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A Confrontation
« on: February 18, 2021, 05:48:03 AM »
Benedict Gerrard, a hideous creature donning a horrendous pus-oozing and maggots infested visage, was disguised as a young and lively man. Still just a neonate, having survived a decade or two. The false visage depicting the average working class of the town. The location is Paris, France. In a luxurious and spacious art gallery with thousands and thousands of beautiful works creates by artists over the years. He inspects those works of art significant to him before laying his eyes upon a celebrated artist standing right before him. The man in question looking particularly annoyed, his hair gray and messy. His face bearing some signs of aging. He looks around forty or so. The man is renowned as one of the greatest artists of his era. Known under his pseudonym of Jean. He walks out of a backdoor and hastens his pace. Gerrard, the ultimate predator in disguise, is hungry and gives chase. Discreetly he follows the said main to a spacious mansion styled as a medieval-era castle. Said mansion is guarded by three large men who greet Jean and let him pass. Gerrard calls upon the unholy powers of his blood to vanish from the simple eye and sneaks inside. Thus begins the epic saga, one that would shake the Monster, the Courts of Love and the Kine alike. Circa 1879 c.

Jean, upon gaining access to the mansion, begins waddling around the garden. In some deep thought probably? The butler comes to receive him:

Butler: Monsieur Jean! Your Majesty requests your presence inside the circle room.

Jean gives him an annoyed look, his eyes blood-shot. He responds in a calm tone: "I'll be over in a few moments." Jean doesn't appear to be composed. He ponders for a minute or so, immersed in deep thought before deciding to head inside. Gerrard, a bit curious, delays the hunt in favor of spying on Jean. Weirdly, the Artisan pokes his head around as if looking for something in the vast garden. He at last shakes his head and continues to walk to the circle room.

Scene II: Gerrard and Jean arrive in the circle room which is anything but a circle. It is a medieval-era styles court with complete thrones and whatnot. Sitting on the head of the throne is a young and charming lady, resting upon the throne. She gestures towards Jean who by now has bowed down to the Princess. The courtiers, some standing and some sitting aside. They fixate their gaze upon Jean. Gerrard hides behind a curtain and watches the scene unfold.

The Princess speaks in a calm voice, almost as if she's a siren: "Petit Jean. What seems to be bothering you? You seem distressed enough and delayed my summons to the Court. May I know why?"

Jean shakes his head, visibly annoyed. He bows down and responds: "Your Highness, I was busy painting."

The Princess fakes a chuckle, supposedly angered by the peasant's reply. She speaks up: "Well, you haven't responded well enough to my task. Anything that seems to be bothering you in completing the quest I gave you?'

Jean shrugs and by now looks at The Princess in her eyes: "Look, I just need your permission to return home. I cannot bear it here now. The mission you gave me, sadly I don't feel like doing it. Now, if I have your permission I want to-.."

The Princess by now is angered and speaks in a bitter voice, poisoned by hate: "Nonsense! YOU are HERE as my guest and will remain this way! Now if you want further clarification. Magnus will do it for me."

A large and bulky man, Magnus, steps out from the shadows and speaks in a sweet-honeyed voice: "Monsieur Jean arrives in the Courts of Her Highness, Anastasia as a guest from England. The gentleman is to stay as a guest for the princess for an indefinite amount of time. The gentlemen also had to complete his mission. To negotiate an agreement of the present Court with the historical Courts of Love. The gentleman also has to publicly denounce Her Highness and proclaim all the paintings created by him were merely stolen from Sir James the Fourth. Sir James will make his presence known soon."

Magnus clears his throat and steps aside. A puzzled and frightened look on the face of Jean.

Anastasia, steps off her throne and walks towards the foreign ambassador. She raises her hand towards her face and literally disembowels her facial features, ripping apart her face to onlookers. What lurks beyond is a deathly stare of the Gaping Maw of the Oblivion, Gaze of the Void. All those around the supposed princess fall supposedly torpid. This Anastasia cuts each and everyone, only two do not crumble to dust. She cuts their hearts out and performs a bloody ritual. Consecrating the palace, tainting it with her own foul vitae. Gerrard's suspicions are confirmed, she is an infernalist. A Baali possibly? He has heard about then after all, the Ashirra are involved in a crusade against them.

Yet, the Monster has a bit of conscience left in himself. He risks his own life and performs a leap of faith, plunging the prizes dagger inside Anastasia's heart, twisting it around to completely destroy the evil one. The Beast inside him stirs and he frenzies, a small price paid for a new experience.

But none of that happened, it was all just an elaborate illusion plaguing present-day Gerrard's mind. A powerful hallucination sent by the Watcher.
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