched into your soul to do such a thing. I pity what has happened to you, yet I am smart enough to know you don't need any pity. I thank you for saving my life with no regard for a reward later, yet I feel that if I don't do something for you, I will be going against my own personal code. You gave me a lot, for nothing. I will try and uphold that notion of helping eachother, though I believe I am not enough. Not yet at least. Hopefully our view will be accomplished one day. You keep on giving, and I keep on learning and molding. I hope I could satisfy you one day, or at the very least, pay my debt.

Gary ♠ - Seems like I got a kid now. Smart and disciplined, yet I think his past warrants a lot of questions. Though I sit and wonder, will this town really form you into your dream? Or perhaps awaken something within yourself? Eitherway, you are under my protection now. If anyone ever touches you, they will lose that hand they laid on you. My actions are for you, and for me. To survive in this world, you are my anchor, the thing that brings me back from the darkness. Thank you.

Sergeant Rosalind - When I heard your voice under the mask I knew I was right about you. Someone I could count on in the mess that is this world. While I trust supernaturals, I still believe people like us, Imbued, humans, we are truly the only ones that can look out for our own. Deep down I always knew we were similar in nature, similar in what we do. Though you manage to show more of yourself, while I stay secluded. I enjoy your presence more than I would a year ago. I hope you understand when I say I am your friend, I do mean it. For to me, friendship is not easy to come by.

Sheriff Foster Chronis - I watched you from afar, perplexed at first. But as I got to know you, I found your hidden treasure. Though, I think deep down it will be your downfall. It is an honor to help a fellow like yourself grow. I will do all that I can to ensure your survival.

Sargent Chambers ♠ - Helped me join and live in this new world, yet for some reason I feel like you are driving away. No longer are you properly human, a mix of something else.

Winter - Probably the first Kindred I met that truly wants to serve justice, and have a high code of honor. Never thought I could actually relay on you, and perhaps even share some of my past with you.

Sargent Squires - An odd fellow, damned to be perfect for eternity it seems. Though, I commend you for the effort and care you put into your work. Truly inspiring.

Alex Rosso ♠ - You have had quite a life up till you met Wendigo, I believe that the choices you make are for the good of your cause, which is the good of all people. Justice is a worthy thing to uphold, but it should never be the only thing you would want to cherish. Perhaps one day you will come to see that. You have changed, yet you seem still yourself deep down. I hope that whatever it is, it will not affect you for long.

The Imbued of Angel Pine - Good to see that you are here to assist and fight when it is most needed. Though I fear of a power struggle from within in the future.

Hector - I am grateful to you, you have had a hand in saving my life. What confuses me, and worries me, is your innate interest in such people like myself. I do not care for your past, nor for what you are, just your intentions.

Rachel Rose - An old friend in town. Seems she is something different, perhaps still intact with her humanity (hopefully). Brings back old memories, some painful, others somewhat pleasant.

The Sheriff - Nicholas - While he portrays a kind person, I think deep down he just wants to hit the hay at the end of the day. Then again, he is professional in his job.

Vale - You kept my child safe from a madman, I thank you.

Deputy Grant - Seems to know a lot of the life within this town, yet prefers to be alone on most cases for some reason. I find it hard to believe you could survive and indulge in such a way of life.

The Department - I believe that there is a lot going on that the department has to overlook due to the nature of things in town. Some of the new higher-ups could be blind to the real reasons, though I am content with them. As long as officers do their job right, I believe the place can thrive.

Deputy Florence - Your attitude and your nature bring me chills around my body. Perhaps if we met under different circumstances we would hit it off, and I wouldn't be in such a perplexing position. I Still tiptoe around you, but you do have human qualities in you.

Deputy Star - Seems you are probably going against the job you signed up for, which is a shame.

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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
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Application Story
Spoiler for Hiden:
The humvee stopped as the troops started to unload from it, having yet another series of patrols in the godforsaken land. East Timor had a knack at the time to have uprisings, and cultural differences that led to an unstable state of the land, and with the grace of the US army, sending troops to assist in restoring peace. To Nora, this idea was quite ignorant and not worthy of their time, but she enlisted, and when Uncle Sam called, she had to answer it.
Though she was not some special type of soldier, she did enjoy assisting the Sergeant on the field when it came to combat planning and perpetually calculating every breathing moment of her unit.
As the small patrol unit started roaming around the village, they started noticing how vile people live in their small homes. The roads are unpaved, and the farms untamed properly. As famine and starvation were striking the town, there was an uneasiness when seeing the guise of a soldier strolling in town.
“Keep your eyes peeled,” said Sgt. Chambers as he looked around. Nora nodded as she walked to the left of the troops, having a closer view of the village homes, and vehicles. As the children in the street played their own version of soccer they’d shout around, enjoying the moment of a calm day in the middle of an uprising. With each increasing step, the mothers of the lands beckoned the children to come inside, as they feared the worse. Like a hunch that something is amiss, like an ill wind blowing on a warm and sunny day.
With the grinning shadows around the corners, Sgt. Chambers started to get stiff, as the unit stopped, Nora continued, not noticing her Sergeant’s commands to hold. As she got closer to a vehicle, seemingly stuck to the sidelines of the road, she looked in it, and as she turned her head to her commander, she saw the fright in his eyes as he was shouting towards her.
Without a moment later she dashed to the side as the car ignited and blew up, sending shards of glass and burning oil to her body, scarring her face.
With the sounds of the chaos, the cries of the children, and the shots fired from her unit, Nora woke slowly, and with a blurry vision crawled to her commander as she finally collapsed.

A month went by as she was finally released from the hospital, sitting in her home she decided to try and rekindle a lost relationship with a friend from the past, who always wanted to go and see the sights of Vegas. Nora, having nothing else going on for her, decided it was a good call, to ease the mind off things and to let loose where she can. After all, her injury sent her home and branded her a “hero” of the army as she was released shortly after from her position.

“And here we are!” Tiffany chimed with glee as she looked at Nora, showcasing the bright lights of the Casino in Vegas, a normal view for the city, but an annoyance to Nora already. “Is it always this loud and bright?” Nora exclaimed as she looked at her friend.
“Come on! You are hardly even giving it a shot, Nora, this is a place to find that special someone and to finally let loose, no?” She giggled as she looked around.
“I hardly call that letting loose. It’s just losing your self-image to a man who will toss you for any other piece of ass they find on the way.” She muttered as she looked at her friend who was already off in the casino, talking to men and having her way.
“Guess I will see you around.” Nora chuckled, as she looked around, noticing the impeding looks she was getting from the various locals in the place. Her face has not recovered, nor did her eye. Though she was not self-conscious enough, she did hate that people gawk and stare at it. It was her defining feature now, and she did not like it.
Before leaving the place, she saw Tiffany talk to a handsome man, tall and well dressed, flaunting her with gracious attempts of courting, a usual view for such a woman.
She then quickly decided that it was enough to stand inside with the gawking looks, and it was perhaps best to leave the Casino and find a place to have a smoke and a drink.
As she left and started walking around the streets she started to notice that she was being followed, perhaps it was her imagination or just a hunch, but she knew something was coming for her.
She quickly ducked into a dark alleyway as she waited behind a dumpster for her pursuers to come by looking for her. And they did. As she looked at the shadow hitting the alleyway, calculating when to pop up and strike them, she started noticing the graffiti on the walls changed. From a first glance, she was sure they were your typical “Monarchy is dead” writings, but this time it altered entirely spelling out “They feed on you.” as the letters turned red, dripping with wet paint. As she sat on the ground waiting, trying to grasp what are these omens she saw yet another. A newspaper headline with simply the word - “Run.” and with it, she did.
She ran inside the dark alleyway only to be cornered and trapped.
She turned to face the individuals, and they stood there grinning.
“Where are you going little lady? All we want to do is play. Ain’t that right?” He asked his friends, as they’d nod, chuckling in the process.
As Nora looked at the group she started to see them for what they are. Although missing a working eye, she noticed the reflection on the puddle is missing, as one of them stood beside it. The glimmering warm light of a bulb beside them did no favor for the group as their skin was pale as the moonlight. She could have sworn that a stench flew up from one of them and that none of them had any indication of breathing. “The omens were right,” she thought to herself as she stood there. And with an inching moment, she stood strong, as her hands were held up in a fighting position.
As one of the kindred came closer to her, she could have sworn that he was going to send a punch to her gut, and so she dodged to the right, grinning in the process. The vampire, confused at the action, kept sending strikes towards Nora, as she kept dodging them, as if foresight was given to her, to read the body language of the entity before it was going to strike. But her luck soon ran out, and a hit landed. Sending her to the brick wall, as she’d crack her head on it, bleeding from the injury.
As the group laughed, walking closer to her, she saw a slightly blurry vision of a man, tall and handsome, and properly dressed.
“Now that is no way to treat a lady. Especially such an individual.” The being smirked as he stepped into the light. “Where did he come from?” The voices of hidden terror ran among the group as they formed a circle around him.
“What are you waiting for? GET HIM!” The leader shouted, and with that ringing sound, everyone pulled out their weapons. One turned their hands into talons, the other brought up tentacles from the abyss, a Lovecraftian horror sight. But he, the being, wore something far more hideous, far more gruesome than the rest. His body shifted and changed as his skin turned grey like the moon, and his hair grew out. But with all that, two wings sprouted from his back, covering the moonlight that hit the alleyway. It was all a flash, a blink of an eye, but the men turned into ash, and Nora did all she could to just stay awake.
The being then approached her, covered in darkness, standing tall and firm, he smiled behind his guise. “You will be alright, child. Sleep now and find purpose.” The being said in a cold and calculating voice.

Weeks went by and yet again, Nora found herself out of the hospital, though these injuries were less severe, they just added more work onto her pre-existing condition. The words kept playing in the back of her head, “Find purpose”, words so true that indeed she had nothing. No purpose, nothing to bring her back to the land of the living. The world itself has changed for Nora. The beings that she saw back then, she sees every day. “Humans”, men in suits, nothing more of another lie to reality. The omens piled up, and she decided to hit the library. Whatever shred she had connecting her to the old life was gone, although she was calm in the act, she was moments away now from a full-blown panic attack to send her to a different kind of hospital.
She quickly learned of the true nature of the entities that attacked her, Vampires. Not too hard to find really, as they just kept popping up in every folklore that insisted on it. Though some were off, as they did not show the being turning into ash, they hit spot-on as the emphasis of what actions they were doing were portrayed rather well. But the questions that remained in her mind were - “What am I? And who was this Wendigo?” looking for answers for a few days bore no fruit, hopeless she had one last idea in mind. You could say lady luck played in her favor, or you can say that fate has finally shown up.
Nora picked up her phone as she called an old friend, her Sergeant - Evan Chambers. He was also released after the shitshow that happened in East Timor, and he quickly picked up the phone. After giving him some prompt details Evan started reading between the lines, urging Nora to come to California, to discuss more in person. And so she did, packing little she had and buying a one-way ticket to Cali.

After the smiles and hugs, Evan sat down in his apartment, as he looked at Nora with a smile. “You know, I had a hunch about you since the very start. You see, these things you fought are no figment of your imagination. And I think you know that as well. You are perhaps the only one that could have come out from that fight in a calculating view.”
“Get to the point, Sarge. What is this? What am I?” She said, demanding to know, and cutting the niceties.
Evan proceeded to explain that they are in fact Imbued and that the omens she was seeing are from the Messengers, choosing them to take the fight for humanity.
“And these beings, they pre-determined what we will be? What we will become? What about you, did you have the same experience?” She started sitting down, delving into the visage of curiosity and taking notes.
Evan went into detail on how he first fought off similar nightmarish creatures, though his omens were vocal and not visual. And he then proceeded to show Nora the ropes, from the use of her powers, her foresight, and to the
Nora was never much of a computer geek, but she did love the idea of it. She did play games from time to time, as the popularity of it was rising, but it never caught her attention, until now. Things started to click, where once there was a speck of doubt, now lays the cursed truth of the world. She is not alone, and she is not weak. Life turned a new leaf, as her previous self disappeared in that alleyway, and a new one was born into this world of darkness.

Surely it was no easy task at first. Life kept throwing more and more challenges towards Nora, but she did manage to skip above the obstacles. From time to time she’d get in touch with Evan, as they’d go on some hunts together with his crew, but mostly they only touched Vampires, not too sure about the rest. Nora knew that the Wendigo was not a vampire, nor was it a Wendigo, it was the only term she found for it. But she kept calling back to that instance, and with each fight, she grew more.

As Evan brought her more into the crew, she started to show her true self, planning and devising the plans of the hunt for them, gaining some of the trust of the rest, but ultimately she was still on the sidelines, and she accepted it. Nothing fit her better than to be the fallback.
She started small, with each incident she heard in the news she followed up with an investigation, and she got good at it as well. Having the guns from the time she served, she always kept a sidearm with her. Though her face was quite a beacon for anyone to see, she still managed to follow behind her prey. In the warm afternoon in California, she followed a shovelhead she felt as if she was falling behind, and in a moment of rush, she dashed to a corner, only to be almost spotted. The kindred turned his head towards Nora, but he did not see her, he was looking past her. As if she managed to mold with the stone walls of the city, and hid in plain sight.
And such was her life, gathering information for the group, trying to understand more about the Kindred, and perhaps figure out if there is anything else out there. If one fairy tale is true, perhaps the rest are as well.

Months have gone by, and she found herself a part of Evan’s crew once more. Trying to seize control of a Elder’s fortress was no easy task, yet somehow Evan managed to bring up quite a packing force to counter them. Having these beasts control society from the shadows brought up the worst from within, but Nora was confident that her plan would be a success.
After hours of battle, bullet casings falling down, and each Hunter using the most they can to defeat the horrors in front of them, the plan was falling shortly, but they still had the upper hand. That is until the owner arrived, the Elder himself, striking terror in the hearts of her companions Nora herself was twitching in fear. But to be courageous is to know fear and to power through it. That is one of the most important lessons she learned from the army, no matter how bad things got, no matter how vividly your legs shook, if you could walk you walked. If you could shoot, you shoot. That was all there was to it.
One after the other, they dropped like flies, the elder brought upon tentacles to fight for him, and in the panic of all things, the Hunters started losing focus.
She looked around her as she saw Evan cowering in his place, sweat running down his face she scurried towards him.
“Why are you faltering, Sarge?”
“I-I am fine… Corporal. This…” He stopped as he broke down. So many of his men fell, now and then. The feeling was mutual, but Nora knew that he was hitting hard. The fight was burdening him.
“You know what you used to tell me?” She said with a calm smile, trying to be charming while the screams and shouts of battle continued. She then placed a hand on him, raising his head to meet hers. “Life is never about what we do at the moment, it is about what the moment will bring to the next. They died here as heros. They will live on in your heart. Our fight is not endless. It stops one way or another, and everyone here knows it. So how come the lion of the pack is down? You owe it to them to fight, Evan.” She said, raising her tone with each moment, looking at Evan in the eyes, knowing full well that danger is coming towards them.
Evan smiled as he looked at her, quickly loading his rifle as he nodded. As the powers surged from both their bodies, like a transaction of two, exchanging two essences to better the latter.
The fight continued, and alas the Elder has perished. Many were lost, and they were exposed.

The crew stayed low for a while, as they just searched the for any news, or perhaps to gather new men. Nora herself was trying to find any powerful allies she could find, perhaps they could bring some light to the answers she was still looking for.
Hearing about the town of Angel Pine and the weird reports of what has happened piqued her curiosity more as she started delving deeper into what has gone wrong. Stories of hunters, sheriffs and much more disappearing and dying like flies. Never has a “quiet” town had so many incidents. An ill omen, a putrid thick air layered upon itself in the shroudness of mystery towards this town.
And so, Nora decided to try her luck there. Perhaps she could find answers to many of her questions, perhaps she can find news of Wendigo. The future is always bleak, but full of surprises as well.

Tales of Nora's life
Spoiler for Innocence:
Life was not always too terrible to Nora, as in her childhood she had quite the life. Living in a suburban town gave her the freedom to roam around aimlessly, and return for supper time, where her mother would wait with the sweetest pie, and the best-grilled chicken one could hope for. Sidney Caomhain was quite an astute and beautiful lady, yet she always was a quiet person. Not many were her true friends, unlike her husband, Benedict Nic Caomhain, who was otherworldly in his charms. A true patron of the town, and a top of the line investigator, always wooing his team with his extremely sharp intellect.
On hot summer days, Nora would sit on the porch with her father, as they'd play chess with the rays of light glistening through the cracks of the Gazebo. With each move, Nora would hesitantly make her piece hover around the board, unsure of what to really do, and her father would just smile, enjoying the stress-free afternoon.
"Nora dear, if you are contemplating your moves, you outta do it in secret, don't you think so?" Benedict would remark as he'd lean back in his lawn chair, looking at his red-headed daughter.
"Hmmm... Why?" Nora would inquire back as she'd place the piece after she finally decided.
"Well, to keep your opponent on their toes. If you hover your queen around the board, unsure of what to do, the opponent would see it as a weakness to exploit."
"To exploit? Hmm..." Nora would wry her lip as she'd look at her father with her gleaming green eyes and fair skin. She'd sit back in the chair as she'd look at the board, and eventually gets up as she'd walk around the table, looking at it from different perspectives.
"Ah-ha!" She claims in happiness as she'd move a piece, elegantly walking back to her seat as she'd watch her father.
"Now now that move is not too goo-.." He cuts off his sentence as he'd lean forward in his chair, observing the board, unsure how his child got the best of him yet at a young age.
Time passes as the two sit there. Nora, watching the sun rays and the birds' chirp, and Benedict, still in a frozen position, like a statue, muttering to himself as he'd raise his hand from time to time.
"No... That..." He says ever so often as he'd shift in his chair.
A voice calling for them far off towards the house would echo through the yard as the two sit.
"Nora, Honey, supper is ready!" Sidney would claim as she'd step out to the porch, having a bump on her stomach and a summer dress, holding onto a glass of water.
Nora would wave ever so happily towards her mother as Sidney comes towards the Gazebo.
"Daddy is stumped! Haha!" Nora would giggle gleefully as Sidney would approach with her smile.
"Is he now? Honey, you can't become a statue and hope the game will play itself." She'd say as she'd watch the board, unsure of what is even going on.
"Huh? Oh right... Well, sport. You beat me this time." He would smile as he'd ruffle Nora's hair with his dominant hand.
"That is 20 to 3 now, daddy." Nora smiles as she'd pack up the board.
"20 to 3? You are getting better, Benedict."
"You are laughing now, but you try and beat her at the game." He chuckles as he'd fix the chair.
"Now come on, let's go eat."

Spoiler for A rainy day:
The rain started picking up as the storm brewed ever so from a distance. It was not your typical day, to say the least, having mother earth react with such anger towards the world was common in these state lines, however, today, on this rainy day, there was a different storm. A harsher storm. A bitter one.
"Detective, your wife is on the phone again. Line 3." The officer says as he'd step into Benedict's office.
Benedict shrugs, having had a long day, as he did not manage to contact his wife. He picks up the phone as he'd press the number 3, waving the officer away with a nod.
"Yes, honey wha--.."
"WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" A scream would be heard from the other end of the line.
"Honey, what's wrong?" Benedict asks, more concerned than taken aback by his wife's temperament.
"I am in the freaking hospital for the last THREE HOURS! Nora is here as well. My water broke." Sidney would reply as she'd lower her tone.
"Your... Oh... OH! I am coming!" Benedict shuts the phone immediately as he'd take his jacket, lock all his files in a rushed manner, and leave, closing the office. Though with the light of his lamp, hitting his desk, a glimmer is noticed as the light bounces off the metallic compartments of his pistol.

He steps outside quickly, in the rain, getting harder and harder as he'd fumble around with his keys, trying to find the correct one.
The light flickers in the parking lot as Benedict would be exited and distraught. He was an esteemed detective, too good in fact that he garnered too many enemies.

As the rain dulled his senses, he could not hear the stomping behind him. With each foot, heavy and walking in big strides, he grew closer to his victim.
Benedict lifts his head, as he'd see the reflection of a big man behind him, he quickly turned, but it was too late. A sharp pain to his stomach, followed by two more.
"Dominik sends his regards." The raspy voice said as he'd stab him one last time, leaving Benedict's body to drop onto the ground.

With no way to communicate, all the detective could do was reach into his wallet, as the droplets of rain mixed with his blood, creating a bitter mess on the asphalt.

He'd take one last look at his family, his daughter, his pregnant wife, with a slow well of tears filling his eyes, rolling down. As he'd drop the photo from his hand, so did his family drop into an abyss of darkness. Leaving behind so much, for such a pitiful mistake. Such was the esteemed detective.
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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2020, 13:54:56 PM »
1 appearance b like

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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2020, 13:57:57 PM »
Awesome CP.

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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
« Reply #4 on: April 16, 2020, 14:00:02 PM »
gotta appreciate the choice of using a pure irish name instead of a common one

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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
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The one who will break henry's heart

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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
« Reply #7 on: May 16, 2020, 13:15:05 PM »

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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
« Reply #8 on: May 16, 2020, 15:55:30 PM »

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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
« Reply #9 on: May 16, 2020, 17:36:00 PM »
Thank you, I did update some more. Added more information about Nora, and some relationships. If I missed anyone, let me know.

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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
« Reply #10 on: May 16, 2020, 18:04:56 PM »
goddamn i love how you updated the pic
good work bud.

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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
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Where is Rosalind...://

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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
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Where is Rosalind...://

updated, still needs more work.
I am have also added more stories in the reply, shorter ones. tales of Nora's past.

XD amazing
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Re: Nóra Nic Caomháin
« Reply #14 on: July 10, 2020, 14:44:46 PM »
small update to relationships. managed to fix the music.

If i forgot someone lemme know