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Obtaining Firearms License
« on: October 17, 2019, 03:37:08 PM »
What is this about?
By now, you probably figured out VWH-RP is not your everyday San Andreas Multiplayer roleplay server. You ended up trying to obtain a firearms license and ended up in a maze with no idea where to apply for stuff.
After figuring your way somehow, you're even more confused by the thread with the format you'll use in your application (If you haven't come across World of Darkness games such as VtM Bloodlines before). You read a couple confusing words such as freebies, merits, flaws, and backgrounds.

You shake your head and skip trying to understand what this is about. You're just here for the firearms license! You copy/paste the format. Well, now what?

This is a guide I wrote up in about ten minutes to help you figure out how to get your firearms license. Maybe it'll end up helping you using formats properly and in the future figure out how to apply for more merits and flaws, and eventually backgrounds.

I'd also love to mention this guide is here because I came across many new players who had trouble applying for a firearms license, whether it was the formatting or the reference.

Alright, Where Do I Start?
• First of all, you have to register on our forums But since you're here, you've already done that part.

• What you need to do is scroll to the Applications tab, then click n Character Related Applications. You'll be sent to a page full of formats and applications from other players in the server. Don't worry, you'll be one of those applicants in just a minute.

• Try to navigate a thread called Merits, Flaws And Backgrounds. Hold Left Control (LCTRL) before clicking on it, because you'll need to go back and make a new topic for your application.

• In there, you'll find the format you're looking for. If you're interested in figuring out how the whole system works, spare five minutes reading the whole thread. Either way, you'll end up reading all of it if you're intending on staying with us and enjoying your time in the server for long. Well, let's hope it'll be years long.
Anyway, just select the format, copy it and switch back to the other tab, which should take you to Character Related Applications. Make sure you keep the other tab open because you'll need the format for the title.
Spoiler for OR:
Or you can just copy the formats from here:
Code: [Select]
[b][color=white]Account Name:[/color][/b]
[b][color=white]Screenshot Of Your /(r)ole(p)lay(f)eature(s):[/color][/b]
[b][color=white]Explanation of why your character should possess the Merits, Flaws and Backgrounds stated above followed by the reference (Book name and page number):[/color][/b]

Code: [Select]
[Account Name (Has to contain an "_", underscore)] - [[Total Number Of Applied Merit Points]pt. of Merits, [Total Number Of Applied Flaw Points]pt. of Flaws & [Total Number Of Applied Flaw Points]pt. of Backgrounds]]

• Press on the NEW TOPIC button on the top right of the screen, and add your subject. If you're only applying for the Firearms License, then it should look like this:
Quote from: Format
<Character_Name> [2pt. of Merits]
Quote from: ExampleA
John_Doe [2pt. of Merits]

• Now, you'll be using the format for the application itself. Just place N/A or - below Flaws and Backgrounds, then add this below Merits:
Firearms License (2pt. Merit): This character is legally allowed to use firearms license.
Every single detail is important. The spaces, the brackets, the number, the dots, the spelling, and the punctuation. Therefore, just copy the merit from the code below:
Code: [Select]
Firearms License (2pt. Merit): This character is legally allowed to use firearms license.
• Next thing you want to do is the explanation. Think of a realistic method or reason for your character to obtain the firearms license. Was he an ex-cop? Perhaps shooting was his hobby and he ended up getting a license somewhere along the way. Maybe he applied for it simply for self-defense. That part is on you. However, you'll also need a reference. If you're curious what the reference part means, I'll leave a part below that explains it.

Anyway, after (or before) your explanation, just drop the reference in brackets. Here it is:
Code: [Select]
(Reference: HtR Player's Guide Page 112)
• You're probably wondering what are you supposed to do with the empty spaces I haven't talked about. Well, in the Account Name, put your character's name. Under the Screenshot Of Your /(r)ole(p)lay(f)eature(s): part, type in-game /rpfs. It will either display a menu with the roleplay features you have, or will simply let you know you have no roleplay features. If you were shown a menu, take a screenshot of it, upload it on any site (I personally use, then put the link. If you could emb it with the [img] format, that'd be nice.
If you were told you have no roleplay features, just leave it blank.

• This is the part where you wrap up the application and take a good look at it. Hit the Preview button and take your time revising the application. Check for wrong formattings or perhaps problems with your application.
Make sure all your inputs are in front of the brackets. Don't mix it up with the format.

Code: (Incorrect) [Select]
[color=white][b]Account Name: John_Doe[/b][/color]
Account Name: John_Doe

Code: (Correct) [Select]
[color=white][b]Account Name:[/b][/color] John Doe
Account Name: John_Doe

Here's an example of a good application:
Quote from: Title
John_Doe [2pt. of Merits]
Quote from: Application
Account Name: John_Doe
Flaws: -
Firearms License (2pt. Merit): This character is legally allowed to use firearms license.
Backgrounds: -
Screenshot Of Your /(r)ole(p)lay(f)eature(s): N/A
Explanation of why your character should possess the Merits, Flaws and Backgrounds stated above followed by the reference (Book name and page number):
(Reference: HtR Player's Guide Page 112) John was interested in working for the police like his father. After figuring out a firearm license is required, he went to the Sheriff's department and immediately followed the instructions given by the receptionist. After three weeks, John managed to get himself a license.

And that's it, really. Glad to help.

Hold on, Didn't You Forget Something?
Oh yeah, I did mention I'll be explaining what the reference thing's about.
VWH is a samp roleplay platform for the tabletop games of World of Darkness. The server has so many races, and each race has its own lore. You may be able to find more about each race's lore in their lore books. In there, you'll be able to read about their origins, behaviors, politics, types, and much more. Including systems such as the Merits and Flaws, we were just talking about. You can find the lore books we follow in the server under their Guide tabs. I'm sure you've already bumped into these.

If you think my explanation wasn't clear enough or had more questions, you can message me on discord (C. White #5475) or /helpme on the server itself. Hope I'll be there to take your request or any of our active helpers.
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Re: Obtaining Firearms License
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Re: Obtaining Firearms License
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Dope but fix the format of the title though.