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PvP System
« on: September 23, 2019, 18:29:43 PM »

PvP mode is an optional mode for players who want to experience the dark World of Darkness at its fullest. While in PvP mode, you don't need a firm reason to attack another player as long as the target is also in PvP mode. The classic (SA-MP) "roleplay" reasoning for attacking is still needed if a PvP player is attacking players who are not in PvP mode. PvP mode doesn't apply for scripted combat. Regardless, senseless killings won't be tolerated.

PvP Reasoning
There is no invalid attack reason as long as you roleplay by your character's concept. Hybrids, for example, can kill anyone and anyone can kill them just for the mere fact they are Hybrids. Same logic can be applied to Hunters. Vampires and Werewolves conflict can be reasoned with the same logic, BSD and Silver Fangs, Technocrats and Traditionalists, Sabbat and Camarilla, etc. Note that you need still to find out IC-ly about a certain character's race or affiliation.

When it comes to PvP parties, anyone can be killed by anyone without being accused for DM as long as the scene is not completely senseless. A PvP party is considered a group of characters where the majority are PvP players.

Dying while in PvP mode won't result in an experience point loss (losing an attribute dot) if the character didn't die in the last 48 paydays. So once you die, there is a "free death" cooldown of 48 paydays and if you die before the cooldown ends, you are losing the highest dot of your Attributes as if you weren't in PvP mode.

Bonus Experience
PvP players get extra experience points spawned. The first experience point gets spawned when a PvP player collects 24 paydays, the second experience point will be awarded after another 23 paydays collected and so on. The rate at which PvP experience will be given will improve until it drops down to 1 experience point every 6 padays. If you've spent more than 50% of the payday in AFK mode (/(h)ouse sleep); that payday won't count for PvP extra experience. Once you die the PvP experience rate gets reset to 1 experience point every 24 padays collected and you need to start over as if you just switched to PvP.

The command to toggle PvP mode is /(tog)gle(pvp) and it is also good to know that it takes 3 paydays to disable PvP mode and another 3 to enable it. Informaton about PvP mode and "free death" cooldown can be checked via /e(xp)erience(log) command. /id command prints out whether a player has PvP enabled or not while /pvplist lists all PvP players online. PvP players get a notification every time a non PvP player enables PvP mode.
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Re: PvP System
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2019, 15:01:34 PM »
 /applydamage is mandatory for all players, regardless of whether or not they are using the PvP system. If you die, you are obligated to apply the damage accordingly.

 Exceptions are made with the say of a level 3+ administrator (in cases where the death reasoning may only warrant a RPK).

 If you attend events, your GM can rule that you do not need to /applydamage. Such events do not allow the playing party to gain any benefits whatsoever, and are made purely for entertainment.